How to Build Positive Parent Relationships

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As a teacher, you know how critical parent-teacher relationships are for a successful school year for the students, the parents and for you. It is also one of the most stressful parts of teaching. But it doesn’t have to be anymore!

The goal of any parent-teacher relationship is communication and collaboration. Yet, some parents are extremely busy and are never to be seen. Some parents hover way too much and constantly need you. And, some parents just don’t have a clue. Yet, you try your best to connect with parents for the sake of the child.

A strong parent-teacher partnership is part of a great school experience for all the stakeholders.

If you don’t have a strong partnership, then things can go haywire. Miscommunication and misunderstandings can and will cause a lot of needless anxiety and stress for everyone.

Clarity of classroom expectations and communication is critical. Admin, learning specialists, resource teachers, tutors, parents, and guardians need to be on the same page to support the student/child. Clear and concise explanation of what is happening and what is needed is so important. And we know that us teachers need to be on top of it. Consequently, if we are not, then things break down.

This can cause a lot of stress, anxiety and even accusations between the parents and teachers. And sometimes, this is where the admin has to step in and that may or may not be a positive experience for you.

Clarity is the key with parents who do not know what was going on. By not doing this, you’ll create a very tense, awkward and adversarial relationship during parent-teacher contact and conferences.

All of this stress will not only affect you and the parent but ultimately, the student loses out as well on what could be an amazing time in your classroom.

It is here that I want you to make it a smooth school year where you and parents are truly working together to bring out the best in their child! The parent will appreciate your hard work as well as your attention to their family. Ultimately, you will be instilling the value of effective parent teacher relationships now and for the future! And maybe you could be the first teacher to reach out to parents in this way!

In the early years of my 16 years of teaching, I had to learn from my mistakes and failures when communicating with parents. I too was stressed out, felt awkward and even felt anxious with parents. At times, I didn’t even know how or what to say! I wished I could go back and start fresh with a strong vision of what parent teacher relationships SHOULD be. Therefore, I’ve been able to distill all that works and removed what didn’t work in nurturing a positive and enjoyable parent-teacher relationship. I’ve created a method where this has become one of my favorite parts of teaching! I know you can, too! I find that the more I clearly communicate expectations and what’s going on in school, the more parents are able to reciprocate and inform me of their family lives, etc! And we all know these benefits children the most.

It took a lot of sweat, long sleepless nights and even a few tears to get to where I am today with parent-teacher relationships. This resource is designed so you don’t have to face any of that! You will be able to save precious time, sweat and tears. As a result, the main benefit that you will get is building trust and creating strong, positive relationships with parents. This course will give you the tools and strategies to create a healthy environment, relieved parents and a student who feels safe. You will have a smoother, clearer and more enjoyable school year.

You will get the video and documents examples you will need to create a positive parent-teacher experience. In the 30 minute video, I will go over step-by-step on how to use the documents the smart way. I will also share valuable insights and things to consider when you communicate with parents. I encourage you to use these documents as references when you create your own documents that will fit your own needs. You are welcome to change, tweak, customize as you see fit. I find that Google Forms, Docs and Slides are best when creating online forms to have the parents fill out. For those parents who do not have access to email, you can provide them with hard copies.

So, you’ll get:

✓Video (Less than 30 minutes)
Chapter 1: Parent Communication
BIG IDEA- ways to keep communication transparent between home & school, save you time as you earn parents’ trust
✓Parent Contact Log- easily keeps track of communication between you and parents for future reference (meetings, parent teacher conferences)
✓Parent Roster Google Form- efficiently collects parents emails
✓Welcome Letter- clearly spells out your expectations, big picture of school year, rules, consequences
✓Teacher Blog (my example- way to keep parents informed of happenings, documents to download, helpful links
✓Blog Survey Google Form- provides feedback to tweak blog for next school year

Chapter 2: Back To School Night
BIG IDEA!- host an amazing Back to School Night that hones in on the heart of your classroom
✓Example of my presentation- I’ve distilled down presentations to these essential concepts so parents understand the big picture of the school year

Chapter 3: Parent Teacher Conferences
BIG IDEA!- use these time-saving documents so you can conduct valuable, meaningful ✓Parent Teacher Conferences to encourage teamwork between you and parents all year long
✓Pre-Conference Survey Google Form- collects valuable information to help guide conferences
✓Conference Preference Google Form- efficiently collects parents’ conference preferences times/dates
✓Schedule Chart- easy way to keep track of conferences- confirm, reschedule
✓Reminder Slips- helps remind busy parents of their upcoming conference with you
✓The PDF copy of the slides I used in the video
✓A BONUS document detailing the benefits and tips of EACH document within the chapters so you can easily reference them at your own pace
✓A BONUS classroom management checklist- “Ways To Have A Stress Free Classroom”
You’ll get exclusive updates and even more tips when you join our exclusive Facebook group. A special link will be provided.

Are you ready to get your classroom parents on your side? Are you ready to have the parents be well informed and ready to help you when you need them? Are you ready to create a new path where you and the parents and the students have a strong partnership that is both productive and positive?

Click the button to buy button now, and you’ll have access to everything you need to get started for successful parent teacher communication.

See you inside!

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