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Hollywood Murder Trials ~ Robert Blake ~ Menendez ~ Phil Spector + Quizzes

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Hollywood Murders ~ 3 Cases ~ Robert Blake, Phil Spector, Menendez Brothers + Quizzes ~ 68 Slides Totally

There are 6 Preview Slides, 2 for each case.

These are three separate powerpoint presentations on the Blake, Spector and Menendez cases.. Each has its own multiple choice quiz with answer key included. There are 30 Questions Total. All three presentations deal with murders committed by people in the entertainment world in L.A. Free Posters are also included at the links below to go with each presentation. They are High Resolution Images.

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The author is a retired lawyer, instructor and textbook author.


This is a powerpoint presentation about the Robert Blake murder trial of his wife Bonny Bakley, a woman who made a lifelong career out of bilking lonely hearts men. She was about as reprehensible a victim as has ever been seen in the criminal courts. Blake was charged with her murder and used her character as a good part of his defense. He won the case.

This is also a case presenting a great deal of reasonable doubt by the defense. The two key witnesses put forth by the prosecution were former stunt men on "Baretta", Blake's old tv show. However, both of these men in the years since had become very hard core drug addicts. They had frequent hallucinations and were almost incapable of coherent thought by the time they took the witness stand. The prosecution was also never able to link the murder weapon with Blake plus forensic evidence showed someone else had to have actually shot her. Blake may have hired this person but there was no forensic evidence on him showing that he could have shot her.

The wrongful death civil case, which he lost, is also discussed. Unlike the criminal case, where Blake had the right to stay off the witness stand, he was forced to take the witness stand in the civil case. He was his own worst enemy on the witness stand and alienated the jury.


This is a visual and textual Powerpoint presentation of the Erik and Lyle murder trials for the murder of their parents, Kitty and Jose Menendez. Their father was an entertainment executive and they lived in Beverly Hills. The brothers claimed they were victims of a pedophile, their father. The prosecution claimed they were after their parents' $14.5 million dollar estate. Because Lyle threatened their psychologist, the California Supreme Court allowed into evidence some of their tapes with the psychologist. Ordinarily these are inadmissible as confidential.

The tape with the psychologist was played in court. Lyle and Erik said nothing on it as to their sexual or physical abuse by either or both of their parents. They also said nothing about killing for getting the money in their parents’ estate of $14.5 million dollars. What was their motive for killing their parents? Nothing on the tape answered this question.
Ms. Judalon Smyth, Dr. Oziel's former lover, testified next for the defense. She had switched sides in the case when the married Oziel had broken up with her. Originally she had been the one to spur the police towards arresting the brothers, claiming that she overheard the Menendez brothers talking about committing "the perfect killing" and threatening Dr. Oziel because he knew too much. "I can't believe you did this," Smyth told the police she heard Lyle say to Erik. "I can't believe you told him. I don't really have a brother now. I could get rid of you for this. I hope you realize what we're going to have to do. We've got to kill him and anyone associated with him.” Smyth was now suing Oziel for rape, assault, and forcing her to take mind-controlling prescription drugs. She testified her earlier statements against the brothers took place because the psychotherapist had "brainwashed" her. On its cross examination, the prosecution accused her of changing her story as revenge against Oziel.


The judge's decision in both trials was to allow evidence of prior acts by Spector involving women and guns. Female witnesses at both trials described Spector waving guns at them or other women, especially if he’d been drinking a lot.

Prosecutor Truc Do called Spector “a very dangerous man who played Russian roulette with women -- six women. Lana just happened to be the sixth.”

Devra Robitaille, Spector’s former girlfriend and employee, testified that he threatened her when she wanted to leave two separate parties, one in the 1970s and the other in the ‘80s. In the 1986 one, she testified that he was "screaming, ranting and raving: 'You're not going. You're not leaving. I'm not opening the door... I'll blow you away. I'll shoot you.’”

His ex-wife Ronnie Testified he threatened to kill her if she ever walked out on him. She had to run away from him barefoot, like making a prison break, instead.

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Hollywood Murder Trials ~ Robert Blake ~ Menendez ~ Phil S
Hollywood Murder Trials ~ Robert Blake ~ Menendez ~ Phil S
Hollywood Murder Trials ~ Robert Blake ~ Menendez ~ Phil S
Hollywood Murder Trials ~ Robert Blake ~ Menendez ~ Phil S