Genetics Review Game - Powerpoint Jeopardy

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Genetics PowerPoint Jeopardy! Have fun reviewing for the unit test with this Jeopardy-style review game.

My students love to review using this Jeopardy Powerpoint review game. I have found that my students pay far greater attention to the review when it is in a competitive game format.

Note: This product is included in a bundled unit plan of products which can be viewed here: Genetics Complete Unit Plan Bundle.

This review game has 6 categories with 5 questions in each category.

Concepts/terms covered are:
1) The work of Gregor Mendel
2) Mendel's Laws of Dominance and Recessiveness, Segregation and Independent Assortment
3) Using probability and Punnett squares to work genetics problems
4) Monohybrid or one factor problems
5) Dihybrid or two factor problems
6) Summary of Mendel's principles
7) Genes and environmental influences
8) Incomplete Dominance
9) Codominance
10) Multiple Alleles
11) Polygenic Inheritance
12) Sex Linked Genes
13) All basic terms needed to understand and work genetics problems.

This game was written with a typical biology I class in mind. It can easily be edited to make the questions more simple, or more advanced.

This powerpoint jeopardy game consists of 63 slides. Please download my free preview. It has the first 13 slides of the game so that you can get an idea of how it works. The game is limited to 30 questions. For this topic, there are many more possible questions that could be asked. If would be very easy for you to delete some of my questions and add some of your own to make this review game more applicable to your students.

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Genetics Review Game - Powerpoint Jeopardy
Genetics Review Game - Powerpoint Jeopardy
Genetics Review Game - Powerpoint Jeopardy
Genetics Review Game - Powerpoint Jeopardy