Global History - 9th grade - 2nd Semester - Reading Guide (Units 11-20)

Global History - 9th grade - 2nd Semester - Reading Guide (Units 11-20)
Global History - 9th grade - 2nd Semester - Reading Guide (Units 11-20)
Global History - 9th grade - 2nd Semester - Reading Guide (Units 11-20)
Global History - 9th grade - 2nd Semester - Reading Guide (Units 11-20)
Global History - 9th grade - 2nd Semester - Reading Guide (Units 11-20)
Global History - 9th grade - 2nd Semester - Reading Guide (Units 11-20)
Global History - 9th grade - 2nd Semester - Reading Guide (Units 11-20)
Global History - 9th grade - 2nd Semester - Reading Guide (Units 11-20)
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This 14-page densely-packed handout is guaranteed to increase your students' comprehension, literacy, and test scores for the New York State Global History Regents Exam! It covers an entire semester's worth of information and is one of my "Reading Guides," which I have in the exact same style for every semester of the Global and US History curriculums.

Think of this packet as a 'cliff's notes' version of world history, with the 'excess' information trimmed out in order to make it 100% REGENTS-ALIGNED. It's compactness is its' greatest advantage, as students get all the essential information about Regents-aligned historical topics in just a few minutes of reading.

This handout can be used as a take home assignment for students who need Regents test prep, as well as the foundation for your daily lesson planning and sequencing calendar (which I do both). It can be printed as a document in of itself, or text from the document can be used and formatted to your own liking. The point is, the information is there. The groundwork is laid for you, regardless of how you decide you want to use it.

Students who failed the Global Regents Exam multiple times before using my packets frequently pass the Regents on their first try after being introduced to my resources. Regardless of their level of prior knowledge of history, these packets will fill-in any remaining gaps your students may have developed over the 2-year long Global History curriculum. It is chronological, easy-to-read, and self-explanatory.

This packet covers all of the essential Regents-aligned information from the second semester of the New York State 9th grade Global (World) History curriculum (February-June).

Units covered in this packet are Unit 11 (Tang, Song & Ming Dynasties), Unit 12 (The Mongol Empire), Unit 13 (Ancient Japan), Unit 14 (Mesoamerican Civilizations), Unit 15 (Global Trade in the Middle Ages), Unit 16 (The Commercial Revolution & the Renaissance), Unit 17 (The Protestant Reformation), Unit 18 (The Age of Exploration & the Spanish Empire), Unit 19 (Mercantilism & the Triangular Trade) and Unit 20 (Age of Absolutism & the England's Limited Monarchy)

The packet also covers the following sub-topics: The Tang, Song and Ming Dynasties of China, calligraphy, porcelain, pagodas, civil service system, abacus, Zheng He, The Mongol Empire, Genghis Khan, Stirrup, Golden Horde, Kubla Khan, Russia, horseback riders, Great Wall of China, Mughal Dynasty, Pax Mongolia, Marco Polo, Ibn Battuta, increased trade and cultural diffusion, Early Japan, irregular coastlines, islands, mountains, Korean bridge, China, Shinto, harmony with nature, feudalism, decentralized authority, isolationism, Act of Seclusion, Shogun, Yamato clan, Mesoamerica and South American civilizations, Olmecs, Mayans, Aztecs, Incas, adaptation, pre-columbian civilizations, chinampas, math, science and medicine, terrace farming, road network, Andes Mountains, Cuzco, Global trade routes, Italian city-states, access to water, Bubonic Plague (Black Death), Commercial Revolution, Italy, Mediterranean Sea, Humanism, Machiavelli, Greco-Roman Culture, Individualism, Da Vinci, the Protestant Reformation, Catholic Counter Reformation, Martin Luther, The Printing Press, John Calvin, King Henry VIII, Indulgences, Christian Unity, Gutenberg, 95 Theses, Salvation, Church corruption, The Age of Exploration, Portugal and Spain, The Reconquista, Conquistadors, Encomienda System, Spanish Empire and Peninsulares, Mercantilism, the Triangular Trade, Colombian Exchange, Atlantic Slave Trade, The Age of Absolutism, Divine Right, King Louis XIV, Charles V, Peter the Great, Centralized power, the Glorious Revolution, King James I, Queen Elizabeth, Magna Carta, English Civil War, Limited Monarchy

This reading guide is meant to correlate with my Global 9th grade (2nd sem) Study Guide Units 11-20. That resource is a 10-page graphic organizer with Regents-aligned vocabulary words, questions, maps, cartoons, graphs and photographs that align to each unit. My students are expected to fill out the study guide after they read the correlating reading guide unit, so both packets are essential. The study guide allows students to understand what the most important information from each unit truly is.

The final step in my 3-part process are my quizzes, composed 100% of all past Regents questions. My 9th grade Global Reading and Study Guides correlate to my Global Quizzes for Units 1-20. This packet specifically matches up with quizzes 11-20, which are 1.99$ each In addition, my other reading and study guides are 9.99 each. All small prices to pay for a guaranteed reduction in student frustration and vastly improved test scores.

By itself, this packet will be of less value to you, since the fundamental purpose of this packet, the reading guide, is to align with my study guides and boost student performance on my Regents-aligned assessments. The intended order of events is Reading Guide -> Study Guide -> Quiz.

*I also sell 20-page packets with Thematic Essay, DBQ, DBQ Essay strategies, as well as other essential info, for 5.99 each. Many of my daily worksheets that I distribute to my students (and base off of my reading guides) are FREE in my store, and some others are .99$ each.

*Important Note: This document was created with Microsoft Word 2011. If you have an earlier version of Word, the spacing and margins on the document might cause the bottoms of the pages to not match up. This problem can be fixed with two possible solutions:

1) visually-checking the document once you purchase it and making any necessary margin adjustments on specific lines and/or pages in order to create a page-aligned packet.

2) Update your version of Microsoft Office to 2011 :)
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