Greek and Latin Roots Grades 3-5 YEARLONG Program! 36 Units of Stems and Roots

Greek and Latin Roots Grades 3-5 YEARLONG Program! 36 Units of Stems and Roots
Greek and Latin Roots Grades 3-5 YEARLONG Program! 36 Units of Stems and Roots
Greek and Latin Roots Grades 3-5 YEARLONG Program! 36 Units of Stems and Roots
Greek and Latin Roots Grades 3-5 YEARLONG Program! 36 Units of Stems and Roots
Greek and Latin Roots Grades 3-5 YEARLONG Program! 36 Units of Stems and Roots
Greek and Latin Roots Grades 3-5 YEARLONG Program! 36 Units of Stems and Roots
Greek and Latin Roots Grades 3-5 YEARLONG Program! 36 Units of Stems and Roots
Greek and Latin Roots Grades 3-5 YEARLONG Program! 36 Units of Stems and Roots
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Are you looking for a COMPLETE yearlong word stems and roots program designed just for students in grades 3, 4 and 5? This one set includes EVERYTHING you'll need to teach a 36 weeks of ready to go stems and roots lessons complete with word wall posters, slideshows, worksheets, interactive notebook templates, tests, flash cards, memory game cards, answer keys, data tracking sheets, lesson plans and MORE! You'll get over 1,520 pages of choices of materials to customize learning for your student.. You won't use all of these materials! There's lots of options to offer differentiation for your 3rd - 5th graders.

Students will master 180 roots and stems, 5 each week with this EFFECTIVE and EASY to use program designed just for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders.

Word Masters helps students decode and understand a word’s meaning and improves comprehension. When vocabulary improves, students are able to transfer their word knowledge to their writing, speaking, listening comprehension and subject areas like mathematics, science, social studies and everyday reading.

This unit is structured with a predictable flow so students understand the routine and get right to learning. It also allows for differentiation into 3 reading group levels (editable), 14 different options of worksheets for each week (to allow you to differentiate and pick and choose what works best for your students), weekly interactive notebook foldable patterns, all assessments (with ongoing review & four cumulative assessments), flash cards, introductory slideshows, word wall posters, student data tracking forms, journal covers, games and activities suggestions, and more! There's no need to purchase anything else to make a real difference for your students! It's all here!

180 Stems/Roots Included in this Full Year Set that includes Interactive Notebook Foldable Patterns:

ab, acro, ad, amphi, anim, ante, anthropo, anti, aqua, archy, astr/aster, audi, auto, bell, bene, bi, biblio, bio, cap, carn, cent, centri, chrome, chron, cide, circum, cise, cle, co, cogn, com, con, corp, cred, curr, cycl/cyclo, de, dec, demo, dia, dict, dign, dis, dorm, dox, duc, endo, equi, eu, ex, extra, fer, fig, flu, fore, fort, frac, gen, geo, graph, grat, gress, hema, hexa, homo, hydro, hyper, hypo, ician, im, in, inter, intra, intro, itis, ize, ject, junct, lat, less,liber, lin, lith, loco, log, logy, lum, magn, mal, man/manu, mar, matri, mega, meter/metr, micro, migr, mir, mis, miss, mob, mort, mono, morph, multi, neo, neuro, nomy, non, nov, octa, omni, ortho, ous, pan, para, path, pater, ped, pend, penta, per, petr, phobia, phon, photo, plu, polis, poly, pond, pop, port, pos, post, prim/prime, pre, pro, proto, pseudo, punct, put, quin, re, reg, rogat, sangui, scribe, scope, sed, semi, sens, sequ, son, spec, spir, sub, super, sur, sym, syn, tele, tion, tomy, tract, tetra, therm, topo, tract, tri, un, uni, ven, ver, vest, vid, viv, voc.

Components of Word Masters:

Slideshows and Posters – Use these on your projection screen to introduce each word stem. Posters and slideshow the stem/root, definition, visual, sample words and their definitions, and the stem used in a sentence. Each unit has a 6-slide slideshow and poster set with a title slide introducing the week’s stems and roots, and five slides; one for each of the five stems introduced.

Word Wall Posters – Post the week’s stems/roots on your word wall. Posters include the stem, a visual, and simple definition. These print two per sheet of paper (landscape format).

Assessments – One per weekly unit

4 Cumulative Assessments – to assess the 180 stems taught.

Interactive Notebook Patterns – Each of 36 units offers a pattern to be folded and glued into an Interactive Notebook. The 5 word stems/roots are listed and students can write the definition and a sentence (your choice). Students love to use this open ended option.

WORKSHEET OPTIONS – 14 worksheets options allow you to differentiate your lessons. I feel it’s important to also offer a variety of open-ended responses to challenge students.

Word Examples – for the teacher – This shows words that contain the stem/root

Find Examples – Students list words containing the stem

Word Hunt – students list word examples and write a sentence or draw a sketch of the stem/root

Write 5 Sentences – Students write 5 sentences and underline the word with the stem

Write 10 Sentences – Students write 10 sentences and underline the word with the stem

Find It and Write It – Students fill in the 10 blanks with words containing the stem/root

Show You Know – Students match 12 words with their definitions

Define It and Use It – Given a word stem/root, students give the definition and write a sentence for 4 words containing this week’s stem/root

Dictionary Time – Students choose one of the week’s five words stems/roots. they write the dictionary guide words, give the pronunciation, part of speech, write a sample sentence and give the word’s etymology

Dictionary Reference – This page is given for students to use when completing the Dictionary Time worksheet. This sheet is offered in full size and half-sheet size (for gluing into Interactive Notebooks)

Word Search – Students create a word search puzzle using word that contain this week’s words/stems

It’s ABC Order Time – Students alphabetize 9 to 14 words (varies each week) that contain the featured stem/root

Make a Poster – Creative option to reinforce the roots

Tic-Tac-Toe – Partner flash card game

Alternate Games & Activities – additional games/activities are included to challenge, review and reinforce the stems/roots each week. Individual games, partner games, and whole class games. There’s LOTS of options for you to differentiate this program for all of your students.

Flash Cards – These are used with games and to review the stems/roots

Folded Flash Cards – These are folded in half and are used to turn over for self-checking practice

"Concentrate" Memory Flash Cards – Game for self-checking practice

Unit Tests – Odd numbered tests assess the week’s 5 stems/roots. Even numbered tests assess the current week PLUS the 5 stems/roots from the previous week (10 words in all)

Student Journal Covers – Covers come in two sizes to glue onto either a spiral notebook or a composition book (both in color and ink saving B&W options)

All Answer Keys

Lesson Plans in MS PowerPoint (editable) format so you can copy and paste into your plan book. Plans included for 3 reading groups levels for each day of the week.

Master List of the 180 Words Taught – By Unit Number (one version for the teacher, and one for the student)

Master List of the 180 Words Taught – Alphabetical

“I Found a Stem/Root in Everyday Life" Tracker – This is a motivating way for students keep track during the day as they find words with the stem/root. Multiple pages are offered for students to write the context of their found word

Data Tracking Forms – Two different versions of student data tracking forms are provided that allow students to track and graph their assessment results for each unit.

Scoring Charts – for the teacher to quickly get a percentage score on worksheets with exact answers

☞☞ Do Your Teaching Partners Also Need This Resource? ☜☜

Additional licenses for teaching partners are offered at a discount when you checkout!

Word Masters is NOT labeled Common Core BUT it does reaches these standards:

3rd Grade: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RF.3.3a,3b,4b,4c

4th Grade: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RF.4.3a,4b

5th Grade: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RF.5.3a,4b

Try out a FREE Week SAMPLE of Masters Greek & Latin Roots & Stems Unit 1

You can also use this to show administrators a sample of this program.

(Not all materials are included in the sample. The complete program has tons of materials!)

Enjoy watching your students gain the power to decode and unlock meaning to new words!


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1 Year
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