How to Revise a Teacher Test for Standards Based Grading PD

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How to revise a teacher test for standards based grading

This comprehensive “How-To” Professional Development video is intentionally very detailed, and it will be most effective if you are able to follow along and revise your own test. The video takes you through the entire process start to finish, but you could also take each segment one at a time.

How to Prepare:

1.) Download the .zip file of resources and have them handy as we reference them multiple times in the videos.
2.) Choose one of your tests that you are planning to use again. The test should address more than one standard.
3.) Watch a segment below and then see if you can replicate the process using the downloadable resources and your own test.

Segment 1: Introduction & How will this video work for me?

Segment 2: Our Steps for Test Revision (Starts at 2:52)

Our four essential steps:
A. Categorize the test questions
B. Choose a scoring plan
C. Decide how students will go "beyond mastery”
D. Score the test.

Segment 3: First Step - Categorize your Test Questions (Starts at 4:12)

Step one of our test revision process. This video explains and models a technique to categorize your test questions into the different standard "groups" it addresses.

Segment 4: Second Step - Create a Scoring Plan (Starts at 15:05)

After you break down the test into particular standards, the big question is: How will you actually score the test and determine if students have reached mastery? We call this your "scoring plan."

Segment 5: Scoring Plan Strategy 1 - Traditional Approach (Starts at 16:18)

This strategy allows you to apply a blanket percentage across each group of standard questions to determine mastery. Not the best for SBG principles, but certainly the quickest.

Segment 6: Scoring Plan Strategy 2 - All or Nothing (Starts at 18:00)

Learn about the "All or Nothing" scoring plan strategy.

Segment 7: Scoring Plan Strategy 3 - This Many Correct (Starts at 22:05)

Learn about the "This Many Correct” scoring plan strategy.

Segment 8: Scoring Plan Combo - All or Nothing & This Many Correct (Starts at 25:55)

When to use the two strategies in conjunction as a scoring plan.

Segment 9: Scoring Plan Flowchart: Which Strategy Should I use? (Starts at 29:00)

An easy to understand flowchart to help make your determination about which scoring plan strategy to use.

Segment 10: Step 3 - Beyond Mastery (Starts at 31:00)

Our third step and one of the most difficult to understand about SBG. How do we determine if a student has "exceeded" or gone "beyond mastery" on a standard? How do we do that on a teacher test?

Segment 11: Step 4 - Score the Test (Starts at 38:00)

Learn how to use our downloadable resources to assist you in scoring the test and keeping track of standards.

Segment 12: Using the Student Standard Scoring Tracker (Starts at 41:50)

Use our downloadable resource to help students self-assess their mastery of standards on the test!

Segment 13: Common Questions and Discussion (Starts at 43:43)
Some anticipated questions and brief answers based on this video. Optional to watch.

Files included in “Test Revision Resources – The ACE”

A. Exceeding Standard Guidelines.pdf
B. Scoring Plan Flowchart.pdf
C. Standard Scoring Tracker for Student.docx
D. Standard Scoring Tracker for Student.pdf
E. Standard Scoring Tracker for Teacher.docx
F. Standard Scoring Tracker for Teacher.pdf
G. Standard Tracker for Teacher.docx
H. Standard Tracker for Teacher.pdf
I. Test Revision Checklist.pdf

This video is free for a limited time. All that we ask is if you find it useful, please leave feedback to let us know! We are really interested in what you think.

Looking for a video to help parents understand the transition to SBG? Check out our free parent video.

Copyright 2015 The ACE Teachers. Free for individual use. If you would like use with a group, please request permission by sending us a message.
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