*HARD COPY* Practice & Assess GRAMMAR Grades 7-8

*HARD COPY* Practice & Assess GRAMMAR Grades 7-8
*HARD COPY* Practice & Assess GRAMMAR Grades 7-8
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6th, 7th, 8th
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Here is the original product description:

**Grades 7-8 Version** Level C

The topics/skills included in this huge worksheet packet are the same as in my Interactive Grammar Notebook. This product can be used with OR without the Interactive Grammar Notebook. Scroll down for a list of lessons and topics.

Purchase the differentiation bundle here.

For each of the 33 lessons, there is a 20-item practice, followed by a 20-item assessment. The items on the assessment are similar in content and in format to the items on the practice so that your students are prepared for each assessment.

Some worksheets are 2 pages long, so I run them front and back and recommend that you do the same whenever possible.

This resource is jam-packed with content specifically designed to practice and assess the lessons in the Interactive Grammar Notebook. Still, these can absolutely be used whether or not you use interactive notebooks, since they cover so many Common Core skills and concepts. So that these printables are more grade-level appropriate, I am releasing three sets:

Set 1 – Grades 4-5 (Level A)
Set 2 – Grade 6 (Level B)
Set 3 – Grades 7-8 (Level C)

Each set includes unique content, which means that the questions and passages (when applicable) are all completely different, and leveled, for each packet. If you differentiate in your language classes, I highly recommend that you purchase all 3 sets. Sets 2 and 2 are available now, and Set 3 will be released in the month of January. < a href="http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Practice-Assess-Grammar-Differentiation-BUNDLE-1588633">A bundle is available to purchase all 3 sets here.

Since there are 3 sets and two similar worksheets for each lesson (one practice and one assessment), I have included this information at the bottom right corner of each page It either reads Practice or Assessment, followed by the level. The lesson number and topic are always at the top left.

***Please view the preview file, specifically the table of contents and common core alignment, for a complete overview of the topics and skills covered. This packet DOES NOT include worksheets to teach each and every Common Core Language skill for 8th grade.***
Here are the lessons included:

Lesson 0.5 – Parts of Speech Overview

Unit 1: Hard & Fast Rules
Lesson 1-1 – Hard & Fast Rules for Capitalization
Lesson 1-2 – Hard & Fast Rules for Using Commas
Lesson 1-3 – Hard & Fast Rules for Using Apostrophes
Lesson 1-4 – Hard & Fast Rules for Using Quotation Marks
Lesson 1-5 – Hard & Fast Rules for Using Numbers
Lesson 1-6 – Hard & Fast Rules for Plurals
Lesson 1-7 – Hard & Fast Rules for Using Commonly Confused Words

Unit 2: Sentences
Lesson 2-1 – Four Types of Sentences
Lesson 2-2 – Subjects & Predicates
Lesson 2-3 – Compound Subjects & Compound Predicates
Lesson 2-4 – Simple & Compound Sentences
Lesson 2-5 – Independent & Dependent Clauses
Lesson 2-6 – Sentences, Fragments, & Run-Ons

Unit 3: Nouns
Lesson 3-1 – Common & Proper Nouns
Lesson 3-2 – Concrete & Abstract Nouns
Lesson 3-3 – Plural Nouns
Lesson 3-4 – Possessive Nouns

Unit 4: Verbs
Lesson 4-1 – Action, Linking, & Helping Verbs
Lesson 4-2 – Predicate Nominatives & Predicate Adjectives
Lesson 4-3 – The Perfect Tense Fence (Past, Present, and Future Perfect Tenses)
Lesson 4-4 – Infinitives & Participles (Principal Parts)
Lesson 4-5 – Direct & Indirect Objects

Unit 5: Prepositions
Lesson 5-1 – Prepositions
Lesson 5-2 – Prepositional Phrases
Lesson 5-3 – Adverb & Adjective Phrases

Unit 6: Pronouns
Lesson 6-1 – Six Types of Pronouns
Lesson 6-2 – Identifying Pronoun Types

Unit 7: Adjectives
Lesson 7-1 – Kinds of Adjectives
Lesson 7-2 – Degrees of Comparison

Unit 8: Adverbs
Lesson 8-1 – Adverbs
Lesson 8-2 – More Adverb Phrases
Lesson 8-3 – Double Negatives

Unit 9: Conjunctions & Interjections
Lesson 9-1: Coordinating Conjunctions
Lesson 9-2 – Correlative Conjunctions
Lesson 9-3 - Interjections

See preview file for samples and a table of contents to see what is all included.


Will these worksheets teach the lessons for me?
No. These printables are meant to be used after the lesson is taught in order to practice and then assess students knowledge and understanding of the content or skill. The Interactive Grammar Notebook includes lessons for each skill. This packet includes worksheets for each. You don't have to teach the lessons from my grammar notebook in order to use these worksheets; you just need to teach the concept or skill in any way you like.

Will I need to find stories and other resources to use with these printables?
No! These are no-prep, which means all of the passages and content are included. Print and go!

Are these meant to prepare students for Common Core Assessments such as PARCC or Smarter Balanced?
No. These are not meant to be used as test prep, but as everyday practices and assessments.

Are you making sets for your other Interactive Notebooks?
Yes. Reading Literature is already out, and Informational Text and Writing will be released soon!

I teach students for multiple years. Can I use these printables?
Yes! There will be 3 sets (see above) so simply purchase the set(s) relevant for your grades.

Will you be making practices and assessments for free interactive notebook lessons, such as irony and making inferences?
Yes. Stay tuned!
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*HARD COPY* Practice & Assess GRAMMAR Grades 7-8
*HARD COPY* Practice & Assess GRAMMAR Grades 7-8
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