High School Math Topics: THE FULL SET

High School Math Topics:  THE FULL SET
High School Math Topics:  THE FULL SET
High School Math Topics:  THE FULL SET
High School Math Topics:  THE FULL SET
High School Math Topics:  THE FULL SET
High School Math Topics:  THE FULL SET
High School Math Topics:  THE FULL SET
High School Math Topics:  THE FULL SET
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A set of 135 Powerpoint Presentations for High School Math. They are designed to teach the topics, by offering clear explanations. Also they could be used by students in school on an individual basis for revision.
CRAZY PRICE. This sells to schools for massively more. This low price is for the purchaser's sole use only, and is priced at this low price to allow everyone to access this.

Last Updated on 19 May 2018

The poowerpoints are also available singly on my shop on this website, and also as 5 bundles (Algebra, Number, Ratio & Proportion, Statistics & Probability, and Geometry & Measures).

I sell this package commercially on my website www.mentalstarters.co.uk

This has been revised in April 2018

The 135 powerpoints are:
Algebraic Fractions
Collecting Terms and Simplifying
Completing the Square
Conversion Graphs
Cubic and Reciprocal Graphs
Difference of Squares
Distance - Time Graphs
Equation and Graph of a Circle
Equation of a Tangent to a Circle
Equations v Identities
Factorising Algebraic Expressions
Factorising Quadratic Expressions
Geometric and other Sequences
Graphs of Trigonometric Functions
Inequalities as Regions on Graphs
Inequalities on a Number Line
Inequalities: Solving
Linear Equations
Linear Sequences - Finding terms and rules
Midpoint of a Line Segment
Multiplying out a Double Pair of Brackets
Multiplying out a Single Pair of Brackets
Plotting Co-ordinates in all Four Quadrants
Quadratic Graphs
Quadratic Sequence Rules
Rearranging Formulae
Simplifying Algebraic Fractions Containing Quadratics
Solving Equations by Trial and Improvement
Solving Quadratic Equations by Factorising
Solving Quadratic Equations by using the Formula
Solving Simultaneous Equations by Elimination
Solving Simultaneous Equations by Substitution
Solving Simultaneous Equations Graphically
Straight Line Graphs
Transforming Graphs
Writing a Formula from Words
Averages - Finding an Estimate of the Mean
Averages - Mode, Median, Mean and Range
Averages - Mean from a Frequency Table
Bar Charts
Cumulative Frequency and Box Plot Diagrams
Frequency Polygons
Frequency Tables and Grouped Frequency Tables
Pie Charts
Probability: Single Events
Probability: Tree Diagrams
Probability: Listing Outcomes & Probability Space Diagrams
Scatter Diagrams
Stem and Leaf Diagrams
Stratified Sample
Time Series and Moving Averages
Two Way Tables
Types of Data
Adding Decimals
Adding Whole Numbers
Changing a Recurring Decimal into a Fraction
Converting between Fractions, Decimals and Percentages
Equality and Inequality Symbols
Estimating the Answer to a Calculation
Factors, Multiples, HCF, LCM
Long Division
Long Multiplication - Grid Method
Long Multiplication - Traditional Method
Money Questions
Multiplying and Dividing by 10, 100, 1000 etc
Negative Numbers
Odd, Even, Prime and Triangular Numbers
Order of Operations - BODMAS
Ordering Decimals
Place Value
Product Rule for Counting
Rounding Numbers
Shaded Fractions
Squares, Cubes and Roots
Standard Form
Systematic Listing Strategies
Upper and Lower Bounds
Writing a number as a product of Prime Factors
Best Value for Money
Compound Interest & Compound Percentage Change
Converting between units of Length, Area and Volume
Density, Mass and Volume
Metric and Imperial Units - Length, Mass & Capacity
Pressure, Force and Area
Proportion - Direct and Inverse Proportion
Simple Interest
Speed, Distance and Time
2D Shapes
3D Co-ordinates
Angles: Calculating Angles
Angles: Measuring Angles
Area by Counting Squares
Area of a Triangle
Area of Compound Shapes - Rectangles
Area of Quadrilaterals
Circle Theorems
Circles - Compound Areas and Perimeters
Circles: Finding Arc Lenths and Areas of Sectors
Circles: Parts, lengths, area
Cones and Pyramids - Surface Area and Volume
Cubes and Cuboids: Surface Area & Volume
Cylinders: Surface Area & Volume
Drawing 3D Shapes on Isometric Paper
Exact Trigonometric Values
Nets of Solids
Perimeter of Rectangle and L Shape
Plans and Elevations
Prisms: Surface Area & Volume
Pythagoras and Trigonometry in 3D
Pythagoras' Theorem
Similarity and Congruence
Spheres: Surface Area & Volume
Trigonometry - Non-Right angled Triangles
Trigonometry - Right angled Triangles
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