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    1. This bundle is jam-packed with engaging activities and projects! This resource is designed to supplement your Introduction to Business and Marketing course. Included in this resource you will find 6 units + 1 bonus unit, 50 quick writes, and bellringers for the semester.6 Key units included in this
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    Teach students the basics of economics with this 6 product bundle. Topics covered include: factors of production, economic indicators, and economic systems. This bundle uses a variety of classroom strategies to teach high school students. This product contains a graphic organizer, guided research worksheets (print & digital), infographic project, and gallery walk.

    Save 20% by purchasing this bundle or pick and choose your favorites by purchasing each product individually. If you have previously purchased products from the Business Girl store please carefully review what is included so that you do not purchase duplicate products.

    Materials included:

    1. Factors of Production Graphic Organizer: Teaching a hybrid model, distance learning, or in a traditional setting? This resource has you covered and will appeal to different types of learners. In this activity students will sort factors of production (natural, labor, capital, and entrepreneurial resources). Students will place the factors of production into a graphic organizer by cutting and pasting or dragging and dropping. This activity is great for introducing the factors of production. I use this activity in my Introduction to Business and Marketing course when we talk about the basics of economics.

    Included in this product:

    Printer Version-

    • Factors of Production Examples (PDF)
    • Factors of Production Graphic (PDF)
    • Factors of Production Key (PDF)
    • Teacher Guide (PDF)

    Digital Version-

    • Factors of Production Sort (Google Slides)
    • Factors of Production Sort Key (Google Slides)

    2. Country Research Project: This project ties together factors of production and economic indicators for a country. It provides guided research questions, project instructions, a grading rubric, and sharing reflection form. This project will apply basic economic principles. In this project students will select a country and research general country information, natural resources, labor resources, capital resources, entrepreneurial resources, government type (economic system), GDP, revenue, expenditure, national debt, budget surplus/deficit, inflation, unemployment, exports, imports, and transnational issues.

    Students will select a country to research, then use the guided research questions (broken down into 2 sets, one for factors of production and one for economic indicators) to explore the country they selected. After students have researched the country they will create an infographic to display their findings. Project instructions and a basic grading rubric are provided. After all projects have been finalized, students will share their findings with the class. This can be done by printing and spreading the infographics around the room for students to observe, presenting orally, or sharing electronically on a discussion board. A sharing form is provided for students to reflect on each country.

    This file contains:

    • Teacher Guide
    • Factors of Production Country Research Worksheets (3 pages, 22 questions, PDF and digital worksheets in Google Slides)
    • Economic Indicators Country Research Worksheets (2 pages, 20 questions, PDF and digital worksheets Google Slides)
    • Country Project Infographic Instructions (1 page, PDF)
    • Country Infographic Project Grading Rubric (1 page, PDF)
    • Country Project Sharing Reflection Forms (2 pages, PDF and digital worksheets in Google Slides)

    The guided research activities can be completed in one sitting or you can integrate them into your lessons with the first being completed the day you discuss factors of production and the second being completed the day you discuss economic indicators.

    The Factors of Production Country Research Worksheets, Economic Indicators Country Research Worksheets, and Country Project Sharing Reflection Forms are offered as a PDF to print and as digital worksheets that allow students to type in text boxes to answer questions, but is NOT fully editable. The assignment appears as the "background" of the slide.

    3. Economic System Gallery Walk: This product contains 10 discussion questions on economic systems for a high school business class. Tape the discussion question cards around the room and have students work with a small group or partner to walk around the room and write answers to discussion questions with a dry erase marker or have students use post-its to record answers if you're short on board space. At the conclusion of the activity, the teacher should hold a discussion on student responses to discussion questions. A teacher guide with possible answers is included. Additionally, if you wish to have students record answers to the questions on their own paper as they walk around the room, a sheet is provided.

    Question topics include:

    Government control


    Economics and individuals

    Command economy, Mixed economy, and Market economy

    4. Economic System Note Taking Graphic: This note taking graphic can be used to take notes during a presentation, while reading the textbook or an article, watching a short informational video, or for conducting Internet research. This graphic includes a space for a command, mixed, and market economy and spot for a reflection.

    This freebie is now also included as a PDF and digital worksheet in Google Slides. The digital worksheet allows students to type in text boxes to answer questions, but is NOT fully editable. The assignment appears as the "background" of the slide.

    5. Economics (Economic Indicators and Business Cycle) QR Code Scavenger Hunt: Get your students up and moving with this fun QR Code Scavenger Hunt! This activity is perfect teaching about economic indicators and the business cycle. This file includes 20 QR Codes that when scanned link to a plain text clue. When students scan the QR code they will be given a clue about an economic indicator, stage of the business cycle, or fun fact related to economics. They will then identify the correct answer (found on another clue). This activity is a great way to practice economics terminology and get students thinking and collaborating. Students can work individually or in small groups based on your discretion. 

    Terms/concepts covered in this activity: GDP, inflation, deflation, unemployment rate, national debt, budget deficit, budget surplus, standard of living, recession, depression, recovery, prosperity, expansion, and contraction

    Included in the PDF:

    -Instructions (see below) and QR Code Guide

    -Clue and Answer List 

    -Student Answer Reporting Sheet 

    -Student Answer Reporting Sheet Key

    -20 QR Codes with Clues and Answers 

    Activity Instructions:

    1) Print 1 class set of the following slides and an answer recording sheet for each student.

    2) Cut each slide in half so there is one QR code per sheet of paper. Laminate for re-use.

    3) Mix up the cards so that they are NOT in the same order you printed them. Hang the QR codes around the classroom, a hallway, or the school. Allow more time for a larger area.

    4) Decide if you would like students to complete the activity individually, with a partner, or a small group. Assign partner(s) if desired.

    5) Ensure students have access to a QR code reader on a device. There are several free apps that make this easy or they can use the camera of a phone, tablet, or laptop.

    6) Instruct students that they can start at any QR code. They will scan the code to read the clue. They will then look around the room, hallway, or school to find the answer to the clue on another card. Be sure to tell students that the answer on the card should match the previous clue and it is not the answer to the clue on the same card. Students will move around the room, hallway, or school, recording each answer on the recording sheet.

    7) Students should record the correct answer for each clue on the handout provided. The first group to record all answers correctly is the winner. 

    8) Close with a discussion about correct answers.

    6. Graphing the Business Cycle with Economic Indicators: Get your students moving with this innovative take on the business cycle. In this activity students will create a graph with the data points placed around the room for a FICTIONAL country. You can tape the data points to the wall or lay them on desks. Students will then plot the data points for GDP growth and the unemployment rate on the provided graph. After completion of the graph, students will answer 10 open-ended questions.

    This product includes:

    -15 Data Points (with year, GDP growth, and the unemployment rate)

    -Student Worksheet (with graph and 10 open-ended questions)

    -Teacher Answer Key (with completed graph and open-ended question answers)

    -Scenario and Graph Key (with instructions to display on the board to introduce the activity and graph key for students to check their graph at the end of the activity)

    Activity Instructions:

    -Print one class set of the data points and a student worksheet for each student.

    -Cut each sheet in half so there is one set of data points for each sheet. Laminate for re-use.

    -Place the data points on desks/tables or hang the data points around the classroom or hallway with tape.

    -Decide if you would like students to complete the activity individually, with a partner, or a small group. Assign partner(s) if desired.

    -Students will each need a student worksheet and two colored pens or colored pencils.

    -Instruct students that they can start at any set of data points.

    -Students should record the data points on their graph.

    -Once all data points have been recorded they should answer the other questions on the worksheet.

    -Close with a discussion about correct answers.

    Save even more $$$ by purchasing this bundle as part of the Introduction to Business and Marketing Course Supplement (Activities + Projects).

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