Grammar: Subject & Predicate - Complete Unit!

Grammar: Subject & Predicate - Complete Unit!
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  1. My grammar units all come with eight nifty teaching tools for you to use in your very own classroom! Each tool, excluding the note slides, are just one page, so they are extremely easy to print and impressively simple for your kiddos to keep track of!Below are the teaching tools included for EACH to
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My grammar units all come with eight nifty teaching tools for you to use in your very own classroom! Each tool, excluding the note slides, are just one page, so they are extremely easy to print and impressively simple for your kiddos to keep track of!

Below are the teaching tools included for each topic:

  1. Grammar Slideshow (Comprehensive slides with examples and a practice test problem at the end)
  2. Grammar Notes (Copy of the slide notes, word for word and highlight for highlight)
  3. Grammar Guided Notes (A copy of the notes but with a few key terms removed. I have my students take their own notes, and then I pass these out for students to fill in to check how well they took independent notes.)
  4. Grammar Check (Ten question, multiple choice assessment. Use this as a group assignment, class assignment, bell ringer, exit ticket, or mini-quiz)
  5. Grammar Quiz (Twenty question, multiple choice assessment.)
  6. Grammar Pre-Test (Question amount varies, but the questions include multiple choice and short response that challenges students to use the skill in their own writing.)
  7. Grammar Test (Thirty question, multiple choice test)
  8. Answer Key (Answer key provides answers for multiple choice elements and only a few written response elements in some of my products. The reason I do not provide answers for every written response is because student responses will vary. I provide written responses for items that students should all answer similarly in their writing.)

Check out the rest of my products to get complete units on the following:

  1. Subjects & Predicates (Simple, Compound, Complete)
  2. Kinds of Sentences (Declarative, Imperative, Exclamatory, Interrogative)
  3. Verb Types (Transitive, Intransitive, Linking, Helping)
  4. Subject Complements (Predicate Adjectives & Predicate Nominatives)
  5. Conjunctions (Coordinating, Subordinating, Correlative, Conjunctive Adverbs)
  6. Objects (Direct/Indirect Object, Object of Preposition, Object Complement)
  7. Pronouns (Subject, Object, Possessive, Intensive, Reflexive, Demonstrative, Relative, Indefinite, Interrogative)
  8. Prepositions (Adjective Prepositional Phrase and Adverb Prepositional Phrase)
  9. Verbals (Gerunds, Past/Present Participles, Noun/Adj/Adv Infinitives)
  10. Active & Passive Voice
  11. Clause Types (Independent, Dependent [Noun/Adj/Adv Clause])
  12. Sentence Types (Simple, Compound, Complex, Compound-Complex)
  13. Parallel Structure
  14. Noun Types (Concrete, Abstract, Simple, Plural, Common, Proper, Compound, Collective, Possessive)
  15. Misplaced & Dangling Modifiers

Or purchase all of them at a discount by purchasing my bundle!

The bundle includes 15 power points, 15 concise pages of notes, 15 guided note pages, 15 quick-check assessments, 15 quizzes, 15 pre-tests, and 15 tests! You can purchase 15 units -- 15 weeks worth of work -- and have zero prep!

Each unit should take about a week. This is what I like to do . . .

Monday: I place laminated copies of the 1 page notes on each student's desk. Their "do now" for Monday is to copy the notes (some days I'll skip this and give them the guided notes page instead to save time). After they finish, we go through the power point as a class. Lastly, students work on the grammar check page together and complete it as homework.

Tuesday: As a class, we review the grammar check page, and then I give the students the quiz. Because we jump right into a quiz the day after notes, I allow students to use their notes on the quiz. The higher stakes of the quiz forces students to really dig deep into their notes, a response I like more than giving them a handout that some students may gloss over without ever referencing their notes.

Wednesday: Students receive their scores for their quizzes and review the questions they scored incorrectly. After they have time to make corrections, we go over the quiz as a whole class. We then work on the pretest handout in small groups and complete it for homework.

Thursday: I will project answers for the pretest assignment on the board, and then we will review questions that students are struggling with. They will then take their test.

Friday: We review the test, and I typically take a break from grammar on Fridays after the review. We read independently, read as a whole class, recite poetry, etc. It's a good way to end the week after the kiddos learned a new grammar concept!

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