Grade 2 Math Units GROWING BUNDLE (Ontario Curriculum)

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This bundle is aligned with the Ontario Curriculum and contains lesson ideas, worksheets, activities, posters, assessments, task cards, quizzes, and games. The units are: Place Value, Counting, 2D&3D Shapes, Patterning, Graphing, Telling Time, Measurement, Fractions, Money, Expressions of Equality, Probability, Addition & Subtraction, and Mass, Capacity & Temperature! Each unit is sold separately on TpT, but if you buy them in this bundle, you will save $6.00 and be able to download the remaining units when they are added for free!

Be sure to come back and check for updates throughout the year (listed below).
*Updated July 20/16 with Mass, Capacity & Temperature
*Updated June 11/16 with a Place Value Unit
*Updated May 26/16 with an Addition & Subtraction Unit
*Updated May 7/16 with a Probability Unit
*Updated April 30/16 with an Expressions of Equality Unit
*Updated April 10/16 with a Graphing Unit
*Updated Jan.21/16 with a Fractions Unit
*Updated Nov.7/15 with a Patterning Unit
*Updated Oct.15/15 with a Linear Measurement Unit

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Counting Unit
*Grade 2 Expectations for Counting
*Lesson Ideas & Setting Up for the Unit (3 pages)
*Number Words Poster
*Number Words & Number Cards
*Number Words Match Up
*My Hundreds Chart
*Fill in the Missing Numbers (Up to 100)
*My Two Hundreds Chart
*Fill in the Missing Numbers (Up to 200)
*Counting by 1’s on a Number Line (Up to 100)
*How to Count by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s
*Counting by 2’s on a Number Line Up To 100
*Counting by 2’s a Number Line Up To 200
*Counting by 5’s on a Number Line Up To 200
*Counting by 10’s on a Number Line Up To 200
*Counting By 2’s (Fill in the Bubbles)
*Counting By 5’s (Fill in the Bubbles)
*Counting By 10’s (Fill in the Bubbles)
*Counting by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s on a Hundreds Chart
*Counting by 25’s
*Counting Backwards From 50
*Counting Backwards From 50 – Fill in the Blanks
*Counting Backwards by 10’s
*Counting Test
*Teacher Answer Key
*Counting Task Cards (12 cards)

Money Unit
* 2 pages overview/lesson ideas
* Coin Posters (penny, nickel, dime, quarter, loonie, toonie)
* Canadian Coin Pre-test (2 pages)
* Canadian Coin Match Up
* Put Me in Order Please (2 pages)
* Comparing Coins
* How Much Is In My Piggy Bank? (3 pages)
* Counting Coins (3 pages)
* Make That Amount (2 pages)
* Making Change (2 pages)
* Money Quiz (2 pages)
* Money Test (3 pages plus answer page)
* I Have, Who Has Money Game (24 printable cards)
* Classroom Store Activity & printable coin pages (6 pages)
* Word Search

Time Unit
*Curriculum Expectations
*Lesson Ideas
*Time Posters
*What Time Is It? (Hour, Half Hour Review)
*What Time Is It? (Quarter After)
*What Time Is It? (Hour, Half Hour, Quarter After)
*What Time Is It? (Quarter To)
*What Time Is It? (Quarter After. Quarter To)
*Draw the Hands on the Clock Review #1
*Circle the Correct Time Review #2
*Days and Weeks Reference Sheet
*My Calendar
*Months of the Year
*Time Quiz
*Time Quiz Answer Sheet
*I Have, Who Has Time Game (24 cards)
*Time Word Search

2D & 3D Shapes Units

In the 2D Shapes Unit:
*Lesson Outline
*Identifying 2D Shapes Worksheet
*2D Shape Matching Cards
*Shape Sorting Mat
*My 2D Shapes Picture Worksheet
*“Who Am I?” Riddle Sample Page
*“Who Am I”? Riddle Writing Page
*2D Shapes Oral Test
*2D Shapes Written Test
*Word Wall Words

In the 3D Shapes Unit:
*Lesson Overview
*Identifying 3D Shapes Worksheet
*3D Shapes Sorting Activity
*Shapes Matching Game
*3D Shape Net (Make a Cube)
*3D Shape Net (Make a Pyramid)
*3D Shapes Riddles Assignment With Rubric
*Oral Test
*Written Quiz With Answer Sheet (2 pages)
*Word Wall Words
*Word Search
*I Have, Who Has 2D & 3D Shapes Game (20 cards)

Linear Measurement Unit:
*Lesson Ideas (4 pages)
*Non-Standard Units
*Measure Your Desk
*Measure Your Friend
*Measure Your Friend – Footsteps Page
*Standard Measurement
*Metric Measurement Mini Book (4 pages)
*Let’s Measure
*Measuring Pencils
*Measuring Insects
*Using Your Ruler
*Homework Standard Measurement
*Let’s Investigate (2 pages)
*Centimetres or Metres
*Measuring Around Objects
*Area Activity #1
*Area Activity #2
*Word Search
*Task Cards (5 pages)
*Word Wall Words (2 pages)
*Homework: Test Review Sheet (2 pages)
*Unit Test (2 pages)

*Lesson Ideas
*Growing Patterns Poster
*Shrinking Patterns Poster
*My Hundreds Chart
*Identifying Patterns on the Hundreds Chart
*Identifying Growing Patterns on a Number Line
*Identifying Shrinking Patterns on a Number Line
*Growing and Shrinking Patterns - Pictures
*Creating Patterns
*Creating Patterns Coin Cut-Outs (2 pages)
*Task Cards
*Representing Patterns With a Graph
*Patterns That Change SHAPE
*Patterns That Change DIRECTION
*Patterns That Change SIZE
*Patterns That Change COLOUR
*Changing Attributes
*Word Search
*Patterns That Change More Than One Attribute
*Word Wall Words (2 pages)
*Answer Sheet

*Grade 2 Expectations for Fractions
*Lesson Ideas
*Word Wall Words
*Color the Fractions
*Write the Fraction
*Fractions Bars – for cutting
*Fractions Bars – Comparing Fractions
*Comparing Fractions #1
*Comparing Fractions #2
*Comparing Fractions #3
*Investigating Fractions
*Regrouping Fractions
*Fractions Word Search
*Fractions Test

Graphing Unit
Lesson Ideas (4 pages)
Word Wall Words
Poster – Parts of a Graph
Poster – Making Observations About a Graph
Sort by 2 Attributes – Presents
Sort by 2 Attributes - Eggs
Survey & Tally – Seasons
Survey & Tally –Names
Reading a Tally Chart
Making a Tally Chart
Sort, Tally, and Graph
Reading a Bar Graph –Vegetables
Reading a Bar Graph - Absences
Reading a Bar Graph - Sports
Reading a Line Plot
Recording Data on a Line Plot
Reading a Pictograph – Pets
Reading a Pictograph – Colours
Reading a Pictograph – Ice Cream
Class Graph – Eye Colour Cut Outs
Creating a Graph – How Many Boys and Girls?
Poem Tally and Graph Assignment Page 1
Poem Tally and Graph Assignment Page 2
My Graphing Checklist
Class Birthday Graph
Class Birthday Graph – Observations
Class Birthday Graph – Blank
Asking Questions
Making Observations
Graphing Unit Test
Graphing Math Center
Word Search

Expressions of Equality
Lesson Ideas (4 pages)
Stacking Cubes
Write the Number Sentence
Breaking Apart Cubes
Are They Equal?
Make It Equal
Equal Expressions #1
Equal Expressions #2
Equal Expressions #3
Matching Expressions
I Like to Move It #1
I Like to Move It #2
I Like to Move It #3
What About Zero?
24 Task Cards (with QR Codes)
Task Card Recording Sheet

Lesson Ideas
Word Wall Words
What are the Chances?
Probability Drawings
Most Likely
Equally Likely
More, Less or Equally Likely?
Probability With Spinners
Fair and Unfair Spinners
Spinners – Page 1
Spinners – Page 2
Spinners – Page 3
Frog Spinners
Bee Spinners
Cube Template for Making Dice
Flipping Coins
Colour and Answer
Marbles in a Jar

Addition and Subtraction Unit
Lesson Ideas (7 pages)
Doubles Flash Cards
Doubles Plus One (vertical)
Doubles Plus One (horizontal)
Doubles Plus Two (vertical)
Doubles Plus Two (horizontal)
Blank Ten Frames
1 - 9 Ten Frames
Making Ten
Subtraction #1
Subtraction #2
Subtraction #3
Fact Families #1
Fact Families #2
Fact Families #3
How Many More?
How Many Less?
How to Regroup Poster
How to Regroup with Base Ten Blocks
Double Digit Addition – No Regrouping
Double Digit Addition With Regrouping
Double Digit Addition With and Without Regrouping
Double Digit Subtraction #1
Double Digit Subtraction #2
Make A Ten
Front End Addition
Frog Facts
Go Fish
Word Problems
Double Digit Subtraction Without Regrouping
Double Digit Subtraction With Regrouping #1
Double Digit Subtraction With Regrouping #2
Subtraction – Jump Method
Subtracting in Parts
Double Digit Subtraction
Subtracting Boxes
Word Problems
Mixed Addition and Subtraction #1
Mixed Addition and Subtraction #2

Place Value Unit
Lesson Ideas
Sorting Mats
Tens and Ones #1
Tens and Ones #2
Place Value Cut and Paste
Make It With Base Ten Blocks (2 pages)
How Many Tens? How Many Ones?
Expand It!
Match It!
Expanded Form
Ten Frames
Make It With Ten Frames
Write the Number
Make It With Money
Coin Cut Outs
My Hundreds Chart
Round Up or Round Down
Rounding to the Nearest 10
Unit Test
Match Game
I Have Who Has Game

Or purchase just one of the units separately:

Counting Unit for Grade 2
Canadian Money Unit
2D & 3D Shapes Unit
Telling Time Unit
Linear Measurement
Expressions of Equality
Addition and Subtraction Unit
Place Value
Mass, Capacity & Temperature

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© Melissa Freeman 2015
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Grade 2 Math Units GROWING BUNDLE (Ontario Curriculum)
Grade 2 Math Units GROWING BUNDLE (Ontario Curriculum)
Grade 2 Math Units GROWING BUNDLE (Ontario Curriculum)
Grade 2 Math Units GROWING BUNDLE (Ontario Curriculum)