Health Lessons for High School 9th-12th: #1 Best-Selling Full Year Curriculum

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9th - 12th, Homeschool
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The Teacher-Author indicated this resource includes assets from Google Workspace (e.g. docs, slides, etc.).


★★★★★ EMPOWERING TEEN HEALTH LESSONS! This resource is the #1 Best-Selling Full Year Health program on TeachersPayTeachers!

NEW!: This program is now a digital resource for distance learning! (5/2021)

  • Assign Health worksheets in your Google™ Classroom or paperless environment using these student worksheets, surveys, tests, and handouts

  • Now includes links to ALL STUDENT DOCS on Google Slides and Google Forms! (except for interactive flip-ups, and board games that need to be printed and cut out!)

  • 879 Total Google Slides

  • 44 Google Forms! (Editable, keys included, and created with amazing photos teens will enjoy!)

  • You can now save paper if you are in the classroom; and/or you can have students work at home to fill out worksheets, surveys, and tests online!

  • Directions and video links on how to add your audio voice to Google Slides and how to use the Loom program to create lessons on video included!

  • Create Independent Study Lessons: Simply upload and convert the included PowerPoint slides to Google Slides, and then record audio of yourself teaching each lesson. Then send your audio lesson along with the Google student worksheets (from this resource) to your students, and you have COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT STUDY LESSONS! (These step-by-step directions are included!)

  • Here is a buyer review for my "High School Google Docs": "We went 1:1 this school year and these resources are LIFE SAVORS! So thankful they are all Google so they work nicely with our school Canvas site!"



Here's More About This Program:

  • The curriculum includes 183 High School Health lesson plans: Including a 90-lesson, 18-unit set curriculum for one complete semester of Health; plus an additional 93 lessons are included for those who will teach this program as a FULL-YEAR HEALTH PROGRAM.

  • This program was created by a National Board Certified Health teacher of 19 years.

  • This is NOT your standard boring vocabulary words or bookwork! 2055 pages of highly organized step-by-step teacher directions follow 3039 daily PowerPoint slides, and the directions tell you exactly to say!

  • This program is engaging and full of interactive activities, including impacting art projects with a message!


Here's what buyers have to say about the #1 BEST-SELLING Health Curriculum:

- "You have created the best overall set of teaching lessons I have seen in 22 years of teaching! I don't need to "re-invent the wheel."

- "One of the best products I have invested in…well worth the price and then some."

- "LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. So creative. So engaging. This is AWESOME.”

- "You saved my life, I was bored to tears teaching Health. Now it's my favorite class!"


ALERT*: This High School Health program is not meant to be purchased along with the Middle/Jr. High School Health program for use in the same school district:

*The Middle School Health program consists of many of these #1 Best-Selling High School Health lessons, so there is too much overlap to use BOTH Middle and High School programs!

Thus, if you are interested in using both my Middle/Jr. High AND my High School Health programs for yourself or your school district, you will want my SEQUENTIAL Middle/Junior AND High School Health Curriculum, which I designed as 4 consecutive, scaffolded programs ranging from middle to high school, with no lesson repetition.


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Standards That This Program Meets:

- ALL Washington State Health Standards

- ALL 20 9/10th Common Core Standards

- ALL 46 National Health Standard Indicators

- ALL of the New York Department of Education Commencement High School Health Standards

- ALL of the 68 Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) Health 1 Standards for High School (with the exception of 4 easy-to-add topics!)

-I aligned my program to these two states to show that it’s very likely to meet YOUR state’s Health Education standards as well!


• With this digital download, you will receive all future updates (new lessons, activities, etc.) that I create and add to this "High School Health" resource FOR FREE!


Facts You Should Know:

-This program is researched-based. The program meets all 15 “Characteristics of an Effective Health Education Curriculum” set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In this curriculum you will find health goals and behavioral outcomes that are research-based and theory-driven.

-This resource includes many lessons that promote social and emotional learning (SEL).

-This is not just a unit outline. Highly organized step-by-step teacher directions follow daily PowerPoints and the directions tell you exactly to say!

-What if I need to change a lesson? No problem! Documents and PowerPoints are editable - docs are included in both Word and PDF formats.

-Students love this program, and students who like what they are learning are more likely to choose to actually use what they learned outside the classroom.

Note: This program specifically meets high school level State, and National standards, and is aligned to the 9th/10th grade Common Core Standards. Thus, this program is ideal for 9th and 10th grade students, and it has also worked well for 11th and 12th grade students who have not completed their required Health credit. Teachers of 11th and 12th grade students have found success with this program by making adaptations to meet 11/12th grade Common Core Standards.


Here is Another Advantage:

-With purchase you're invited to become a member of my "Buyers Only - Best Health Teachers Facebook Group."

-This closed group of buyers is having an amazing time connecting with Health teachers who are all using the same curriculum!!

-We share ideas, lessons, videos, questions, curriculum, and more. You just can't put a value on this unique colleague connection!!



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Here are more details about this program:

-State, National, and Common Core Standards met are listed at the top of each lesson, and are also all listed in the main "Table of Contents" for easy reference!

-"Learning Targets," "Exit Tasks," and "Daily Assessments" are also listed at the top of each lesson.

-50 EDITABLE PowerPoints (Over 3000 slides!) ★NEW!★ ALL new graphics in EVERY unit! A buyer recently called the PowerPoints "gorgeous!"

-★NEW!★ All student worksheets, surveys, handouts and tests on GOOGLE DRIVE!

-Over 100 links to FREE videos!

-Due to copyright violations, videos are not included in this purchase, but the curriculum includes over 100 FREE suggested titles and links. (Teens love visual learning!)

-420+ EDITABLE worksheets, tests, and handouts (Both for print and on GOOGLE DRIVE!)

-26 homework assignments (Including 6 "Parent-teen Communicators")

-23 surveys

-230 "To Extend This Lesson" enrichment ideas. There are additional activities, worksheets, surveys, art projects, relevant websites, and more.

-183 TOTAL LESSONS! You can teach a 90-Lesson Semester or a 183-Lesson Full-Year Health Program

-Organization to Begin a New School Year

-“Class Syllabus”

-Morning PowerPoints

-“Learning Targets

-Learning Target Success Criteria Exit Sheet

-Classroom Discipline

-Classroom File Folders and Crates Organization Suggestion

-250 All New "Learning Target" Posters

-Teacher Evaluation Tips for the "Danielson," "5 Dimensions," and "Marzano" Frameworks


Here are some of the many activities included in the 18 units:

1. Beginning a School Year Unit (2 Lessons)

-66 Pages of Step-by-Step Teacher Directions

-2 PowerPoint Presentations With 128 Slides to Walk you Through Each Lesson

-7 Documents

• New Class-Day 1

-“Teacher Introduction PowerPoint”

-"Famous Failures" Motivating Stories

-“Learning Styles Survey”

• New Class-Day 2

-Purpose for Health Class

-Creating File Folders

-“AIM Goal Sheet”

-“Anonymous Teen Survey”

Optional Additional Lessons

-“Ice-Breaker-Getting to Know Your Classmates Activity”

-Student-Generated Classroom Rules Activity

-“Classic Fables/Children’s Story” Activity

-“Goal-Setting Practice”

2. Nutrition Unit (20 lessons)

-259 Pages of Step-by-Step Teacher Directions

-7 PowerPoint Presentations with 576 Slides to Walk you Through Each Lesson

-110 Documents

• Nutrition-Day 1

-Introduction to Nutrition

-Obesity in the U.S

-Why Americans are Overweight

-Beware of False Advertising

-Understanding Calories

• Nutrition-Day 2

-Cutting or Adding Calories for Weight Change

-“Joe’s Cutting Calories Activity” -★NEW U.S.D.A. Food Labels!

-Understanding Fat

-“Fast Food Restaurant Posters”

• Nutrition-Day 3

-Cholesterol Notes


-Diabetes Facts

• Nutrition-Day 4

-Water Extra Credit Activity

-Good and Bad Carbohydrates

-How Much Sugar Should I Have?

-Fun “Sugar and Fat Science Lab Experiment”

• Nutrition-Day 5

-Are You Getting Your Vitamins?

-The importance of Breakfast

-YOUR CHOICE: Use the “Mayo Clinic Food Guide Pyramid” or “USDA MyPlate” to

-Teach Students How to Eat a Balanced Diet

-Personalized Food Group Tally and Pyramid Activities

• Nutrition-Day 6

-Media Literacy: Grocery Store Savvy and Product Manipulation

-“How to Read a Food Label Activity”

-Optional “Interactive Food Label” -★NEW U.S.D.A. Food Labels!

• Nutrition-Day 7


-“Food Label Scavenger Hunt” -★Edited to match NEW U.S.D.A. Food Labels!


-“Food Label Scramble” (MyPlate Version) -★NEW U.S.D.A. Food Labels!

-★NEW! “Scavenger Hunt Labels"

• Nutrition-Day 8

-Iron Notes


-Understanding Protein Needs

-Protein Supplements

-Creatine Dangers

-Sodium Facts

-Doing Personal “Food Records”

• Nutrition-Day 9

-“Count Your Calcium Worksheet”

-“Are you Eating Healthy? Survey”

-Fun “Think Your Drink Caffeine and Sugar Activity” (Energy Drink Dangers) -★NEW! Updated Website and Worksheet

• Nutrition-Day 10

-How Diet Affects Cancer

-Cancer Warning Signs

-“Family Medical History Parent-Teen Communicator Homework”

-The Benefits of Exercise

-Fitness Activity

-I included several FITT Plans worksheets/handouts from my “Physical Education Curriculum”

-Included is a Handout/worksheet/and a 38-slide PowerPoint to review for my State's "Health and Physical Education Assessment." This is a great way to cover all these topics in a succinct way! Review and test includes these topics:

a) Components of Fitness

b) Aerobic & Anaerobic Activity

c) FITT Principle

d) Benefits of Exercise

e) Anatomy of a Workout

• Nutrition-Day 11

-“Eating Healthy for Life Survey” (What bad habits do I have?)

-Healthy Versus Unhealthy Weight Loss

-Weight Loss Video

-“Long-Term Goal Setting Activity”

• Nutrition-Day 12

-Understanding Eating Disorders

-“Eating Disorders Survey”

-Eating Disorders Videos

• Nutrition-Day 13

-Improving Body Image

-“Analyzing Media” Video

-Media Distortion

-“Love What’s Good Activity”

• Nutrition-Day 14

-“Analyzing Fad Diets Project”

-Nutrition Assessment Card Game Review

• Nutrition-Day 15

-Fun “Nutritionopoly” Unit Review Game

-Nutrition Unit Assessment

• Optional Nutrition-Day 16 + 17

-“Where is Your Health?” Assessment

-“Where is Your Health?” Follow-up Posters

• Optional Nutrition-Day 18

-“Eat This or That?” Activity

• Optional Nutrition-Day 19 and 20

-Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s)

3. Sex Ed. Unit (20 lessons)

-194 Pages of Step-by-Step Teacher Directions

-3 PowerPoint Presentations With 404 Slides to Walk you Through Each Lesson

-54 Documents

• Sex Ed.-Day 1

-Optional 4-Day “Friendship and Dating”; and 3-Day “Puberty and Hygiene” Lessons

-“Sexuality Opt-Out” Info for Parents

-Introduction to Sex Ed.


-The Effectiveness of the Reproductive Systems

-"In The Womb” Video

• Sex Ed.-Day 2

-Female Anatomy and System Issues

-“Love Language Survey”

• Sex Ed.-Day 3

-Male Anatomy and System Issues

-Gender Identity

-Sexual Pressures Lines and Articles

-“Sexual Pressures Flip Charts Project”

-HPV Vaccine information for boys/girls

• Sex Ed.-Day 4

-“Girl Talk/Boy Talk Day” (Boys and Girls Separate for 1 Day)

-Girls Go Over Breast Cancer and Issues

-Boys go over Testicular Cancer

-Work on “Sexual Pressures Flip Charts Project”

• Sex Ed.-Day 5 and 6

-Understanding Sexually Transmitted Infections

-S.T.I. Video


-Fun “Communicable Diseases Card Game”

• Sex Ed.-Day 7


-HIV/AIDS Information

-AIDS Video

• Sex Ed.-Day 8

-More on H.I.V.

-AIDS / Abstinence Video

-Good Reasons for Abstinence

-Setting Sexual Limits

-“Interactive Emotions That Can Come with Teen Sex Suitcase”

• Sex Ed.-Day 9

-How Self-Esteem Affects Relationships -“What is Love?”

-“What is Romance?” Activity and Art

• Sex Ed.-Day 10

-Birth Control Choices ★NEWLY UPDATED STATS and WORKSHEET!

-Birth Control Video Clips and/or PowerPoint Slides

-“Birth Control Worksheet”

• Sex Ed.-Day 11 – 13

-Sexual Assault Information

-Sexual Harassment

-#METOO Movement

-Traits of a Healthy Relationship

-See IT | SAY IT | SHARE IT Quilt Project

-Sexual Assault/Rape

-Date Rape video

• Sex Ed.-Day 14

-Traits of Unhealthy Relationships

-Dating and Domestic Violence

-“Healthy -vs- Unhealthy Relationships Activity”

-“Sex Ed. Unit Assessment Review”

• Sex Ed.-Day 15

-“Sex Ed. Unit Assessment”

-“Sex Ed. Parent-Teen Homework”

• Optional-Sex Ed. Day 16 + 17

Wrap up “Healthy Versus Unhealthy Activity”

-Social Media Safety

-Fun “Sexuality Sorry Game”

• Optional Sex Ed. Day 18 + 19

-“The Consequences of Teen Pregnancy”



-Simulation Activity

Optional Sex Ed-Day 20

“Guest Speaker”

4. Stress, Depression, and Suicide Unit (7 to 10 lessons)

-108 Pages of Step-by-Step Teacher Directions

-118 PowerPoint Presentation Slides to Walk you Through Each Lesson

-30 Documents

• Stress-Day 1

-“Stress Vulnerability Survey”

-The Importance of Teen Sleep

-Sleep Video

• Stress Day 2

-Depression “Black Dog Art Project”

-How to Relieve Stress

-“Above the Stress” Project

• Stress-Day 3

-Depression - vs - Clinical Depression

-“Depression Survey”

-Depression Video

• Stress-Day 4

-More on Depression

-Bi-Polar Disorder


-“Depression Around the Room” Activity

• Stress-Day 5

-Suicide Risk Factors

-Dangers of Cutting/Self-Mutilating

-Suicide Video

-“Emotions Left After Suicide” Activity

• Stress Day 6

-“Show You Care” Activity if a Friend is Thinking about Suicide

-Stress Assessment Review

-“Stress-Free BINGO!”

• Stress Day 7

-Stress Unit Assessment

-“Stress, Depression, Suicide Parent-Teen Homework”

-“Teen Sleep Homework”

• Optional Additional Stress Lessons: Stress Busting Bonus Material (3 Lessons)

-“Stress Animal Stories”

-“Stress Relieving Stations Around the Room”

-“Stress Coloring” and More...

5. Tobacco Unit (9 lessons)

-88 Pages of Step-by-Step Teacher Directions

-2 PowerPoint Presentations With 161 Slides to Walk you Through Each Lesson

-16 Documents

• Tobacco-Day 1

-The Dangers of Tobacco


• Tobacco-Day 2

-Chewing Tobacco

-Cigar and Pipe Dangers


-“Quit Brochures”

-★NEW! Updated Vaping Info

• Tobacco-Day 3


-“Quit Brochures”

• Tobacco-Day 4

-Second-hand Smoke

-Pregnant Smokers

-Money spent on Cigarettes

-State Laws

-Work on “Quit Brochures”

• Tobacco-Day 5

-Ad Appeals

-Marketing Psychology

-Finish “Quit Brochures

-Optional Tobacco Unit Quiz

• Optional Tobacco Day 6

-The Brain and Habits

-“Cleansing a Bad Habit”

-“Adding a Healthy Habit” Worksheets

-“Support Your Peers Calendar”

• Optional Tobacco Day 7

-Brain and Habits Second Day



• Optional Tobacco Day 8 and 9

-Fun “Tobacco Packs Media Literacy Art Project”

6. Alcohol Unit (7 lessons)

-101 Pages of Step-by-Step Teacher Directions

-181 PowerPoint Presentation Slides to Walk you Through Each Lesson

-30 Documents

• Alcohol-Day 1

-Introduction to Alcohol Unit

-“How Alcohol Affects the Body Wheels Project”

-Optional “Interactive Alcohol Poisoning” Activity

• Alcohol-Day 2

-Alcoholism Notes

-20 Questions to Determine if a Person is an Alcoholic

-Understanding Alcoholism Video

• Alcohol-Day 3

-Alcohol State Laws Activity

-“Wheels” project

• Alcohol-Day 4

-Dysfunctional Families and Co-dependent Behaviors Information

-“Dysfunctional Family Survey”

-Dysfunctional Family Video

-“Dysfunctional Family Art Project”

• Alcohol Day 5

-Aces Lesson-“Overcoming Adverse Childhood Experiences”

-“Protective Factors Activity”

• Alcohol-Day 6

-“Pros and Cons Decision-Making Model Worksheet”

-“Alcohol Role-Play Activity” (Peer Pressure Lines and Refusal Skills)

• Alcohol-Day 7

-Wrap Up Alcohol Unit

-Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

-“WWWWH Decisions Alcohol Homework”

-Alcohol "Sorry" Game

-Alcohol Unit Assessment

7. Drug Unit (14 lessons)

-159 Pages of Step-by-Step Teacher Directions

-5 PowerPoint Presentations With 370 Slides to Walk you Through Each Lesson

-58 Documents

• Drugs-Day 1

-“Risk Factors For Addiction” Quiz

-Intervention Video with Video Review Sheet

-Analyzing Addiction

• Drugs-Day 2

-Intervention Day 2

-Healthy Alternatives

• Drugs-Day 3

-Stimulants Notes

-“Faces of Meth”

-Stimulants Video

• Drugs-Day 4

-Depressant Notes

-Date rape Drugs

-Ecstasy and Depressants Video

-“Drink Safety Tips” Activity

• Drugs-Day 5

-Hallucinogens Notes

-Amotivational Syndrome

-Gateway Drugs

-Marijuana Video

• Drugs-Day 6

-“The Truth About Marijuana” Reflection

-PAIR/SHARE and Discussion

-“The Truth About Marijuana” Mural

• Drugs-Day 7

-“True-False Pot Quiz”

-“Why Teens Use Drugs Body Part Homework”

-Fun “How Pot Hurt Me Card Game” -★NEW!★ All new fun graphics!

-★NEW!★ New information on currently trending drugs

• Drugs-Day 8

-Narcotics notes

-“Pharm Party Activity”

-Narcotics Video

• Drugs-Day 9

-Narcotics day 2



-WWWWH Decision Making

-Drug Role-Plays

• Optional Day Drugs-Day 10

-Synthetic Drugs and More on Heroin

-Synthetic Drug Dangers Art

• Optional Day Drugs-Day 11

-Conclusion and Wrap Up Unit

-“Substance Parent-Teen Communicator”

-Substance Assessment Review”

-Finish Mural

• Optional Day Drugs-Day 12

-Substance Assessment (Tobacco, Alcohol, Drugs)

• Optional Day Drugs Day 13

Guest Speaker

• Optional Day Drugs Day 14


8. Conflict Resolution Unit (5 lessons)

-54 Pages of Step-by-Step Teacher Directions

-99 PowerPoint Presentation Slides to Walk you Through Each Lesson

-12 Documents

• Conflict Resolution-Day 1

-“So QUIC” Conflict Resolution Model to Resolve Conflicts

- Video Example

-“Assertiveness Quiz”

-“‘I’ Statements Activity”

• Conflict Resolution-Day 2

-“Perception Activity”

-“Questioning Skills Activity”

• Conflict Resolution-Day 3

- “Awareness Test” Video

-Practicing “SO QUIC” Conflict Resolution Model”

-“Wallet Cards” Project

• Optional Conflict Resolution Day 4 + 5

-“Communication Survey”

-Fun “Fortune Cookie” Project!

-Optional Conflict Resolution Unit Assessment

9. Diseases Unit (3 to 9 lessons)

-54 Pages of Step-by-Step Teacher Directions

-37 PowerPoint Presentation Slides to Walk you Through Each Lesson

-9 Documents

• Diseases-Day 1

-Understanding Communicable Diseases

-Pathogens: How they’re spread, and how the immune systems fights them

-Diseases Videos

-“Interactive Communicable Diseases Activity” with “Disease and Prevention Chart”

-“Communicable Diseases Card Game” with “Communicable Diseases Worksheet” -★NEW! New graphics on cards and covers!

-★NEW! Coronavirus Activity Updated 3/2021, as well as the COVID-19 data on the "Communicable Diseases Card Game"

• Diseases-Day 2

-Understanding Non-Communicable Diseases

-World Non-communicable Diseases Statistics

-Top Four Non-communicable Diseases in the U.S.

-“Non-Communicable Diseases Interactive Heart” using “Ways to Prevent N.C.D. Handout”

- Online “Personal Risk Assessment Tool”

-Educational and Fun “Non-Communicable Diseases King’s Corner” Card Game -★NEW! New graphics on cards and covers!

-“Non-Communicable Diseases Worksheet”

• Optional Activities Day 3 to 9 (6 lessons):

-“CANCER Flip Open Posters”

-Diseases Research Project

“Community Health Public Service Posters”

-Health Screening Information Sheet

- “Health Career Research Project”

-Unit Assessments

-Kahoot Quizzes Online

10. Empathy/Bullying/Violence Unit (18 Lessons)

-186 Pages of Step-by-Step Teacher Directions

-3 PowerPoint Presentations With 386 Slides to Walk you Through Each Lesson

-38 Documents

• Empathy-Day 1

-Definition of Empathy

-“Empathy Survey”

-“Empathy Homework”

-Empathy Video

• Empathy-Day 2

-“Venn Diagrams” Activity

-Labels and Stereotypes Discussion

-“Surviving High School” Video

• Empathy-Day 3

-“The Gingham Dress”

-“Overcoming Hardships” Worksheet

-"Surviving High School"

• Empathy-Day 4

-“Our Words Have Power Activity”

-Surviving H.S. Video Finished

-“If you Really Knew Me Activity”

• Empathy-Day 5

-“Empathy in “Perspectacles”

-“Life Stories Poster Project”

-“What Would It Be Like” Worksheet

-“One Person Can Make a Difference”

• Empathy-Day 6

-“Life Story Posters Project”

• Empathy-Day 7

-“Self-Esteem Survey”

-“Positive Self-Talk Activity”

-Work on “Life Story Posters”

-Bullying Discussion

• Empathy-Day 8

-Impacting “Overcoming Hardships Inspiring Articles” Activity

-Personality Survey


• Empathy-Day 9

-Prejudisms Discussion

-Reading True Stories

-Prejudism Video

• Empathy-Day 10

-More on Prejudisms

-Share “Life Story Posters” in Small Groups Activity

• Violence-Day 11

-Intro to Violence

-Definition of Violence

-True Story Articles

-“Risk and Protective Factors Survey”

• Violence-Day 12

-Understanding Anger

-Body Cues

-“Anger Survey”

-Setting an Anger Goal

• Violence-Day 13

-20 Risk Factors for Violence

-Don’t Hang out with Violent People

-Violence Video

-What’s the Big Deal About Fights?

• Violence Day 14

-“Values Lesson”

-Assertive, NOT Aggressive

-Life in Prison video

-“Blind, Paralyzed, or in Prison for Life”

• Violence Day 15

-“STOP BULLYING: Making Your Voice Count” Activity

• Optional Day Violence/Forgiveness Day 16

-Violence Video

-Forgiveness Activity

• Optional Day Violence-Day 17

-Wrap Up Video

-“Empathy Assessment” (Written or Outloud)

• Optional Day Violence-Day 18

-Guest Speaker

11. Dangerous Decisions Unit (1 to 4 lessons)

-87 Pages of Step-by-Step Teacher Directions

-35 PowerPoint Presentation Slides to Walk you Through Each Lesson

-13 Documents

-Students LOVE (and learn from) these true story articles on each of these topics:

-Articles on Google Docs to save paper

-Dangerous Selfies (death caused by selfies taken in dangerous/daredevil circumstances)

- Vaping

- High Speed Driving

- The Choking Game

- Taking Bets and Dares

- Drinking Games

- Sexting

- Goofing Around on Cars and Trucks

- Cutting/Self-Mutilating and Suicide

- The Dangers of the Sun and Tanning Booths

- Giving out Personal Information on the Internet

- Shaken Baby Syndrome

- Carrying a Loaded Gun

- Teen Runaways and Homelessness

- Unhygienic Body Tattoos and Piercings

- Water Safety (Boating and Jet Ski Accidents)

- Using Drugs

12. Mental Health Unit (4 lessons)

-47 Pages of Step-by-Step Teacher Directions

-2 PowerPoint Presentations With 77 Slides to Walk you Through Each Lesson

-16 Documents

• Mental Health Day 1

-Problem-Solving and Mental Health

-Problem-Solving Video

-“Problem-Solving Scenario Task Cards

-“Problem-Solving Flip Books Project”

• Mental Health Day 2

-Mental Illness Described

-Organic Versus Functional Mental Illnesses

-The Effects of Neurotransmitters

-Optional “What About Bob” Video

• Mental Health Day 3

-Functional Mental Illnesses

- Panic Attacks

- Depression

- “Reality Matters” Video

-“What About Bob” Video with “Video Review Sheet”

• Mental Health Day 4

-Finish “What About Bob” Video with “Video Review Sheet”

-Resources for Help

-Optional “Mental Illness Kahoot Interactive Test”

13. Cultural Diversity Unit (7 to 19 lessons) Click here for video preview!

-64 Pages of Step-by-Step Teacher Directions

-84 PowerPoint Presentation Slides to Walk you Through Each Lesson

-10 Documents

• Cultural Identity Day 1

-“I Am....” Exercise

- Beverly D. Tatum’s “The Complexity of Identity: “Who Am I?” and “8 Dimensions of Social Identity”

-Harvard Bias Test

• Cultural Identity Day 2

-Empathy -Labels, Stereotypes, Prejudisms, Discrimination Discussion

-True stories of prejudism, racial profiling, and racism-

-True stories

-Bryan Stevenson’s Video: “From Slavery to Mass Incarceration”

-Optional: Bryan Stevenson’s “Ted Talk”

-Racial Profiling

• Cultural Identity Day 3

-Ben & Jerry’s Ice-Cream Art Project!

• Optional-Cultural Diversity-Day 1

Understanding the History and Complexities of Racial Diversity

-“Race Definitions and Quotes Handout”

-“My Uniqueness Project”

• Optional Day Cultural Diversity-Day 2

-“My Uniqueness Project”

-Add an “Ad Slogan”

• Optional Day Cultural Diversity-Day 3

-“My Uniqueness Project”

-“Career Survey”

• Optional- Day Cultural Diversity-Day 4

-Sharing “My Uniqueness Project”

-Inspiring Videos

14. Ending A School Year Unit (2 Lessons)

-60 Pages of Step-by-Step Teacher Directions

-118 PowerPoint Presentation Slides to Walk you Through Each Lesson

-26 Documents

• Wrap Up-Day 1

-“Semester in Review” PowerPoint show with File Folder Reflections

-Teacher Evaluation

-Final Health Assessment Review

-“What I Learned in Health Class Board Game”

• Wrap Up-Day 2

-Final Health Assessment

-Compliments Around the Room Activities

Additional Units:

15. First Aid/CPR Unit (10- 15 lessons)

-77 Pages of Step-by-Step Teacher Directions

-33 PowerPoint Presentation Slides to Walk you Through Each Lesson

-8 Documents

• First Aid Day 1

-First Aid Group Work in groups of 3

-Watch videos and Fill in Worksheets

• First Aid Day 2

-Finish First Aid Group Work

-Decide Which Injury to do for Reenactment Activity

-First Aid Animation Example

-Begin Reenactment Injury Response Planning

• First Aid Day 3

-Work on Injury Response reenactment Scenarios

• First Aid Day 4 and 5

-Perform Reenactment Scenarios

• First Aid Day 6:

-C.P.R. Video Explanation

-C.P.R. and How to use an AED

-C.P.R Quiz

-Optional School Nurse, Paramedic, Fireman, other professional guest

• Optional Day 7, 8 and 9

-Wilderness First Aid

• Optional Day 10 - 15

1. Unit Assessments

2. Public Service Announcements

3. First Aid Cartoons

4. Creating a First Aid Kit from the American Red Cross

5. Babysitting and Life Guarding

16. Self-Esteem Unit (4-10 lessons)

-61 Pages of Step-by-Step Teacher Directions

-78 PowerPoint Presentation Slides to Walk you Through Each Lesson

-13 Documents

• Self-Esteem–Day 1

-What is Positive Self-Esteem?

-“Self-Esteem iPad” Project or

-“Thumbprint” Project

• Self-Esteem–Day 2

“What Makes Me Me Worksheet”

-Continue “Self-Esteem iPad” or “Thumbprint”

-Inspiring video (Napoleon Dynamite Dance Scene!)

• Self-Esteem–Day 3

-“Career Interest Survey”

-“Rise Above the Dream Breakers Project”

• Self-Esteem-Day 4

-“Rise Above the Dream Breakers” Continued

• Self-Esteem–Day 5 to 10

-Optional Self-Esteem Building Activities:

-Create a “Building Self-Esteem Class Book.”

-“Thesaurus Traits Project”

-“Self-Esteem Quiz”

-“Career Survey”

-Assertiveness Role-Plays

-“Self-Esteem Homework”

-“Classroom Self-esteem Quilt”

17. Body Systems Unit (10 lessons)

-161 Pages of Step-by-Step Teacher Directions

-85 PowerPoint Presentation Slides to Walk you Through Each Lesson

-29 Documents with clickable links from the Google Slides!

• Body Systems Day 1

-Body Systems Intro

-“Can You Do This?” Fun Body Activities

-“Our Amazing Body” Slideshow

-Into teams and 8 “Quick Facts Sheets”

-Team competition “Choose a Team Name Art”

• Body Systems Day 2

-QR Coded Group Research

-Body Systems “Rap Video”

-“Virtual Body Website”

-Optional “Body Systems Overview Handout”

-Group research with “QR Coded Worksheet” for 8 Body Systems

-Optional: “50 Really Weird Facts About Your Body”

• Body Systems Day 3

-QR Coded Group Research

-Work on “QR Coded Worksheet“ for 8 Body Systems

• Body Systems Day 4

-How Disease Effects Body Systems

-United States Non-Communicable Diseases Mortality Rates

-“Non-Communicable Diseases Background Information Sheet”

-“Preventing Non-Communicable Diseases Handout”

-Fun Interactive folded “”Disease Risk Reduction/ Prevention Origami Heart”

• Body Systems Day 5

-Protecting our Body Systems

-“Preventing Non-Communicable Diseases Handout”

-“Common Aging Changes” Slideshow

-“Nutrition-Related Illness and Obesity

-“Personal Health Risk Assessment”

-Optional: “The Longevity Game”

-Optional: Kahoot Website

• Body Systems Day 6

-Choice: Non-Comm. Diseases Card Game or

-Create Your Own Board Game: Students Create Questions for Own Body System for Sorry-Type Board Game

• Body Systems Day 7

-The Preventative Power of Exercise

-Why Exercise?

-20 benefits of exercise

-Longevity Study

-The Brain and Exercise

-Exercise Video with Worksheet

• Body Systems Day 8, 9, 10

-Preparing and Giving Group Presentations

-Optional requirement: Group Rap, Song or Poem About Their Body Systems (examples given!)

-Groups Share Out to Class

-Grading Rubrics Included!

-Optional Unit Wrap Up: Preventative Medical Check Ups for Teens, Vaccinations, Reproductive Health Check Ups

-Body Systems Unit Assessment

18. Environmental and Community Health Unit (3 to 10 lessons)

-66 Pages of Step-by-Step Teacher Directions

-2 PowerPoint Presentations With 72 Slides to Walk you Through Each Lesson

-5 Documents

• Environmental-Day 1

-Understanding the 10 Top Environmental Issues

-“10 Environmental Issues Worksheet” with Partner (reactions and solutions)

-10 issues Group Activity

- Short videos on each topic

• Environmental-Day 2

-Finish Videos

-Optional “What Can I Do Follow-Up Project”

-“'What Can I do?’ Posters” Around the Room Activity

• Optional Activities Day 3 to 10

-Environmental Protection Agency 8 Topics “All Hands Working Together Project”

-Finding Related Articles

-Finding True Stories of Environmental Harm

-Make a Brochure

-Write a “Workplace Hazard” Report

-Make a “Public Service Announcement” Poster or Video

-Doing a Real Project that Helps an Environmental Issue and Documenting It!

• Optional Community Health Projects (10 lessons)

-“What is Community Health?”

-“Six Key Ingredients to a Healthy Community”

-Ideal City and Community Health Project

-“Public Service Announcement”

-The Influence of Family on Health

-“Health and Fitness Career Assignment”

-And more…


Does Getting Evaluated Make you Nervous?

-Using my own curriculum for my 9th grade Health classes enabled me to get a perfect 32 out of 32 (Distinguished!) on my "5 Dimensions of Learning" teacher evaluation.

-The lessons almost teach themselves!

-I was also given a 96% "A" grade average on an anonymous survey from my 150 students at the end of the last school year!

-This program makes it happen!


Other Things to Know:

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By the end of grade 10, read and comprehend science/technical texts in the grades 9–10 text complexity band independently and proficiently.
Compare and contrast findings presented in a text to those from other sources (including their own experiments), noting when the findings support or contradict previous explanations or accounts.
Assess the extent to which the reasoning and evidence in a text support the author’s claim or a recommendation for solving a scientific or technical problem.
Translate quantitative or technical information expressed in words in a text into visual form (e.g., a table or chart) and translate information expressed visually or mathematically (e.g., in an equation) into words.
Analyze the author’s purpose in providing an explanation, describing a procedure, or discussing an experiment in a text, defining the question the author seeks to address.


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