K - 3 March Math and Literacy Packet Common Core No Prep Bundle

K - 3 March Math and Literacy Packet Common Core No Prep Bundle
K - 3 March Math and Literacy Packet Common Core No Prep Bundle
K - 3 March Math and Literacy Packet Common Core No Prep Bundle
K - 3 March Math and Literacy Packet Common Core No Prep Bundle
K - 3 March Math and Literacy Packet Common Core No Prep Bundle
K - 3 March Math and Literacy Packet Common Core No Prep Bundle
K - 3 March Math and Literacy Packet Common Core No Prep Bundle
K - 3 March Math and Literacy Packet Common Core No Prep Bundle
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This K - 3 March Math and Literacy Packet Common Core No Prep Bundle is bundle of my Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade, and Third Grade March No Prep Common Core Packets. Math and literacy activities are included and the common core standard addressed is printed clearly on each page. All activities require NO PREP - just print and go!

Included in Each Packet



*Read and Answer: Literature (RL.K.1)
*Character Report (RL.K.3)
*Read and Answer: Non-Fiction (RI.K.1)
*Catch Me If You Can (RI.K.8)
*Springtime Rhymes (RF.K.2.A)
*How to Build a Leprechaun Trap Writing (Steps 1-4) (W.K.2)
*Story Check In (SL.K.2)
*Punctuation (L.K.2)


*Counting Forward (K.CC.2)
*Spin, Count, and Draw (K.CC.4)
*Make 10 (K.OA.4)
*Addition and Subtraction Facts (K.OA.5)
*Counting Larger Numbers (K.NBT.1)
*Measurement Sentences (K.MD.1)
*Sort It Out (K.MD.3)
*Hexagons (K.G.2)
*Flat or Solid? (K.G.3)

First Grade

*Add and Color: Color the shamrocks according to the sum
*Adding Near Doubles: Use your doubles facts to solve near doubles addition problems
*Addition Facts: Practice answering addition problems to 20 quickly
*Addition Word Problems: Read the word problem, write the number sentence, and answer the question (using three addends)
*Adjectives - Circle, then replace the adjectives in each sentence.
*Characters and Setting: Read the St. Patrick's Day story and draw a picture of the setting and characters.
*Verbs: Find the verbs in each sentence
*Comparing Numbers (2): Identify the largest and smallest number in a group of numbers, Use the <, >, or = sign to compare two numbers
*Create-a-Word-Search: Design a word search for your classmates to complete.
*Determiners: Choose a determiner to complete each sentence
*Double Digit Addition: Practice solving double digit addition problems
*Double Digit Addition - Counting Up: Count up on the number grid to solve the double digit addition problems.
*Leprechaun Sequencing: Read the stories and cut out pictures from the story to put them in order
*St. Patrick's Day / How to Build a Leprechaun Trap Writing: Write about St. Patrick's Day and How to Build a Leprechaun Trap - Word boxes with helpful words included
*Make 10: Solve three digit addition problems by first adding the numbers that make 10
*Make It True: Fill in the number or symbol that makes each number sentence true
*Proofreading Practice: Read a passage, circle the mistakes, and rewrite the passage correctly
*George Washington and Abraham Lincoln Word Webs: Complete word webs about two famous presidents.
*Make it True: Add the missing number or symbol to each number sentence to make it true.
*Past, Present, and Future: Write a sentence three ways
*Past Tense Verbs: Rewrite sentences, changing the verb to past tense
*Relating Addition and Subtraction: Solve the addition problem to help solve the subtraction problem in the same fact family
*Sleep E or Bossy E: Sort the silent e words by long or short vowels
*Subtraction Facts: Practice subtracting within 10 as fast as you can.
*Time to the Hour: Write the correct time under each analog clock.
*Spring Graphing: Complete a graph and answer the questions
*Spring Word Web: Complete the word web to tell about spring
*Capitalization - Rewrite the sentence with correct capitalization
show main ideas and key details
*Using Capitals: Write about a friend, using capital letters when appropriate

Second Grade:


*Who, What Where, When, Why & How (Literature) (RL.2.1) – Read a fiction book and answer the questions.
*Plot Diagram (RL.2.5) – Use the diagram to show different parts of a fictional story.
*Making Inferences (RL.2.7) – Use the sentences and illustrations to make inferences.
*”The Leprechaun’s Gold” Check In (RL.2.10) – Read the story “The Leprechaun’s Gold” (on page 8 of the packet) and answer the comprehension questions. Use color to find evidence in the text.
*”The Leprechaun’s Gold Extended Response (RL.2.10) – Draw plans for a leprechaun Trap
* Who, What Where, When, Why & How (2) (Biography – St. Patrick) (RI.2.1) – Read a biography about Saint Patrick answer the questions. You will need to have your own St. Patrick biography for this activity.
* Who, What Where, When, Why & How (Informative – Dinosaurs) (RI.2.1) - Read an informative text about dinosaurs and answer the questions.
*”The Leprechauns’ Gold” Story (RF.2.4) – Read the story. Complete comprehension activities on pages 4 and 5.
*Define It (RF.2.4.C) – Use context clues in each sentence to define the underlined word.
*Using Context Clues (RF.2.4.C) – Use context clues to choose the best word to complete the sentence.
* Opinion Writing (2) (W.2.1) – Write to answer the questions – includes 2 (Do Leprechauns Exist? And How much TV Should You Watch?)
* Informative Writing (2) (W.2.2) – Write 2 informative pieces (How to Catch a Leprechaun and The Butterfly Lifecycle)
* Narrative Writing (W.2.3) – Write 2 narratives (The First Day of Spring and The Leprechaun’s Gold (fictional))
*Key Ideas (W.2.8) – Determine three key points for each writing topic.
* Spring Break Discussion (SL.2.1.C) – Discuss the topic with your classmates. Record their answers, ask them questions, and record their responses.
*Catching a Leprechaun (SL.2.5) – Write and illustrate a story about catching a leprechaun. Create an audio recording of your story.
*Reflexive Pronouns (L.2.1.C) – Choose the correct reflexive pronoun to complete each sentence.
*Past Tense (L.2.1.D) – Change the sentences with irregular verb to past tense.
* Expand It! (L.2.1.F) – Expand the sentences to make them more exciting.
* Proofreading Practice (L.2.2) – Proofread and rewrite a letter.
* Capitalization (L.2.2.A) – Rewrite the sentences using capitals correctly.
*Apostrophes (L.2.2.C) – Add the missing apostrophe(s) to each sentence.
*Draw It (L.2.4.D) – Illustrate the compound words.


* Word Problems (2.OA.1) – Use addition and subtraction to solve the word problems.
*Comparing Number Sentences (2.OA.2) – Solve the equations and compare the answers using <, >, or =.
*Addition and Subtraction Fact Check Off Sheets (2.OA.2) – Assess and record the students math fact knowledge (addition and subtraction facts to 20).
* Addition Fact Practice (2.OA.2) – Answer the addition problems quickly.
* Subtraction Fact Practice (2..OA.2) - Answer the subtraction problems quickly.
* Odd and Even Shamrocks (2.OA.3) – Color the shamrocks according to odd or even numbers.
*Skip Count by 5s (2.NBT.2) – Skip count by 5s to complete the 120 chart.
*Break the Code Addition (2.NBT.5) – Use the code to solve the picture addition problems.
* Double Digit Addition (2.NBT.5)
* Double Digit Subtraction (2.NBT.5)
*Adding 4 Numbers (2.NBT.6) – Solve the addition problems with 4 2-digit numbers.
* Roll and Solve Addition (2.NBT.7) – Roll the dice and solve the triple-digit addition problems.
* Roll and Solve Subtraction (2.NBT.7) - Roll the dice and solve the triple-digit subtraction problems.
*Number Puzzles (2.NBT.8) – Fill in the missing numbers on segments of a number grid.
*Explaining Addition (2.NBT.9) – Explain how to solve a double-digit addition problem using base ten blocks and a number grid..
*Measure it Twice (2.MD.2) – Measure the same object using different units and compare the measurements.
*Measurement Word Problems (2.MD.5) – Solve the word problems involving measurement.
*Plot the Number Line (2.MD.6) – Fill in the missing numbers (counting my 1s, 5s, 10s, or 100s) on each number line.
* Count the Money (2.MD.8) – Write an addition problem to find the total value of the money.

Third Grade:


*Read and Answer: Literature (RL.3.1)
*Read and Answer: Biography (RI.3.1)
*Using Illustrations (RI.3.7)
*Latin Suffixes (RF.3.3.B)
*Sight Word Search (RF.3.3.D)
*Opinion Writing (Should Kids Have Cell Phones?) (W.3.1)
*Reasons (W.3.1.B)
*Informational Writing (Ireland) (W.3.2)
*Facts, Details, and Definitions Animals (W.3.2.B)
*Informative Writing Concluding Sentences (W.3.2.D
*Narrative Writing (The Sneaky Leprechaun) (W.3.3)
* Adjectives (L.3.1.A)
*Parts of Speech (L.3.1.A)
*Irregular Plural Nouns (L.3.1.B)
*Proofreading Practice (L.3.2)


*Number Stories (3.OA.2)
*Find the Missing Number (3.OA.4)
*Solve It (Distributive Property) (3.OA.5)
*Multiplying 3 Numbers (3.OA.5)
*Multiply to Divide (3.OA.6)
*Spin and Multiply (3.OA.7)
*Multiplication Facts (3.OA.7)
*Division Facts (3.OA.7)
*Round to 10 (3.NBT.1)
*Fractions on the Number Line (3.NFA.2)
*A Time Story (3.MD.1)
*Write the Time (3.MD.1)
*Picture Graphs (3.MD.3)
*Finding Area: Counting Units (3.MD.5.B)
*Comparing Quadrilaterals (3.G.1)

I hope you enjoy this packet. Please message me if you have any questions.

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