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Mary Bown
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Mary Bown

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    As teachers, we know the holidays are jammed packed! You are trying to keep up with your assessments, add some holiday fun, and juggle a ton of extras like plays, concerts, and other activities. You DESERVE a little break from all of the business.

    This bundle will make holiday planning easier!

    What does this include?

    --Thanksgiving Activities Pack ( 54 pages including some keys )

    This product is geared for my second graders, but would work for other grade levels too! If you need some plans to fill the short week before Thanksgiving that are educational, but more fun than usual... this is just what you need.

    This packet includes:

    Page One- Cover of product

    Mini-Booklet: (Each page has two copies / half sized)

    Page Two- Booklet covers

    Page Three- Pilgrims page (picture and fill-in the blank sentence)

    Page Four- Mayflower page (picture and fill-in the blank sentence)

    Page Five- Native Americans page (picture and fill-in the blank sentence)

    Page Six- Growing Crops page (picture and fill-in the blank sentence)

    Page Seven- Harvest page (picture and fill-in the blank sentence)

    Page Eight- Thankful page (picture and fill-in the blank sentence)

    Page Nine- First Thanksgiving page (picture and fill-in the blank sentence)

    Page 10- Word Choice Page

    Writing Activities:

    Page 11- The First Thanksgiving Flip Book Page One (When? & Where? and Did What?)

    Page 12- First Thanksgiving Flip Book Page Two (Why?)

    Page 13- Thanksgiving at My House

    The First Thanksgiving

    Page 14- How to Cook a Turkey

    Page 15- Venn Diagram (Pilgrims and Wampanoag)

    Page 16- Venn Diagram (Then and Now)

    Coloring Pages

    Page 17- Turkey Picture

    Page 18- Turkey Picture

    More Writing Activities

    Page 19- The First Thanksgiving

    Page 20- A Trip on the Mayflower

    Page 21- Why did the Turkey Run Away?

    Page 22-Thanksgiving Acrostic

    Math Related Activities:

    Page 23- Make a Big Pie Favorite Pictograph

    Page 24-Make a Big Thanksgiving Foods Favs Pictograph

    Page 25- Sums of 10

    Page 26- Telling Time (to the Hour and Half Hour)

    Page 27- Comparing Numbers (Coloring Activity)

    Page 28- Addition (Two Digits) Leaves Format

    Page 29- Addition +9's Acorn Format

    Page 30- Reading a Graph (Pies)

    Page 31- Subtraction (Double Digit)

    Page 32- Addition Facts (Color to find the Hidden Word)

    Page 33- Basic Fractions (Fall Pictures)

    Page 34- Basic Fractions Second Page

    Page 35- Place Value (Standard, Expanded, and Word Form)

    Page 36- Place Value Second Page

    Page 37- Key to the Turkey Addition Coloring Sheet

    Page 38- Addition Coloring Page- Makes a Turkey

    Page 39- Key to the Mayflower Addition Sheet

    Page 40- Mayflower Addition Coloring Sheet

    Thanksgiving Bulletin Board:

    Page 41- Shows the layout for the board

    Page 42- Template for the children to complete

    Page 43- Large Font Title

    Page 44- Large Font Title

    Page 45- Large Font Title

    Additional Fun Activities:

    Page 46- Directions for a finger painting tree activity (3 per page)

    Page 47- Tree Template

    Page 48- Directions for leaf coloring sheet (3 per page)

    Page 49- Leaf Collage Sheet

    Page 50- Fall Word Sort (Short and Long Vowels) Directions (2 per page)

    Page 51- Pumpkin Sheet for Page 50

    Page 52- Long and Short A words and Directions (2 per page)

    Page 53- Apple Template for page 52

    Page 54- Fall Acrostic Poem

    Page 55- Credits

    --Thanksgiving WebQuest ( 32 pages including keys)

    This is a printable booklet about the First Thanksgiving. Your students will need to access this website:

    This is a wonderful resource. I have used it for years. The children love being able to navigate it on their own, but aren't so crazy about just doing a regular old worksheet so, I created a booklet that corresponds to this website.

    It is fun and educational. The students will have to reread, listen to text, and comprehend nonfiction text in order to complete the booklet. It is interesting!

    Because the website allows children to listen to the text, all children can be successful on this assignment. It also promotes independence as well as differentiation.

    This is a wonderful technology based activity to do the week of Thanksgiving!

    It includes:

    - Decorative Cover Page

    - Student Booklet Cover Page

    - The Mayflower Reading and Comprehension/Following Directions Page

    - Daily Life Housing Page (Comparison of Pilgrims & Wampanoag)

    - Daily Life Clothing Page ( Comparison of Pilgrims & Wampanoag)

    -Daily Life Food Page ( Comparison of Pilgrims & Wampanoag- listing and facts)

    - Daily Life Chores Page (Listing Comparison of Pilgrims & Wampanoag)

    - Daily Life Schools Page (Cloze Style comparison)

    -Daily Life Games Page (Open Ended Questions)

    - The Feast Page (Main Idea & Summarizing/ Then & Now)

    - Letters From the Mayflower Page ( Summarizing/Comprehension)

    - Letters From a Wampanoag Child Page (Summarizing/Comprehension)

    - Letters From a Pilgrim Child Page ( Summarizing/Comprehension)

    - Letters From a Wampanoag Child Page (Summarizing/Comprehension)

    - Letters From a Pilgrim Child (Summarizing/Comprehension)

    - Letters for a Wampanoag Child (Summarizing/Comprehension)

    - Comparing and Contrasting using a Venn Diagram Page

    - Each page includes an answer key

    ---Student Made 2017 Calendar Christmas Gift for Parents ( 57 pages - tons of variety)

    UPDATED every year!! Super easy with tons of options!

    Print this packet for each child. It includes a writing activity for each month of the 2017 year. I recommend printing the pages so that they are back to back. When you open the calendar, the writing for the month will be above the calendar for that month.

    The children can decorate and color each month's calendar. They can even add special dates or just leave it blank.

    You can use your school's binding machine to connect the pages to create a calendar! You could also punch holes and connect the pages with ribbon. No matter how you present it, it will be an economical, fun, and creative project for your students and a nice gift for the parents.

    ** There are two different versions of the prompt pages: No lines for PreK and K so they can draw pictures, and lined pages for 1st grade and up so they can write and draw a picture!

    **Canadian pages have been added for October, November, and a page for Canadian Day in July.

    Product Details:

    - Decorative Cover

    - January Writing Prompt

    - January Calendar

    -February Writing Prompt

    -February Calendar

    -March Prompt

    - March Calendar

    - April Prompt

    -April Calendar

    -May Prompt

    -May Calendar

    -June Prompt

    -June Calendar

    -July Prompt

    -July Calendar

    -August Prompt

    -August Calendar

    -September Prompt

    -September Calendar

    -October Prompt

    -October Calendar

    -November Prompt

    -November Calendar

    -December Prompt (3 in which to choose)

    -December Calendar (3 in which to choose)

    -Credits Page

    -- Christmas Reading Closely Poem (1 page)

    ---T'was the Night Before Christmas Pack ( 25 pages including keys)

    Introduce your class to some quality and classic literature while integrating new Common Core reading closely approaches. This packet focuses upon all 5 reading elements: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Print this two on a sheet to create a lovely booklet! This is great for independent work for third and fourth graders. This would be great for a whole class activity for second graders.

    This pack includes :

    Page 1- Cover

    Page 2- Reading Elements Teacher Page

    Page 3- Twas’ the Night Before Christmas (Poem page 1)

    Page 4-Twas’ the Night Before Christmas (Poem page 2)

    Page 5- Phonics Review (long vowel sort)

    Page 6- Phonemic Awareness -Locating Rhyming Words (Page 1)

    Page 7-Phonemic Awareness -Locating Rhyming Words (Page 2)

    Page 8- Comprehension Strategy: Main Idea - Write the Main Idea of sections of the poem into my exclusive “Thinking Bubbles”

    Page 9- Poem Page 2 of Thinking Bubbles

    Page 10- Poem Page 3 of Thinking Bubbles

    Page 11- Vocabulary- Using context clues to write the meaning of bolded vocabulary words

    Page 12- Page 2 of context clues

    Page 13- Page 3 of context clues

    Page 14- Fluency- Choral Reading (Poem sectioned off and ready to cut apart for group readings and rereadings)

    Page 15- Page 2 of Choral Readings

    Page 16- Page 3 of Choral Readings

    Page 17- Vocabulary- Multiple Choice Context Clues and Vocabulary

    Page 18- Multiple Choice Page 2

    Page 19- Multiple Choice Page 3

    Page 20- Comprehension- Fill in the Blank & Open Ended Questions

    Page 21- Comprehension- Draw illustrations for sections of the poem

    Page 22- Illustrations continued

    Page 23- Illustrations continued

    Page 24- Comprehension- Write a summary

    ---Christmas Survival Packet ( 38 pages )

    This includes :

    -Calendar Practice Sheets

    -December Writing Prompts

    -Cute Christmas Paper for the Prompts

    -What are Your Christmas Favorites? Sheet (Fun)

    - 2 Pages of Homework Passes (Make a Great Student Gift)

    - List the Nouns in the Picture and Color

    - Story Time Page with Characters and Setting Provided

    - Color Sheet (How many circles can you find?)

    - Make Words from the Letters in Merry Christmas

    - Strips with the Words: Merry Christmas for making words

    - Christmas Acrostic Poem

    - ABC's of Christmas (think of words that begin with the letters)

    - ABC's of Winter (think of words that begin with the letters)

    - Dear Santa Letter Template

    - Dear Winter Letter Template

    - Addition and Multiplication (or repeated addition) Problem Sheets (2)

    - Make a 2D Snowman and identify the polygons and nonpolygons

    - Merry Christmas Cards (4 types)

    - Templates (Great for coloring, bulletin boards, and more!)

    - Printable Gift Tags

    - Thank You Notes from You to the Students

    Wonderful Value! Awesome morning work, homework, or substitute plans!

    ---Christmas WebQuest (Holiday Symbols- Some Religious Pages - 16 pages)

    Christmas is a fun time of the year! Just go with it!

    Put the internet to good use. Have your class use online resources to complete a symbols of Christmas booklet. They will have to read, comprehend, and recall information in order to complete this booklet. They will also have to reread and read closely! They will think they are having fun, but will be putting their best reading strategies to work.

    This booklet requires your students to locate the origin, describe the symbolization, color a picture, and make a personal connection with the symbol.

    This download includes:

    The cover page for the product

    A website page including multiple sited that can be used to locate the information.

    A cover page for the student booklet

    A page for each of the following symbols (14 pages in all)

    The Christmas Tree

    Christmas Lights

    Christmas Gifts

    Candy Canes

    Christmas Stockings

    Christmas Bells

    Christmas Star

    Christmas Cookies


    Red and Green

    Christmas Caroling

    Saint Nick

    Christmas Nativity

    The Three Wise Men

    --Guided Writing- Thanksgiving (32 pages)

    My guided writing products will lead you and your students through a step by step process resulting in a finished product! Each step prepares you for the next one.

    This particular edition is will result in a book all about the history of the first Thanksgiving! I have my students complete this before Thanksgiving break so they can take it home and read it to their families on Thanksgiving Day!

    What does this Thanksgiving book cover?

    - Who were the pilgrims?

    -Where did they come from?

    -Where were they going?

    -Why were they leaving England?

    -What was it like on the Mayflower?

    -What was it like when they came to America?

    -Why did they have a Thanksgiving feast?

    -Who came to the feast and what did they do?

    There is a blank page that is perfect for adding a prayer or Bible verse. This is optional of course. I teach in a Lutheran school so this is how we close our Thanksgiving books.

    How does guided writing work?

    - You lead your class in research by reading trade books.

    - Guide your class in taking notes about what they learned on their notes pages.

    - This notes page is designed with a clear beginning, middle, and end.

    - This will be used to develop the book.

    -The students will create a first draft using the notes to answer provided questions.

    - These questions provide a sensible sequence in the book.

    - You can revise and edit the first drafts with your students.

    - The children will be provided with a black-line clipart page to color. These can be cut out and glued down in the final book. Of course, they can add backgrounds and other details to illustrate their book.

    - Your little authors can read their books to others.

    --Columbus Day Flip Book (4 pages)

    Simple and to the Point!!

    Are you looking for a quick and easy lesson to use about Christopher Columbus? This flip book is super easy. Just read any book about Christopher Columbus to your class. You could even show a quick video about him. Afterward, have a class discussion pulling out all the important information. Have your students write complete sentences to answer the questions: Who?, When?, Where?, Did What? and Why?

    Handout the flip book pages (only two per student saves paper) and let them recall the facts!

    This product is simple, but effective! It is only two pages as seen in the pictures!

    -- New Year's Day ( 7 pages)

    -- Valentine's Day Reading Closely (5 pages)

    This is a nonfiction text written for upper grades elementary. It is based upon the origins of Valentine's Day. The questions require rereading and digging into the texts. One of the sheets is open ended questioning. The other is a detailed oriented set of multiple choice questioning. There is also a creative page where the student can use the text to create his or her own Valentine's Day card.

    -- Valentine's Day Homework Passes (1 page)

    --Easter Printables (22 pages)

    Easter themed nonfiction text, research, comprehension questions, story maps, graphing and more!

    Easter is on its way! Get ready for the holiday with these cute and fun printables! Everything you need to celebrate his time of year in your classroom.

    This packet includes:

    - Jellybeans Nonfiction Text (Reading Close)

    - Jellybeans True or False (Rereading the Text/Details)

    - Rabbits Nonfiction Text (Subheadings)

    - Rabbits Comprehension Questions

    - Rabbit Research Organizer

    - Rabbits Report Paper (Super cute)

    - Easter Basket themed Story Map (characters, problems, solutions, and setting)

    - Bunny head (used in creating a long writing character page)

    - Bunny Tummy with lines for student writing

    - Bunny arms and legs for the long character writing page

    - Jelly Bean Graphing (With words for the columns and Scale of 2)

    - Jelly Bean Graphing ( With words for the columns and Scale of 1)

    - Jelly Bean Graphing (With Colorable Bean Clipart and Scale of 2)

    - Jelly Bean Graphing (With Colorable Bean Clipart and Scale of 1)

    These various graphing sheets are ideal for differentiation!!

    - Jelly Bean Graphing Questions

    - Jelly Bean Fractions Page

    - Simple Addition Egg Themed Sheet

    - Adding with Regrouping Egg Themed Sheet

    - Adding without Regrouping Egg Themed Sheet

    -Count the Eggs Fun Sheet

    These activities would be great for centers, a substitute, and early finishers.

    --St. Patrick's Day Printables ( 77 pages)

    Great for morning work, homework, or review sheets! There are 75 student sheets designed for independent seat work, review, and fun.

    This packet includes math, writing, and reading as well as resources to be used with read-alouds. You could use them in small groups too.

    Here is a run down of what this booklet includes!

    ELA (Grammar, Reading, Writing):

    - Collage of pages (Preview of this product)

    - Black and White Student Booklet Cover

    - Note to the Teacher

    - Weekly Morning Work Assignment Pack (5 Day Week)

    - Weekly Morning Work Assignment Pack (No School Monday)

    - Weekly Morning Work Assignment Pack (No School Friday)

    - ABC order page - To the 2nd Letter (2 separate lists of 8 words each)

    - Correct and Rewrite Paragraph (Grammar)

    - Writing Prompt with Helper Words

    - Fact or Opinion

    - Making Words Plural

    - All about Verbs

    - Using a Dictionary

    - Homophones

    - March Crossword Puzzle

    - Cheesy Tiny Timmy Reading Comprehension

    - Right There Questions

    - Edit and Rewrite (Grammar)

    - Is it a Complete Sentence?

    - Long Vowel Sounds

    - Reading Comprehension and Following Directions

    - Reading Comprehension and Following Directions (Letter Format)

    - Writing a letter (Following Directions and Letter Format)

    - Sight Words

    - Narrative Story using Pictures

    - Parts of Speech using a Picture (Verbs, Adjectives, and Nouns)

    - Sequencing

    - Comprehension Questions for Read Alouds

    - Setting

    - Quotation Marks

    - Proof in text

    - Character traits

    - Story Map (Story Elements)

    - Vocabulary

    - Categorizing


    - Simple Addition

    - Simple Subtraction

    - Number words

    - Place value (ones, tens, and hundreds)

    - Counting by 2's

    - Counting by 5's

    - Counting by 10's

    - Equal parts

    - Counting by ones

    - Bar Graphs (Using Lucky Charms cereal)

    - Graphing Questions

    -Simple fractions (Using Lucky Charms cereal)

    Resources for Read Alouds:

    -Ready Freddy! Looking for Leprechauns

    -The Luckiest Leprechaun

    -St. Patrick's Day Alphabet

    -- St. Patrick's Day (Reading Closely) (6 pages)

    Your students can learn all about St. Patrick's Day and what it really means by reading this nonfiction selection. This packet includes a nonfiction reading selection, a student open-ended question sheet, a student multiple choice question sheet (text dependent questions). There is even a creative activity that demands the use of details from the text. Answer keys are also included.

    --Mother's Day ( 7 pages)

    This is a fun reading based Mother's Day packet.

    It includes 4 different activities. Have your class do them all and turn them into a booklet for their moms! Great gift for the moms and costs you next to nothing. Help capture this time of your students' lives for their mothers!

    - make a recipe for mom

    - acrostic poem (M-o-t-h-e-r)

    - letter writing (Fill in the blank)

    - draw a portrait of mom

    --This also includes

    As you can see, this bundle really is a BUNDLE!! Happy Holidays!!

    Mary Bown

    Teaching with a Smile

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