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Surviving Social Studies
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Surviving Social Studies
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This bundle of 180 writing prompts will give your middle school students the opportunity to grow their critical thinking skills, further develop their values system, and strengthen the conciseness of their writing. Using a Google Docs template already created, students write a 50-75 word response to each bell ringer. Instructions are included for them to set up the word count while they type.

This year, I am using these as bell ringers when students enter the room so I can get attendance taken care of, make any adjustments I need to make to my lesson, or to have a few minutes to send an email to a parent while students are with me in person. I'll also have these available for our hybrid model of learning where half of the students are learning virtually while the other half are in class.

The 180 Writing Prompts Are:

1. Mount Rushmore

2. Child Labor

3. Presidential Requirements

4. The Confederate Flag

5. “In God We Trust”

6. “I Have A Dream”

7. Iwo Jima

8. Gun Control

9. Immigration

10. Christopher Columbus Statues

11. The Institution of Education

12. Violence in Video Games and Music

13. School Uniforms

14. Citizenship Test to Graduate High School?

15. Mandatory Military Service

16. Death Penalty

17. Equality

18. Mission to Mars

19. “Boys“ and “Girls” Sports

20. Ban on Tobacco

21. Vaccinations

22. Organ Donation for Profit

23. Paying Students for Grades/Behavior

24. Banning Cars That Run On Gasoline

25. Zoos: Good or Bad?

26. Do Students Need Homework?

27. Banning Plastic Bottles

28. What is Considered a Sport?

29. Is Social Media Worth It?

30. Arming Teachers in the Classroom

31. Organic Farming

32. Police Body Cameras

33. Term Limits for Supreme Court Judges

34. One Child Policy: Good or Bad?

35. English - The Official Language?

36. Should Parents Pay for College?

37. Cemeteries: Right or Wrong?

38. Should the KKK Be Allowed to Exist?

39. Do Photos Matter Anymore?

40. Should Wearing A Seatbelt Be A Law?

41. Should Schools Allow Junk Food?

42. Should Presidential Candidates Release Their Income Taxes?

43. Banning Books - Right or Wrong?

44. Election Day - A National Holiday?

45. Is A Democracy the Best Option?

46. Should Any Country Own An Ocean?

47. Do We Need Hard Currency Anymore?

48. Euthanasia - Right or Wrong?

49. Fast Food and the Surgeon General

50. Do Political Parties Divide Us Too Much?

51. Should A Driver's Test Be Required Every 5 Years?

52. Should Minimum Wage Be Raised?

53. Endangered Species and Humans

54. Digital Traffic Surveillance

55. Will Drones Become an Inconvenience?

56. Should Race Be Asked on Forms?

57. Which Invention Has Had the Biggest Impact?

58. Should There Be More Public Transportation?

59. GMOs vs. Natural Food Production

60. Should High School Be More About Job Training?

61. Are Drinking and Driving Laws Strong Enough?

62. What Should 18-Year-Olds Know How To Do?

63. Animal Testing

64. No Paper for Books, Magazine, & Newspapers

65. Should Fireworks Be Illegal?

66. Should Polystyrene Be Banned?

67. Are Professional Athletes Paid Too Much?

68. Should Healthcare Be Free?

69. Is Daylight Saving Time Necessary?

70. What Should Be A Law?

71. Touching Up the Declaration of Independence

72. $100,000 to Change the White House

73. A New National Holiday?

74. Is the Income Tax System Fair?

75. Should the Internet Be Free?

76. Should School Breakfast/Lunch Be Free?

77. Is the American Flag Ready For A Change?

78. How Would You Spend $1,000,000

79. How Can Racial Issues Be Fixed?

80. What Do Americans Hold Dearly?

81. How Can America's Homelessness Issue Be Fixed?

82. Should College Be Free?

83. Should Minors Have Privacy With Technology?

84. What Should Our Next National Monument Be?

85. Is Lying Ever OK?

86. What Has Been Your Favorite Age/Grade of Your Life?

87. What Is A Class That Schools Should Offer?

88. When Is Someone "Grown Up?"

89. The Most Significant Historical Event Of Your Life

90. The Decade You Wished You Lived Through

91. Should P.E. Be Required If You're In A Sport?

92. Limiting Screen Time to Two Hours Per Day

93. Choosing A Baby's Gender

94. America's Debt and Helping Other Countries

95. Should School Always Offer Virtual Learning?

96. CPR/First Aid - A New Graduation Requirement?

97. Should 18 Be the Age Limit for Social Media?

98. Should Parents Have to Take Parenting Classes?

99. Year-round School: Good or Bad Idea?

100. Are Classroom Pets A Good Idea?

101. Should Kids Do Custodial Work At School?

102. Should Schools and Hospitals Compost?

103. How Should Bullying Be Dealt With?

104. The Use of Torture on Known Terrorist

105. Teaching Evolution in Science: Right or Wrong?

106. Should High Schools Have Daycare Centers?

107. Does Race Matter in Historical Musicals/Plays?

108. Should Political Issues Be Discussed in Class?

109. Should Every Course Have An AP Version?

110. Which Historic Figure Would You Want to Meet?

111. Are Golf Courses A Waste of Land?

112. What Is Considered A Work of Art?

113. Should the President Be A Role Model?

114. Are the Arts and The Country's Defense Equal?

115. Is Jail or Rehab the Right Answer?

116. Compensating the Wrongfully Imprisoned

117. Should Burning the American Flag Be Illegal?

118. Are New Year's Resolutions Beneficial?

119. Should Movies About History Be Accurate?

120. Would A Universal Language Benefit the World?

121. Should Elective Classes Be After Lunch?

122. Is Global Warming Real?

123. Will the World See New Religions?

124. Do We Depend Too Much On Technology?

125. Should School Start Later in the Morning?

126. When Is A Fetus A Person?

127. Does Knowing How to Spell Still Matter?

128. Should Members of Congress Have Equal Terms?

129. Would Weekend School Help Students?

130. Should Energy Drinks Have Age Restrictions?

131. Do Cell Phones Have A Place In School?

132. Should Birth Control Pills Be Free?

133. Do Kids Need to Earn Their Allowance?

134. Should Every Country Use the Same Currency?

135. Is the Media Subliminally Body Shaming?

136. What Is the #1 Threat to National Security?

137. Should Sex Education Be Taught In School?

138. What to Do With the U.S. National Debt

139. Should All Grades Have Nap Time?

140. Should Minors Be Allowed to Be Astronauts?

141. Should Gambling Be Allowed?

142. Does the Government Need An Asteroid Plan?

143. Should Some College Loans Be Forgiven?

144. Should Kids Have Toy Guns?

145. Are Contact Sports Worth the Risk?

146. Plastic Surgery Before Adulthood

147. Should Students Know Their I.Q.?

148. What Age/Grade Should Slavery Be Taught?

149. Would You Want to Be a Celebrity?

150. Are We Born As A "Blank Slate?"

151. Should Outer Space Be Colonized?

152. What Are the Three Most Important Values?

153. Should People Live Together Before Marriage?

154. Are We Too Wasteful with Resources?

155. Should History Be Taught From the Minority Viewpoint

156. Should the Government Have Your DNA?

157. Are Wal-Mart Stores Good for Communities?

158. Is It Right to Study Mummies?

159. Is the Internet Filled with More Reliable or Unreliable Information?

160. Should North America Just Be One Big Country?

161. Should Sports Teams Use Native American Logos?

162. Is the USA Relying Too Much on Other Countries?

163. Will AI Help Or Hurt the Human Race?

164. Should All Schools Be Privately Owned?

165. Black Friday Shopping On Thanksgiving?

166. What Is the #1 Issue For the World to Fix?

167. Which Branch of the Military Would You Join?

168. Should Humans Try to Control Nature?

169. Are Prescription Painkillers Worth the Risk?

170. Taking A Year Off Between High School & College

171. Should the Drinking Age Be Lowered to 18?

172. Should Transgender Athletes Hold Records?

173. Should Big Game Animals In Africa Be Hunted?

174. The Supreme Court and Same Sex Marriage

175. What Age Is Dating Appropriate for Teens?

176. Is the U.S. Government Hiding UFO Information?

177. What Age Should Kids Have Cell Phones?

178. Is Nuclear Energy the Answer?

179. What Would You Put In A Time Capsule?

180. Is Peace on Earth Possible?

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Have a great year!

Matt @ Surviving Social Studies


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