GROWTH MINDSET Mega Bundle: ChatGPT vs Social Emotional Learning Skills (6Cs)

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90+ lessons, 1492 slides, 298 pages of handouts, 629 pages of lesson plans
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An absolutely amazing resource. Very comprehensive, easy to use and generates a lot of discussion with students. Thank you
AMAZING resource! :) Couldn't find anything great for SEL that's not too cheesy for my gr 7s, but this was great.

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    6Cs START HERE - FILE Table of Contents
    Also included in
    1. This bundle includes every resource in my TPT store. ⭐ GET EVERYTHING so you don't have to worry about missing out! If you agree with this video at 2:09and you agree with my ideas about EFFORT at 15:52then you will love my stuff⭐ 38 teachers have INVESTED in this bundle so far! As I add resources,
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    90 LESSONS to help students survive and thrive in a world with ChatGPT!

    NEW: Use the ChatGPT NO PREP Debate Lesson to get students excited about Social-Emotional Learning and 6Cs life skills!

    ChatGPT is the ultimate LEARNING tool and CHEATING tool. And it's just the beginning!

    • In May 2023, Google is expected to roll out their Project Magi, which will be their version of Chat GPT - essentially Google Search with Artificial Intelligence.

    • The problem is that the current Google Search has learned to be sexist because of human bias (see this ChatGPT lesson.)

    • So, it seems reasonable to guess that Chat GPT will also learn to discriminate because of human bias.

    Here are some responses to ChatGPT that probably won't work:

    1. Asking students not to use ChatGPT to plagiarise or cheat is not enough. (Don't think about pink elephants... What are you thinking about right now?)

    2. Banning ChatGPT is also not a long-term solution. (After all, students will simply use it at home or on their personal devices and find ways around the ban.)

    3. Telling students to "think critically" about the information we get from ChatGPT is not enough either. (Watch this part of the ChatGPT video lesson at 40:44 to see how even though we know we have to think critically about the information from Google Search results, this sexist result from Google wouldn't even be on our radar!)

    The reality is that if we don't understand how to use ChatGPT as a tool, we will be at a competitive disadvantage. (Will your students agree with that statement? Watch this part of the ChatGPT video lesson at 9:20.)

    • Getting information from an encyclopedia at the library vs the internet at home

    • Harvesting grain by hand or using a Combine Harvester Tractor

    • Building a house with a hammer or a nail gun.

    Here's a response to ChatGPT that might work:

    What if we help our students to develop social-emotional learning skills and 6Cs Competencies?

    • Developing CHARACTER learning skills - Self-awareness of our skills, strengths, and needs. Self-control to make the right decisions, including not using ChatGPT in an unethical way. Perseverance, grit, and tenacity to do what's right. The ability to bounce back better when knocked down.

    • Developing CITIZENSHIP learning skills - Becoming active contributors of the communities we belong in: classroom, city, country, as well as digital spaces. Standing up for others and speaking up when we think things are wrong or heading in the wrong direction. This includes learning how ChatGPT works and the dangers of curated information and personalized results.

    • Developing COLLABORATION learning skills - If ChatGPT was our robot friend, how could we develop new understandings together that neither of us had at the beginning? How could I use ChatGPT as my revising and editing partner in a creative writing class? True collaboration where new ideas are created, as opposed to doing peer revising with the "smart" kid in class and just accepting all of their suggestions.

    • Developing COMMUNICATION learning skills - The ability to get our point across when we're upset and things matter. How can we be assertive, and not aggressive, passive, or passive-aggressive? How can ChatGPT help us construct a message? What questions can we ask ChatGPT to help us communicate more clearly?

    • Developing CRITICAL THINKING learning skills - The ability to make more informed decisions using high-quality information. Actively seeking out information to support an opposing point of view. Using criteria to make decisions. The way we consider information from ChatGPT is no different from the way we consider information from social media, mainstream media, friends and family. Check out this part of the ChatGPT video lesson at 52:42.

    • Developing CREATIVITY learning skills - Creativity is more than just being good at the arts. Creativity is about creating new ideas or solutions. It's about linking our life experiences and knowledge in ways that we haven't considered before. Your students might be surprised that ChatGPT can do creative writing. Here's an example where I asked ChatGPT to write a persuasive speech from the perspective of my dog. Video lesson at 13:55.

    NOTE: THIS BUNDLE DOES NOT EXPLICITLY MENTION CHAT GPT except for in this UNIT KICK-OFF lesson: Should ChatGPT Be Allowed In Schools (or is this cheating?)

    And that's a good thing. That makes the resources in this bundle timeless.

    The reality is that ChatGPT is just one obstacle that our students will face.

    • Change happens.

    • Change is hard.

    • Learning how to change is a super-hero power. We can help students learn how to learn. (Watch the ChatGPT video intro lesson at 2:54.)

    By not focusing on ChatGPT in every lesson, you can use this resource every year when the next global issue hits us.


    Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum that isn't babyish - over 90 LESSONS!

    Fun, high-interest, transferrable learning skills you can use to LEVEL UP your class THROUGHOUT THE YEAR!

    Empower students to deal with ChatGPT, obstacles, systemic racism, global pandemics, and academic challenges!

    Want to see what you get before you buy this bundle?

    • Look at the BUNDLE PREVIEW PDF.
      (This preview PDF explains how to download this product and start teaching using the "BONUS" Zipped Folder.)

    Want to see what the handouts and lesson plans look like?

    Chapter 1: 6Cs Character

    Chapter 2: 6Cs Citizenship

    Chapter 3: 6Cs Collaboration

    Chapter 4: 6Cs Communication

    Chapter 5: 6Cs Creativity

    Chapter 6: 6Cs Critical Thinking

    • This product is currently in a "zipped folder" format.
    • The Critical Thinking chapter ONLY includes PDFs, Google Docs and Google Slides file formats.
    • It does NOT include Microsoft Word / Powerpoint or Easel by TpT file formats, yet.
    • I am working on updating this product to my "single PDF format" like the other chapters in this mega bundle.
    • When the update is ready, I will upload the Microsoft and Easel by TpT versions.

    Chapter 7: 6Cs Learning Skills Challenge Task

    Use this LIFE-LONG teaching tool over and over again in different ways.

    • High-Interest FUN lessons that can be used ANY TIME!

    • There's a LOT OF CONTENT in here! Units can be taught together or separately. Pick and choose the activities you need RIGHT NOW.

    • EDIT the files to meet your classroom needs / teaching style.

    • The slideshow lesson teaches the concepts. You guide classroom conversations. The lesson plan includes discussion points.

    • Leave the DETAILED lesson plan script, teacher prompts, and possible student answers for SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS to use.

    The best time to plant a tree was 25 years ago. The second best time is NOW!

    Explicitly teach students:

    • HOW to build character,

    • be good citizens,

    • collaborate effectively,

    • communicate assertively,

    • be creative and innovative in problem-solving,

    • and think critically about school work, classroom community, and life challenges.

    Develop the idea that success comes from hard work and learning from mistakes!

    ⭐ Use this during the year to DEAL WITH SPECIFIC ISSUES:

    It takes a village to raise a child. We help raise good people empowered with strategies and skills to keep going when life gets hard.

    These 21st Century Learning Skills / GLOBAL Competencies help your students in any subject, but also in everyday life, relationships, and career struggles.

    • Educators and business experts are telling us that our students need some key transferable skills in order to survive and thrive in the world today.

    • These 21st-century skills apply to every subject because they’re transferable skills that go with any curriculum or situation. 

    • We need to raise students with these skills regardless of what subjects we teach because they need these skills in an ever-changing global economy. (Psst - we're in the 21st century now!)

    SAVE HOURS OF PREP WORK. These lessons are high-interest and visually appealing. It will hook your students!

    This bundle includes the following published resources:


    When I first launched this product in August 2019, it was a growing bundle that cost $45.99

    The price will increase once I finish adding Microsoft Powerpoint / Word files and Easel by TpT files for all of the 6Cs Chapters.

    • Critical Thinking

    ..... ⭐ THU May 11, 2023 - Oops, you just missed a sale!

    Should ChatGPT be allowed in schools? (or is this cheating?)

    ARE YOU (or your students) BURNING OUT?

    What do your students struggle with the most?

    (PS - These are lifelong resources that you can use year after year.)

    Option 1: Trying (when they've given up)

    Option 2: Standing up for others (when things aren't fair)

    Option 3: Working in groups (not the same as teamwork)

    Option 4: Getting their point across (when upset and things matter)

    Option 5: Coming up with ideas (instead of copying others)

    Option 6: Thinking logically (and making informed decisions)

    Option 7: ALL OF THE ABOVE 

    My name is Michael Fuchigami. I'm the teacher behind Educircles. 

    • I taught English Language Arts for 13+ years in middle school.

    • I want to help you SAVE HOURS of PREP because bathroom breaks are important!

    ⭐⭐⭐ Teachers around the world have DOWNLOADED 87,506 Educircles resources in over 42 countries!

    • THANK YOU to everyone who has purchased an Educircles product.

    • I donate 10% of everything I earn to STUDENT MENTAL HEALTH organizations. It's a promise I made to get through some dark times.

    SAVE HOURS OF PREP (and money) with a bundle!

    This is the TED talk that I will give one day. If you like this, then you will love my resources.

    QUESTION: Are the number of products in this bundle changing?

    Yes, but you're not losing any teaching content.

    • On Tue July 12, 2022, there were 41 products in this bundle.

    • On Wed July 13, 2022, there were 40 products.

    • On Tue May 9, 2023, there are 44 products. (I add new content every now and then!)

    As I update my 6Cs chapters to include Easel by TpT, the number of products will change.

    For example, earlier, the 6Cs Citizenship Chapter bundle included three "TpT Google Drive product type" resources:

    On July 13, 2022, I updated the Citizenship bundle into my new Single PDF File download format, I only needed two "TpT Digital Download product type" resources:

    The teaching content has not changed.

    You still get all of the same files. (You actually get more because of the new Easel by TpT and Microsoft Word / Powerpoint files.)

    However, instead of packaging the files into three Google Drive folders, you get the files in two PDFs.

    NOTE: There are one-click links in the PDF to access the files as you need them, lesson by lesson.

    If you have any questions about ChatGPT or this bundle, please ask in the Product Q&A section below or email me at

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    90+ lessons, 1492 slides, 298 pages of handouts, 629 pages of lesson plans
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    Integrate information presented in different media or formats (e.g., visually, quantitatively) as well as in words to develop a coherent understanding of a topic or issue.
    Trace and evaluate the argument and specific claims in a text, distinguishing claims that are supported by reasons and evidence from claims that are not.
    Determine two or more central ideas in a text and analyze their development over the course of the text; provide an objective summary of the text.
    Trace and evaluate the argument and specific claims in a text, assessing whether the reasoning is sound and the evidence is relevant and sufficient to support the claims.


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