Interactive Phonics Books BUNDLE | Phonics Activities

Interactive Phonics Books BUNDLE | Phonics Activities
Interactive Phonics Books BUNDLE | Phonics Activities
Interactive Phonics Books BUNDLE | Phonics Activitiesplay
Interactive Phonics Books BUNDLE | Phonics Activities
Interactive Phonics Books BUNDLE | Phonics Activities
Interactive Phonics Books BUNDLE | Phonics Activities
Interactive Phonics Books BUNDLE | Phonics Activities
Interactive Phonics Books BUNDLE | Phonics Activities
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    BUY NOW AND SAVE!! This GROWING BUNDLE will begin to increase in price as new Interactive Phonics Books are added.

    What are Interactive Phonics Books?

    These Interactive Phonics Books are a great way for your students to practice the phonics sound of the week through: 

    -independent practice



    -or home connection

    What do students do with Interactive Phonics Books?

    With each sound /skill, students will:

    -Trace It: trace the sound and word

    -Write It: write the sound and word

    -Match It: match the words to the correct picture

    -Spell It: complete the sentence by cutting and gluing the correct letters in order to spell the words

    -Find It: complete a maze by identifying the specific phonics skill words

    -Sort It: sort the pictures by sound

    -Read It: read words with pictures to practice fluency

    Please know that this is a GROWING BUNDLE. Once a new set of Interactive Phonics Books are added, you can download them for free simply by going to your "My Purchases" tab and downloading once you see "Newly Revised".

    Included in this Interactive Phonics Books BUNDLE is:


    oa/ow: boat, coal, coach, blow, bow, road, crow, bowl, coat

    ai/ay: brain, paint, chain, play, hay, tray, ray, rain

    ee/ea: bee, cheese, beans, tea, tree, eat, peach

    ue/ui: fuel, statue, tissue, fruit, juice, blue, suit

    ie/igh: fries, tie, pie, light, night, bright, sight


    au/aw: launch, sauce, haunted, crawl, draw, claw, paw

    oi/oy: coin, point, soil, toys, boy, destroy, boil

    oo/ew: boots, moon, tooth, chew, stew, drew, spoon, root, screw

    ow/ou: cloud, pouch, mouse, clown, cow, crown, gown, house


    _a_e: cake, game, cave, cage, tape, wave, bake, flame

    _i_e: five, hive, kite, knife, lime, mice, tire, bike

    _o_e: bone, cone, globe, hole, robe, rose, vote, rope

    _u_e: cube, dune, flute, fume, mule, prunes, tube, tune


    -a: dad, mad, bag, ham, jam, can, fan, van, map, bat, cat, hat, mat

    -e: web, bed, red, wed, leg, peg, hen, pen, ten, jet, net, pet, wet, hem

    -i: bib, rib, kid, lik, dig, pig, wig, bin, fin, win, dip, lip, rip, zip, kit, sit, six

    -o: cob, sob, pod, rod, dog, fog, log, mom, hop, mop, pop, top, hot, pot, box, fox, ox

    -u: cub, sub, tub, mud, bug, hug, jug, mug, rug, gum, run, sun, cup, pup, cut, hut, tux


    -wh: whale, wheat, whisker, whisk, wheel, whisper, whistle

    -ch: cheese, chair, chin, chest, chick, chop, church, chimney

    -sh: brush, bush, dish, lash, fish, flash, trash

    -th: bath, moth, tooth, path, cloth, wreath, mouth

    -ph: dolphin, elephant, gopher, phone, photo, graph, phase

    -ck: brick, clock, duck, neck, sock, stick, truck


    -bl: blimp, blocks, blow, blue, bloom, blindfold, blueberries

    -cl: clam, clip, cliff, clock, cloud, clover, clean, clown

    -fl: flag, fly, flame, float, flood, flippers, flower

    -gl: glad, glass, globe, glue, glow, glasses, gloves, gladiator

    -pl: plane, plate, plug, plump, plant, play, planet

    -sl: sled, sleep, slug, slide, sleeve, sleigh, slippers


    -br: braid, brain, branch, bride, brush, broom, bread

    -cr: crab, crack, crib, crown, crust, cry, crumb

    -dr: dress, drill, drive, dream, drum, drink, dragon

    -gr: grapes, grass, grill, grin, grub, green, graph

    -pr: prize, price, present, prince, print, princess, pray

    -tr: trash, train, tree, truck, trophy, trumpet, trampoline

    -fr: frame, frog, frown, fruit, friends, freckles, fry


    -sc: scoop, scar, scale, scarf, school, scared, scooter

    -sk: skates, skin, skirt, sky, ski, skull, skillet, sketch

    -sl: sled, sleep, slug, slide, sleeve, sleigh, slippers

    -sm: small, smart, smock, smog, smile, smoke, smoothie

    -sn: snack, snout, snip, snake, snow, sneaker, snail, snorkel

    -sp: space, spot, spoon, spill, spell, spider, sponge

    -st: stamp, star, step, stool, stem, steam, stage, stump

    -sw: swat, sweep, swim, sweets, swing, sweat, sweater, swan


    -or: thorn, cork, corn, horse, storm, torch, horn

    -ar: shark, yarn, farm, harp, card, jar, star

    -er: fern, baker, flower, spider, serve, feather, gerbil

    -ir: bird, dirt, girl, shirt, stir, skirt, circle

    -ur: fur, surf, curls, nurse, purse, church


    -zz: buzz, fizz, fuzz, jazz, pizza

    -ff: cliff, cuff, muff, puff, sheriff

    -ll: bell, call, doll, spill, troll, bull, bill

    -ss: dress, floss, glass, grass, hiss

    Interactive Phonics Books coming soon:

    -Final Blends

    Please check out the VIDEO and PREVIEW for an example of the books! 

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    Please know that by purchasing this resource you are purchasing the rights to use these activities in a single classroom. If you plan to share this resource with other teachers, additional license(s) will need to be purchased. 

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