General Chemistry Section 8 - Chemical Bonding

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General Chemistry Lecture Notes -- for a typical eighth chapter ("section") of a high school chemistry course (AP, honors, regular) -or- college-level general chemistry course.

Excellent for instructors who like to write out their lecture notes on the board "as they teach"...


8.1 -- Types of Chemical Bonds

· Ionic Bonds vs. Covalent Bonds

· Bond Energy

· Coulomb’s Law

· Bond Length

· The Potential Energy Diagram for H2

8-2 -- Electronegativity Trends

· Bond Polarity

· Dipole Moment

8-4 -- Overall Polarity and Dipole Moments

8-6 -- Ions: Electron Configurations and Relative Sizes

8-8 -- Formation of Binary Ionic Compounds

· Ionic Bonds

· Lattice Energy

8-9 -- Energies Contained in Various Covalent Bonds

· Bond Dissociation Energies (BDE)

· Bond Energies of Multiple Bonds

8-10 -- Calculating the Enthalpy Change (DH) from Bond Energies

· Calculating the Enthalpy Change from Standard Enthalpies of Formation (DHf°)

8-12 -- Electron Dot Notation

· The Octet Rule

· Non-Bonding Electrons (Lone Pairs of Electrons)

8-13 -- Lewis Structures

· Exceptions to the Octet Rule

· Expanded Octets

8-14 -- Rules for Drawing Lewis Structures

· Drawing Lewis Structures of Molecules

8-21 -- Drawing Lewis Structures of Ions

8-22 -- Resonance Structures

· Nonequivalent resonance structures

· Formal Charges

8-24 -- Molecular Structure and Molecular Geometry

· VSEPR Theory (Valence Shell Electron-Pair Repulsion)

· Linear Geometry

· Trigonal Planar Geometry

· Tetrahedral Geometry

· Trigonal Pyramidal Geometry

· Bent Geometry

· Trigonal Bipyramidal Geometry

· Octahedral Geometry

· Square Planar Geometry

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28 pages
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1 Week
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