Hands On Human Anatomy Experiment Packets

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Hands On Human Anatomy Experiment Packets

Are you looking for hands on experiments and learning activities made to engage upper elementary and early middle grade students? Do you desire to reinforce science vocabulary as part of your students' experiments? Do you want to encourage independence with step by step written experiment instructions?

This resource contains all of that and more! Packed with over 100 activities within 14 experiment packets, your students can explore the following human anatomy topics...

Introduction to Cells and Body Systems

Learn about the anatomy of a human cell and be introduced to the human body systems! This resource includes 2 experiment instruction/recording sheets, 1 cut and sort activity, 1 worksheet, 1 sheet with fitness activities to track health, and 12 8 ¬Ĺ by 11 inch body system posters.

  1. Cell Anatomy (Anatomy of a Human Cell)
  2. 3D Cell Model (Anatomy of a Human Cell)
  3. Jell-o Cell Model (Anatomy of a Human Cell)
  4. Body Systems Flip Sheet (Body Systems)
  5. Health Fitness Test (Monitoring Fitness)
  6. Body System Posters

Skeletal System

Explore the skeletal system! This resource includes 4 experiment instruction/recording sheets, 1 cut and label activity, and 1 write to label activity.

  1. Egg Brain (God’s Protective Design)
  2. Analyzing a Chicken Bone (What Are Bones Made Of?)
  3. Looking at Bone Layers (Anatomy of a Bone)
  4. Edible Bone Model (Anatomy of a Bone)
  5. Candy Spine (God’s Protective Design)
  6. Label Your Bones (Skeletal Anatomy)
  7. Bone Model Labels (Skeletal Anatomy)

Muscular System

Explore the muscular system! This resource includes 6 experiment instruction/recording sheets and 1 cut and label activity.

  1. Types of Muscle Tissue (Different Purposes Require a Different Design)
  2. Muscle Fibers (An Up-Close Look)
  3. Edible Muscle Model (Anatomy of a Muscle)
  4. Add Some Muscle (Muscle Groups)
  5. Make it Work (Tendons)
  6. Facial Muscles (A Range of Emotions)
  7. Work Those Muscles (Exercise Makes Our Muscles Strong and Healthy)

Digestive and Renal Systems

Get ready to explore the digestive and renal systems with some hands on experiments! This resource includes 4 experiment instruction/recording sheets and 1 worksheet.

  1. Edible Teeth (Digestion Starts in Your Mouth)
  2. Mushy Crackers (Breaking It Down)
  3. Digestion Demonstration (Our Digestive Tract)
  4. Digestion Description (Our Digestive Tract)
  5. Away It Goes (Our Renal System)

Health and Nutrition

Let’s think about nutrition and make healthier choices! This resource includes 1 cut and sort activity sheet, 5 experiment instruction/recording sheets and 4 worksheets.

  1. Stay Hydrated (The Importance of Water)
  2. My Weekly Water Log (Maintaining a Balanced Water Level)
  3. Carbs ‚Äď Sugar vs Flour¬†(Absorption of Carbohydrates)
  4. Sugar Shock (Looking at Sugar Content in Foods)
  5. Sugar Shock, part 2 (Graphing Sugar Content in Foods)
  6. Starchy Content (Testing the Starch Content of Foods)
  7. Spying Out the Fat (Testing for the Presence of Fat in Snacks)
  8. A Rainbow of Healthy Food (Fruits and Vegetables From Every Color)
  9. Eating the Rainbow (Nutrient Packed Rainbow Smoothies)
  10. Make a Healthy Plate (Creating a Plan to Eat Healthier)

Respiratory System
Take a deep breath as we explore the respiratory system! This resource includes 5 experiment instruction/recording sheets and 1 cut and label activity.

  1. Our Respiratory System (God’s Design for Breath and Life)
  2. Getting Air to Your Lungs (Building a Simple Lung Model)
  3. Edible Respiratory Model (Anatomy of Our Respiratory System)
  4. Taking Breaths (Changes in Breathing Rate)
  5. Breathe In, Breathe Out (Building a Working Lung Model)
  6. The Smoking Bottle (The Effects of Nicotine on Your Lungs)

(Please note: The Blood and Circulatory System contains the following two blood and heart packets from this resource.)

Learn all about our blood and circulatory system! This resource includes 8 experiment instruction/recording sheets, 1 worksheet, and 2 cut and sort activities.

Our Blood

  1. Blood Vessels (Pathways of Life)
  2. Blood in a Bottle (Components of Our Blood)
  3. Iron Fortification (The Importance of Iron in Our Red Blood Cells)
  4. Edible Blood Cells (Red and White Blood Cells)
  5. Blood Compatibility (How Blood Types Affect Giving and Receiving Blood)

All About the Heart

  1. Workings of the Heart (Heart Anatomy)
  2. Edible Heart Model (Anatomy of Our Heart)
  3. Follow Your Heart (Blood Flow To and From the Heart)
  4. Exercise Your Heart (Changes in Heart Rate)
  5. Race Against Your Heart (A Minute to Win It)
  6. Blood Pumping Bottle (Creating a Working Heart Model)

(Please note: The Nervous System contains the following two nervous systems packets from this resource.)

Explore the nervous system! This resource includes 9 experiment instruction/recording sheets, 3 worksheets, a set of right brain/left brain charade cards, and 4 cut and sort/label activities.

The Nervous and Endocrine Systems

  1. Our Nervous System (Two Main Parts)
  2. Brain Model (The 3 Parts of Our Brain)
  3. Exploring Neurons (Anatomy of a Nerve Cell)
  4. Build a Neuron Model (Anatomy of a Nerve Cell)
  5. Making Connections (Busy Neurons)
  6. Making Connections Web (Busy Neurons)
  7. Transporting Messages (How Fast Does Your Nervous System Respond?)
  8. Edible Neuron Model (Anatomy of a Nerve Cell)
  9. Act It Out (The Role of Neurons in the Nervous System)
  10. Our Endocrine System (Important Components)

The Nervous System, Continued

  1. Left Brain, Right Brain (Our Amazing Cerebrum)
  2. Left Brain, Right Brain  Charades
  3. Enhanced Brain Model (The 4 Lobes of Our Brain)
  4. Lobes of Our Cerebrum (Structure and Functions of Our Brain)
  5. Dividing Up the Tasks (Each Lobe Has Different Responsibilities)
  6. The Ruler Drop (How Myelinated Are Your Nerves?)
  7. Spinal Cord Model (A Vital Part of Our Nervous System)

(Please note: Let’s Explore Our Senses contains the senses and integumentary packets from this resource.)

Get ready to use all of your senses as you explore the 6 senses (smell, sight, hearing, taste, balance, and touch)! This resource includes 15 experiment instruction/recording sheets, 2 worksheets, and 4 cut and sort/label activities.

All About Our Special Senses (smell, sight, hearing, taste, and balance)

  1. The Senses (God’s Design for Enabling Us to Experience the World)
  2. The Olfactory System (Our Sense of Smell)
  3. The Sniff Test (Detecting Smells)
  4. Jellybeans (Does Smell Affect Taste?)
  5. The Gustatory System (Our Sense of Taste)
  6. Hot or Cold? (Temperature Affects Our Taste Buds)
  7. The Auditory System (Our Sense of Hearing)
  8. Vibrations (Making a Simple Model of Hearing)
  9. Are Two Better Than One? (Determining the Direction of Sound)
  10. Feeling Dizzy?¬†(The Inner Ear and Balance ‚Äď Your Vestibular System)
  11. Vision (Our Sense of Sight)
  12. Seeing Things Clearly (Test Your Vision)

The Integumentary System

  1. Skin-tastic! (Characteristics and Purpose of Skin)
  2. Anatomy of Our Skin (Layers and Functions of Our Skin)
  3. Layers of Skin Cake (An Edible Model of Our Skin)
  4. Beautiful Hues of Skin (A Variety of God- Designed Skin Colors)
  5. Sweating It Out (How Sweat Regulates Temperature)
  6. Fingerprints (Identification in Your Skin)
  7. Braille (Reading By the Sense of Touch)
  8. Strength in a Strand (The Design of Our Hair)
  9. Hard as Nails (Design and Purpose of Fingernails and Toenails)

The Lymphatic and Immune Systems
Explore the lymphatic and immune systems! This resource includes 4experiment instruction/recording sheets and 2 cut and sort/label activities.

  1. First Line of Defense (God’s Design for Protection)
  2. Wash Those Hands (One Way to Keep Germs Away)
  3. Lymphatic and Immune Systems (Anatomy of Our Defense System)
  4. Attack! (Modeling Our Body’s Second Line of Defense)
  5. Playdough Antibodies¬†(An Example of Active Immunity ‚Äď Our Third Line of Defense)
  6. Fighting the Flu (Sequencing Our Body’s Plan of Attack)

The Reproductive System

Learn about genetics, traits, and the reproductive system! This resource includes 4 experiment instruction/recording sheets, 3 cut and sort/label activities, and 1 worksheet.

  1. Heredity and Traits (Looking at Your Inherited Traits)
  2. The Trail of Traits (How Traits Are Passed Down Through Generations)
  3. Punnett Squares (Understanding Dominant and Recessive Traits)
  4. Egg-cellent Genetics (Punnett Square Practice)
  5. Super Hero Families (Using Genetics to Create a New Super Hero)
  6. Cell Division (Mitosis and Meiosis)
  7. The Reproductive System (Anatomy of the Male and Female Reproductive Systems)
  8. Development in the Womb (God’s Design for Life)

We personally used many of these experiments and sheets in our homeschool co-op to supplement the Apologia text Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology, but they could be used to enhance any study of the human body.

Please note that, although there are several pages with reference to God as the Designer, there is also a secular version of those pages included.

Total Pages
250 pages
Answer Key
Teaching Duration
1 Year
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