Introduction to Vertebrates Notes Outline Lesson Plan

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This 35 page notes outline has blanks for the student to fill in as the students watch the "The Animal Kingdom - Introduction to Vertebrates PowerPoint Presentation" and as the teacher covers the following topics:

Introduction to Vertebrates, Adaptations of Vertebrates, The First Vertebrates, Agnathans, Ostracoderms, Evolution of Fishes, Acanthodians (spiny fishes), Placoderms, Sharks and Bony Fishes, Modern Fishes, Evolution of Amphibians, lobe-finned fish, The Age of Amphibians, Adaptations for Life on Land, Legs, Lungs, Heart, Modern Amphibians, Evolution of Amphibians, Early Reptiles, Evolution of Terrestrial Vertebrates, Evolution of Dinosaurs, Breakup of Pangaea, Triassic Dinosaurs, Eoraptor, Thecodonts, Leg Structure, Drought Resistance, Extinction of other animal species, The Jurassic Period, The Golden Age of Dinosaurs, Sauropods, Theropods, Were Dinosaurs Warmblooded, Ectothermic, coldblooded, Endothermic, warmblooded, The Cretaceous Extinction, Global Temperatures Through Time, Atmospheric Oxygen Through Time, Evolution of Birds, Archaeopteryx (ancient wing), Modern Birds, Modern Reptile Heart, Modern Reptiles, Evolutionary Relationships, Evolution of Mammals, Eozostrodon, Diversification of Mammals, Ice Age Mammals, Later Mammals, Modern Mammals, Marsupials, Placentals, Evolution of Primates, Characteristics of Primates, Grasping hands and feet, Forward orientation of the eyes, Prosimians, Nonhuman Primates, Monkeys, Apes, Early Hominids, Australopithecines, genus Australopithecus, Other Early Hominids, Human Phylogenetic Tree, Genus Homo, Homo habilis (man handy), Homo erectus, Java Man, Homo erectus Discovery Sites, Hominid Migration, Homo sapiens (man wise), Homo sapiens in Europe, Neanderthals, Homo neanderthalensis, Modern Homo sapiens, Homo sapiens Migration.

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Introduction to Vertebrates PowerPoint Presentation Lesson

Introduction to Vertebrates Notes Outline Lesson Plan

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Introduction to Vertebrates Notes Outline Lesson Plan