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Hero's Journey Presentation, Writing Prompts & Graphic Organizers Bundle

Jadyn Thone
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6th - 12th, Homeschool
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Multiple Graphics, Teacher Notes, Presentation, Multiple Worksheets & Handouts & Graphic Organizers
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Jadyn Thone
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    Teach the intricacies of the Hero's Journey (or Monomyth) with this amazing bundle of worksheets, graphic organizers to suit multiple versions of the cycle, writing prompts, teacher notes, deconstructed plot summaries, character analysis ideas, doodle notes, narrative plot arc templates and more! What's included?

    1. Graphic Organizer / Poster / Anchor Chart / INB

    This chart details the 4 parts and 12 stages of the Hero's Journey. There are 4 designs: full chart, partially completed chart, highlighted/removed sections and quartered. All files are PNG with transparent backgrounds, which means you can incorporate these images in PowerPoints, worksheets, exams etc. This graphic organizer is perfect for students to grasp the stages of a hero's journey, and the simple design will look stunning in a student's book or on a wall. Multiple color options to choose from, or plain black and white! NEW: Cousineau's and Vogler's versions included too!

    2. Presentation + Student Handout/Quiz

    The presentation (PDF file) explains the stages and parts of the Hero's Journey and breaks them down in step-by-step analysis in 34 full-color slides. Examples of each stage are included, highlighting the plots of The Lion King, Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Star Wars, The Hunger Games, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and more. Use the fun handout/worksheet accompaniment alongside the presentation for students to note-take during your delivery and record their answers for the "guess the examples" quiz!

    3. Note-Taking Pages

    Looking for attractive note-taking pages/graphic organizers for students to write or reflect on the Hero's Journey (or Monomyth) using Campbell's, Cousineau's or Volger's models? These note-taking pages could be used for ANY novel or film when searching for the acts, stages or parts a character travels in the Hero's Journey. Great for revision, jotting down ideas, creating posters, assessment, group work and more!

    4. Doodle Notes

    Hero’s Journey graphic organizer that allow students to compile their knowledge and understanding of the monomyth (in the traditional 12-step cycle that most narratives follow) in a doodle notes style! Give your students a welcome change of pace by leading them through the ideas and concepts underpinning the Hero’s Journey and then gift them with time to doodle and make those connections! These graphic organizers would be great for an interactive notebook, too!

    5. Alternative Hero's Journey Designs + Worksheets

    This resource of 9 alternative monomyth graphic organizers and accompanying worksheet versions attempts to bring as many variations of the names of each stage and act as possible, to give students the best chance of understanding that the wording of the steps is not what is important, but the context.

    6. Identifying Stages

    Harry Potter, Moana and Spiderman – they’re all heroes of their own narratives, or if you like, protagonists within a Hero’s Journey. Identifying and analyzing the acts and stages of the Hero’s Journey can be difficult for students if not modeled first. This resource includes plot summaries from the above three well-known narratives, which you can deconstruct with students to show how universal the steps of the Hero’s Journey can be – and where, why and how the stages may differ from story to story.

    7. Fairy Tales, Myths and Fables - FREE

    How does the fairy tale, Cinderella, align to the steps and stages of the Hero's Journey or Monomyth? Identifying and analyzing the acts and stages of the Hero’s Journey can be difficult for students, so why not introduce the monomyth via much-loved children's fairy tales, myths and fables? With this handy resource you can query your students, "Are there patterns within common childhood stories?" – and if there are: where, why and how do they differ?

    8. Character Analysis

    Character development using the framework of the Hero’s Journey – another tool that allows students to compile their knowledge and understanding of what makes our stalwart protagonist tick! This unique set of worksheets ask questions that seek to deeply analyze an existing character, or feed the roots of a new hero designed by your student!

    9. Writing Prompt (Roll a Writing Prompt)

    The Writing Prompt resource will get your students writing creative and well-planned stories with the components of the Hero's Journey all addressed! With over 7770 unique possible combinations, you could use this year after year and never get tired of the outcomes! Students roll a dice to decide the plot points of the twelve acts with this handy writing prompt resource. The Writing Prompt comes with a student-friendly instructions presentation for you to introduce the concept, as well as a roll-recording page. Challenge vocabulary provides differentiated extra words to incorporate in their stories and the story starters are pithy one-liners to get students writing. Lastly, paper dice template/net for tactile students!

    10. Teacher Notes

    Discover the origins of the Hero's Journey and the multiple variations developed over the years. A nice supplement to your teacher bank of knowledge and a good starting point if you're new to the idea of a "common narrative template"!

    11. Archetypes Worksheet

    What is an "archetype" and how can your class benefit from an archetype analysis when studying the Hero's Journey (or Monomyth)? Introduce students to the following primary and secondary archetypes most commonly present in narratives: heroes, mentors, threshold guardians, tricksters, shadows, heralds, shapeshifters and allies. Teacher notes, student presentation with fun quiz and archetype note-taking pages that could be used for ANY novel or film analyzed in class!

    12. Word Search

    Get students practicing their spelling/recognizing vocabulary with this fun Word Search! A great fast-finisher or vocabulary/spelling exercise!

    13. Narrative Plot Arc - Story Line

    Analyzing the narrative arc - the exposition, conflict, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution - is a staple of reading stories of any genre, and this plot arc graphic organizer provides plenty of room for students to jot down ideas and notes.

    Journey stages included:

    Part 1 > The Ordinary World, Call to Adventure, Refusal

    Part 2 > Mentor Helper, Crossing the Threshold, Tests/Allies/Enemies

    Part 3 > Approach, Ordeal (Death/Rebirth), Treasure

    Part 4 > Road Back, Atonement (Growth), Reward

    Literary Pairings

    This resources included in this bundle would support the learning/exploration of themes from the following monomyth/hero's journey texts (novels, stories, films): ★ Harry Potter ★ Redwall ★ Percy Jackson ★ Hunger Games ★ The 5th Wave ★ Uglies ★ Matched ★ Maze Runner ★ City of Bones The Mortal Instruments ★ Divergent ★ The Hobbit ★ Lord of the Rings ★ The Neverending Story ★ Howl's Moving Castle ★ Ready Player One ★ Homer's Odyssey ★ Moby Dick ★ Jane Eyre ★ The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn ★ The Matrix ★ The Lion King ★ The Wonderful Wizard of Oz ★ Alice in Wonderland ★ Labyrinth ★ Buffy the Vampire Slayer ★ Star Wars ★ Moana ★ Spiderman ★

    What Are Teachers Saying About This Resource?

    ♡ "This is one of the most thorough resources I have ever purchased on TpT, and I have pages of purchases. There are so many options to use with your classes. It is just simply the best!" ♡ "I have been using this resource for a couple years now. It pairs well with The Hobbit, and I love having the variations for the notes, as well as the slideshow that goes along with it with its examples of literature and movies the students can recognize." ♡ "This is a visually engaging and extensive exploration of the Hero's journey that can be used with a variety of novels." ♡ "I AM SO HAPPY WITH THIS! I love this. Absolutely phenomenal resource." ♡ "This is the best resource on the hero's journey I've ever found. The bundle includes tons of resources to keep my students engaged and learning. I'm using the materials for a high school elective and I'm enjoying it with the kids. Great work, Jadyn Thone! I appreciate the care you put into this resource. You are awesome!" ♡ "Amazing resource for my middle years! This bundle is worth every penny, it is fantastic." ♡ "This is a comprehensive, high quality unit of work. Love the content, and all the options to present it. This is probably the best resource I’ve purchased through TPT. Thank you for the time, skills and knowledge that went into creating this." ♡ "Fantastic! This bundle is a very thorough and great resource. It has many ideas on how to engage your students and keep them on topic. I really appreciated how straight forward and organized it was, thank you!" ♡

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