Huge Math Interactive Notebook Bundle

Huge Math Interactive Notebook Bundle
Huge Math Interactive Notebook Bundle
Huge Math Interactive Notebook Bundle
Huge Math Interactive Notebook Bundle
Huge Math Interactive Notebook Bundle
Huge Math Interactive Notebook Bundle
Huge Math Interactive Notebook Bundle
Huge Math Interactive Notebook Bundle
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    These interactive notebooks are terrific!  They are thorough, allow for differentiation, and keep the kids learning and engaged.” - Helane L.

    Interactive Notebooks are a FUN way to teach and practice math! Why? They differ from traditional note taking, where students focus on copying notes from the teacher more than understanding the material they’re writing down. Interactive Notebooks instead allow students to interact with (hey-o!) and think about the material. They’ve honestly transformed the way I teach because I can easily assess my students’ mastery of a topic.

    Because Interactive Notebooks involve inserting and moving around flaps, foldables, wheels, charts, etc., my students call them “scrapbooks”! They love all of the different visuals.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: I designed these for busy teachers like you. So the cuts are super-simple, and there’s no unnecessary coloring. Your kids can quickly cut, glue, and go!

    This huge bundle includes 10 of my Math Interactive Notebook files that include oodles of activities with directions, and pictures of completed pages! I also added my “Tools for Interactive Notebooks” resource which tells you EXACTLY how to prep, use, and assess them in your classroom. See the list below to learn which math skills are included for your students to learn.

    Purchased individually, all 10 notebooks would cost you $45! So this bundle is an amazing deal.

    ★ Don’t forget to download my Free Addition and Subtraction Interactive Notebook by signing up using this blog post: Addition and Subtraction Interactive Notebook!

    How it Works

    You can use these Interactive Notebooks in a variety of ways, but here are some suggestions to inspire you.

    • Rotations: Divide the class into six groups. Lay the centers around the room or on desks and give your students 20-30 minutes at each center. You can do one rotation per day for six days. Or, if you have more time, do additional rotations. 
    • Whole group / Work together: Display a math activity using a projector, SMART Board, or document camera. Have your students answer the questions individually and then discuss with a partner.
    • Math centers: Have your students complete them at their own pace during any of your math centers. They can work on them while you meet with guided math groups.
    • Guided math groups: Help your students complete their notebooks as part of guided math groups.
    • Bell work: Start the day off with any of the activities your students can do independently.

    **Would you like some tips for using these interactive notebooks in your classroom? Click HERE to view a free video with tips for implementing these interactive notebooks.**


    What’s Inside

    Tools for Interactive Notebooks

    • What are interactive notebooks?
    • Finding time for interactive notebooks
    • Assessing interactive notebooks
    • Rubrics for interactive notebooks
    • Table of Contents for Interactive Notebooks
    • Covers for interactive notebooks

    Place Value Notebook

    • Base 10 Block Flaps 
    • Expanded Form Flaps
    • Word Form Flaps
    • Roll It and Show It Flaps
    • Value of a Number Flaps
    • Place Value Puzzles
    • Comparing Numbers Sort
    • Making the Greatest Number Triangles
    • Rounding to the Nearest 10 Flaps
    • Rounding to the Nearest 100 Flaps

    Multiplication Interactive Notebook

    • Arrays Flaps
    • Repeated Addition Flaps
    • Equal Groups Flaps
    • Roll it, Draw It and Solve It
    • Fact Family Triangles
    • Vocabulary Puzzles
    • Missing Number Multiplication Charts
    • Multiples 
    • Multiplication Properties Flap Book
    • Commutative Property Flap Book
    • Distributive Property Cut & Paste
    • Word Problem Books
    • Skip Counting Flaps
    • Multiplying on a number line flaps
    • Fact Wheels
    • Things that come in groups of... flaps
    • Multiplying by multiples of 10 flaps

    Division Notebook

    • Arrays Flaps
    • Repeated Subtraction Flaps
    • Equal Groups Flaps
    • Draw It and Solve It
    • Number Bond Flaps
    • Number Line Shutters
    • Describing Division in Words Flaps
    • Fact Family Triangles
    • Vocabulary Puzzles
    • Factors 
    • Division Properties Flap Book
    • Word Problem Books
    • Write a Division Problem Flaps

    Fraction Notebook

    • Fraction Vocabulary
    • Fraction of a Set
    • Fraction of a Shape
    • Fractions on a Number Line
    • Comparing Fractions
    • Equivalent Fractions
    • Mixed Numbers
    • Improper Fractions
    • Fraction Word Problems

    Time Notebook

    • Clock (with flaps for the minutes)
    • Analog Clock Flaps
    • Drawing a Clock Flaps
    • Words to Describe Time Flaps
    • Time on a Number Line
    • Time Spinners
    • Twelve O'clock Flaps (Noon and Midnight)
    • Quarter Hour Flaps (Quarter Past and Quarter 'til)
    • AM and PM
    • Elapsed Time Clocks
    • Elapsed Time Word Problems (using number lines)
    • Elapsed Time Word Problems (using t-charts)

    Graphs Interactive Notebook

    • Tally Graph
    • Bar Graph
    • Line Graph
    • Circle Graph

    Area and Perimeter Notebook

    • Area and Perimeter Venn Diagram
    • Counting Squares to solve for area (rectangles and squares)
    • Counting Squares to solve for area (irregular shapes)
    • Multiplying to solve for Area
    • Drawing Shapes with Specific Area
    • Solving for Area of Irregular Shapes
    • Counting Squares to solve for perimeter (rectangles and squares)
    • Counting Squares to solve for perimeter (irregular shapes)
    • Adding to solve for Perimeter
    • Solving for Perimeter of irregular shapes
    • Solving for a Missing Side (given the area or perimeter)
    • Area Word Problems
    • Perimeter Word Problems
    • Mixed Area and Perimeter Word Problems
    • Area and Perimeter: Roll It, Draw It, Solve It
    • Area or Perimeter Sort
    • Drawing Multiple Shapes With the Same Area
    • Drawing Multiple Shapes With the Same Perimeter
    • Vocabulary

    Money Interactive Notebook

    • Coin Poems
    • Coin Front and Back Flaps (Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter)
    • Coin Name and Value Flaps
    • Value of the Money: (Includes three variations: a few coins, lots of coins, coins plus bills.)
    • Money Spinners: Adding money (Includes two variations: just change, change and dollars)
    • How Much Money Flaps
    • Money Word Problems: (Includes two variations for differentiation.)
    • Let's Shop: Choosing the coins and/or bills to buy an object (Two variations included for differentiation.)
    • Making $1.00 Flaps
    • Combinations of Coins (Includes three different sets of flaps: 25, 50 and 75 cents.)
    • Making Change: (Includes two variations for differentiation- one and two-step word problems.)

    Geometry Interactive Notebook

    • All About Shapes Pocket (includes quadrilaterals and other 2D shapes)
    • Name the Quadrilateral
    • Name the Shapes
    • Compare and Contrast Shapes (2 activities)
    • All About 3D Shapes Pocket
    • 3D Shape Vocabulary
    • Name the Shapes
    • Describe 3D Shapes
    • Parallel or Perpendicular
    • Types of Lines
    • Types of Angles
    • Classifying Angles (acute, obtuse or right)
    • Measuring Angles
    • Draw the Angle
    • Types of Triangles

    Measurement Interactive Notebook

    • Tools for Measurement
    • Units of Measurement
    • Measuring Length
    • Measuring Weight
    • Measuring Liquid
    Total Pages
    300 pages
    Answer Key
    Teaching Duration
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