Greek and Latin Roots and Stems Set 2 (16 Weeks of Lessons)

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Are you wanting to teach Greek and Latin Roots Set 1 at a faster pace? This set allows you to teach one word list each week so if you have Set 1 and Set 2, you will have a 36 week program.

Set 2 and it includes 16 weeks of lessons (lessons 21 – 36) and teaches 80 Greek and Latin word stems and roots. Each lesson introduces five new stems/roots and includes posters giving three example words, definitions, and visual. Students practice the roots and stems using six activities included in the set and can keep their work in their Word Masters Journal. Each lesson includes an assessment and answer key and there’s a teacher grade book sheet in MS Word format you can type scores into. Students will track and record their own progress on the form provided. Teacher directions, pacing, hints and tips included.

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This set follows the same format as my Word Masters Set 1 with the only difference being the lesson tests include the week’s five words and not the review from the previous week as well. Students track and graph their own progress and the teacher has the MS Word version of a grade book page to record progress.

CCSS-ELA Literacy standards for grades 3-8:
3rd Grade: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RF.3.3a,3b,4b,4c
4th Grade: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RF.4.3a,4b
5th Grade: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RF.5.3a,4b
6th Grade: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.6.4b
7th Grade: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.7.4b
8th Grade: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.8.4b

Components Included (PDF format unless stated otherwise):
• 16 PowerPoint slideshows - one for each weekly word list, to introduce the stem/root, definition, visual and there's also example words containing the stem/root.
• 80 Word Wall Posters. These are a full page version of each slide perfect to use as posters for your word wall or use for projecting to whole class. Posters have the stem/root, definition and a visual on each.
• Teacher lesson directions, sequence, teaching hints and ideas for structuring the program
• 16 Weekly Word Lists: 5 words per list x 16 lists = 80 word stems/roots learned
• 16 Weekly Tests with Answer Keys: one for each list
• Student Notebook Cover Designs: 2 Word Master Book Covers in color plus black and white
• List of the 80 words learned: A chart of all words organized by list number (also in MS Word editable format)
• List of the 80 words learned: A chart of all words, organized alphabetically
• Student Data Tracking Form: Allows students to graph and track their own progress
• Teacher Grade Book Record Form: 2 pages in MS Word format so you can type (or handwrite) student names and scores and print a nice, clean copy for your binder type or write scores in the form provided in MS Word format
• Flash cards (one set per lesson) with definition and example word listed on the same side
• Flash cards (one set per lesson) – foldable flash cards with example word and definition listed on back
• Word Search – students use words with the stems and create a word search puzzle as well as an answer key
• Dictionary Work – students practice dictionary skills and choose a word with the stem and then determine the pronunciation, guide words, definitions, parts of speech, give a sample sentence, and etymology.
• Draw It Poster – students draw a poster to help others learn the stem and its meaning. Student-created posters can be added to your word wall.
• 5 Sentences – students write 5 sentences using the stems. 5 sentences per worksheet.
• 10 Sentences - students write 10 sentences using the stems. 10 sentences per worksheet.
• Tic Tac Toe – students use their flash cards and try to get a tic-tac-toe using weekly stems and roots against a partner
• Ideas for additional or alternate activities

Set 2 (this set) Includes these Word Stems/Roots:
ab, acro, anim, astr/aster, carn, chron, cle, co, cogn, curr, cycl/cyclo, dec, demo, dign, fig, flu, fore, fort, frac, gen, geo, graph, grat, gress, hexa, hyper, im, in, ize, junct, lat, less,liber, lin, lith, log, lum, man/manu, mar, meter/metr, migr, mir, mob, mort, multi, nomy, octa, ous, para, path, ped, per, petr, plu, polis, pos, prim/prime, pro, quin, reg, rogat, sci, scope, sed,sens, sequ, son, spir, sur, tract, tetra, therm, topo, tract, trans, uni, ven and voc.

FYI: Set 1 Includes 100 Stems/Roots
ad, amphi, ante, anthropo, anti, aqua, archy, audi, auto, bell, bene, bi, biblio, bio, cap, cent, centri, chrome, cide, circum, cise, com, con, corp, cred, de, dia, dict, dis, dorm, dox, duc, endo, equi, eu, ex, extra, fer, hema, homo, hydro, hypo, ician, inter, intra, intro, itis, ject, loco, logy, magn, mal, matri, mega, micro, mis, miss, mono, morph, neo, neuro, non, nov, omni, ortho, pan, pater, pend, penta, phobia, phon, photo, poly, pond, pop, port, post, pre, proto, pseudo, punct, put, re, sangui, scribe, semi, spec, sub, super, sym, syn, tele, tion, tomy, tri, un, ver, vest, vid, viv.

Enjoy watching your students gain the power to unlock meaning to new words!

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Greek and Latin Roots and Stems Set 2 (16 Weeks of Lessons)
Greek and Latin Roots and Stems Set 2 (16 Weeks of Lessons)
Greek and Latin Roots and Stems Set 2 (16 Weeks of Lessons)
Greek and Latin Roots and Stems Set 2 (16 Weeks of Lessons)
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