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    This purchase includes both my Kindergarten Math Common Core Bundle and my Kindergarten Language Arts Common Core Bundle. These bundles include a worksheet / activity for EVERY SINGLE Kindergarten Math and language Arts Common Core Standard.

    Each section contains a table of contents.

    Language Arts:

    Reading: Literature and Informational:

    *Three Little Pigs Comprehension (RL.K.1)
    *Goldilocks and the Three Bears Comprehension (RL.K.1)
    *Beginning, Middle, End (RL.K.2)
    *Setting (RL.K.3)
    *Character Report (RL.K.3)
    * Unknown Words (RL.K.4)
    *Types of Texts (RL.K.5)
    *Author and Illustrator (RL.K.6)
    *Story Illustrations (RL.K.7)
    *Character Comparisons (4) (RL.K.9)
    *Character Comparison (RL.K.9)
    * Group Reading Observations (RL.K.10)
    *Ask and Answer (RI.K.1)
    *Informational Word Web (RI.K.2)
    *Main Topic (RI.K.2)
    *Making Connections (RI.K.3)
    *Unknown Words (RI.K.4)
    *Front Cover, Back Cover, & Title Page (RI.K.5)
    *Author and Illustrator (RI.K.6)
    *Informational Illustrations (RI.K.7)
    *My Dog (RI.K.8)
    *Field Trip (RI.K.8)
    *Fish Passages (2) (RI.K.9)
    *Comparing Texts (RI.K.9)
    *Group Reading Observations (RI.K.10)

    Reading: Foundational Skills

    * Read and Follow (RF.K.1.A)
    * Say It, Write It (RF.K.1.B)
    *Say It, Build It, Write It (2) and Letters (RF.K.1.B)
    *Counting Words (RF.K.1.C)
    *Lowercase Letter Name Assessment (RF.K.1.D)
    *Uppercase Letter Name Assessment (RF.K.1.D)
    *Rhyming Fill In (RF.K.2.A)
    *Rhyme Time (RF.K.2.A)
    *Syllable Count (RF.K.2.B)
    *Make New Words (-ug, -og, -in, -en, -at) (RF.K.2.C)
    *CVC Fill In (RF.K.2.D)
    *Substituting Sounds (RF.K.2.D)
    *Letter Sound Assessment (RF.K.3.A, RF.K.3.B)
    *Beginning Sound Match (RF.K.3.A)
    *Short Vowel Fill Ins (a, e, i, o, u) (RF.K.3.B)
    *Long Vowel Fill Ins (a, e, i, o (match), u) (RF.K.3.B)
    *Sight Word Assessment (RF.K.3.C)
    *Short and Long Vowel Coloring (a, e, i, o, u) (RF.K.3.D)
    *Short Vowel Book Instructions (RF.K.4)
    *Max and Sam (Short A Book) (RF.K.4)
    *Ted's Red Sled (Short E Book) (RF.K.4)
    *The Big Hit (Short I Book) (RF.K.4)
    * Frogs That Hop (Short O Book) (RF.K.4)
    * Fun In The Sun (Short U Book) (RF.K.4)
    *Jake's Pet (Long A Book) (RF.K.4)
    *Busy Bee's Day (Long E Book) (RF.K.4)
    *Hide and Seek (Long I Book) (RF.K.4)
    *The Boat Ride (Long O Book) (RF.K.4)
    *Fun on the Tube (Long U Book) (RF.K.4)
    * Reading Level Report


    For the first three standards, which address opinion writing, informational writing, and narrative writing, the students are given the opportunity to write several different pieces on several different topics using a step-by-step approach that allows them to write and develop at their own pace. Each writing assignments includes the following steps:

    Step One: Students draw a picture of the topic and label their drawing with any words/sounds they are able.

    Step Two: Students draw and label a picture of the topic and write a sentence to go along with their picture(s).

    Step Three: Students use their work from the previous steps to create an outline of their writing, which includes a topic sentence, three middle sentences, and an ending sentence.

    Step Four: Students write at least 5 sentences on the given topic.

    Topics for step-by-step writing include:

    *Opinion Pieces: My Favorite Animal, My Favorite Book, My Favorite Toy

    *Informational Pieces: Animal Report, Community Helper Report, Sport Report, Blank Report (Any topic can be used.)

    *Narrative Pieces: My Birthday Party, Christmas Day, My First Day of Kindergarten, My Story (Students can choose an experience to write about.)

    Also Included:
    *Writer's Checklist
    *A list of digital writing ideas
    *Two shared writing experiences (Field Trip and Dr. Seuss Books)

    Speaking and Listening

    *Collaborative Conversation Checklist (SL.K.1)
    *Story Understanding Check In (SL.K.2)
    *Ask and Answer (SL.K.3)
    *My Friend (Description) (SL.K.4)
    *My Classroom (Description) (SL.K.4)
    *My Bedroom (Description) (SL.K.4)
    *My Friend (Drawing) (SL.K.5)
    *My Classroom (Drawing) (SL.K.5)
    *My Bedroom (Drawing) (SL.K.5)
    *Speaking Checklist (SL.K.6


    *Uppercase and Lowercase Fill In (L.K.1.A)
    *Nouns and Verbs (2) (L.K.1.B)
    *Plural Nouns (L.K.1.C)
    *Question Words (L.K.1.D)
    *Prepositions (L.K.1.E)
    *Tell Me a Story (L.K.1.F)
    *Capitalization (L.K.2.A)
    *Punctuation (L.K.2.B)
    *Beginning Sounds (L.K.2.C)
    *Phonemic Spelling (L.K.2.D)
    *Word Meaning (2) (L.K.4.A)
    *Sorting (3) (L.K.5.A)
    *Opposites Concentration Game (L.K.5.B)
    *Real Life Words (L.K.5.C)
    *Act It Out (L.K.5.D)
    *Language Observations (L.K.6)


    Counting and Cardinality

    *Counting Check Off (K.CC.1)
    *Count By Ones - Fill In (K.CC.1)
    *Counting By Ones - Blank (K.CC.1)
    *Count By Tens (K.CC.1)
    *Ordering Numbers 0-5 (K.CC.2)
    *Ordering Numbers 0-10 (K.CC.2)
    *Counting Forward (K.CC.2)
    *Number Handwriting Practice (K.CC.3)
    *1 and 2 (K.CC.4)
    *Number 3 (K.CC.4)
    *Number 4 (K.CC.4)
    *Number 5 (K.CC.4)
    *Numbers 4 and 5 (K.CC.4)
    *Number 6 (K.CC.4)
    *Number 7 (K.CC.4)
    *Number 8 (K.CC.4)
    *Number 9 (K.CC.4)
    *How Many To Make 10? (K.CC.4)
    *How Many? 0-3 (K.CC.5)
    *How Many? 0-5 (K.CC.5)
    *How Many? 6-8 (K.CC.5)
    *How Many? 0-10 (K.CC.5)
    *How Many? 9-10 (K.CC.5)
    *How Many? 11-20 (K.CC.5)
    *0-10 Represent with Objects (K.CC.5)
    *More (K.CC.6)
    *Less (K.CC.6)
    *More, Less, Or Equal Game (K.CC.6)
    *Equal Sets (K.CC.6)
    *Comparing Numbers (K.CC.7)
    *Comparing Numbers (K.CC.7)

    Operations and Algebraic Thinking

    *Modeling Addition (K.OA.1)
    *Modeling Subtraction (K.OA.1)
    *Using Pictures to Add (K.OA.1)
    *Using Pictures to Subtract (K.OA.1)
    *Addition Stories (K.OA.1)
    *Subtraction Stories (K.OA.1)
    *Adding With Cubes (K.OA.1)
    *Subtracting With Cubes (K.OA.1)
    *Draw Me an Addition Story (K.OA.1)
    *Draw Me a Subtraction Story (K.OA.1)
    *Addition and Subtraction (K.OA.1)
    *Fact Family Sort (K.OA.1)
    *Addition Mat Instructions
    *Addition Mat
    *Addition Mat Worksheet (K.OA.2)
    *Addition Mat Worksheet 2 (K.OA.2)
    *Addition to 10 (K.OA.2)
    *Subtraction Mat Instructions
    *Subtraction Mat
    *Subtraction Mat Worksheet (K.OA.2)
    *Subtraction Mat Worksheet 2 (K.OA.2)
    *Subtraction to 10 (K.OA.2)
    *Addition Word Problems (K.OA.2)
    *Subtraction Word Problems (K.OA.2)
    *Addition and Subtraction Word Problems (K.OA.2)
    *Decomposing Numbers 3-5 (K.OA.3)
    *Decomposing Numbers 6-8 (K.OA.3)
    *Number Partners (K.OA.4)
    *Make 10 Memory Cards (K.OA.4)
    *Make 10 (K.OA.4)
    *Addition Facts to 2 (K.OA.5)
    *Addition Facts to 3 (K.OA.5)
    *Addition Facts to 4 (K.OA.5)
    *Addition Facts to 5 (K.OA.5)
    *Subtraction Facts to 2 (K.OA.5)
    *Subtraction Facts to 3 (K.OA.5)
    *Subtraction Facts to 4 (K.OA.5)
    *Subtraction Facts to 5 (K.OA.5)
    *Addition and Subtraction Facts to 2 (K.OA.5)
    *Addition and Subtraction Facts to 3 (K.OA.5)
    43 - Addition and Subtraction Facts to 4 (K.OA.5)
    44 - Addition and Subtraction Facts to 5 (K.OA.5)

    Number and Operations in Base Ten

    *Missing Numbers (K.NBT.1)
    *Eleven (K.NBT.1)
    *Twelve (K.NBT.1)
    *Thirteen (K.NBT.1)
    *Fourteen (K.NBT.1)
    *Fifteen (K.NBT.1)
    *Sixteen (K.NBT.1)
    *Seventeen (K.NBT.1)
    *Eighteen (K.NBT.1)
    *Nineteen (K.NBT.1)
    *Tens and Ones (K.NBT.1)
    *Numbers 11-15 (K.NBT.1)
    *Numbers 16-20 (K.NBT.1)
    *Adding 10 (K.NBT.1)

    Measurement and Data

    *Measurement Sentences Fill In (K.MD.1)
    *Measurement Sentences (K.MD.1)
    *Comparing Length (K.MD.2)
    *Comparing Weight (K.MD.2)
    *Comparing Volume (K.MD.2)
    *Using Cubes to Measure (K.MD.2)
    *Sort By Weight (K.MD.3)
    *Sort By Length (K.MD.3)
    *Sort By Height (K.MD.3)
    *Shape Sort (K.MD.3)
    *Problem Solving Sort (K.MD.3)
    *Graphing Objects (K.MD.3)


    *Top, Middle, Bottom (K.G.1)
    *Inside / Outside (K.G.1)
    *In Front Of, Behind, Next To (K.G.1)
    *Above and Below (K.G.1)
    *Shape Search (K.G.1)
    *Solid Shape Search (K.G.1)
    *Circles and Squares (K.G.2)
    *Triangles and Rectangles (K.G.2)
    *Cubes and Spheres (K.G.2)
    *Cones and Cylinders (K.G.2)
    *Hexagons (K.G.2)
    *Flat or Solid? (K.G.3)
    *Comparing Flat and Solid Shapes (K.G.4)
    *Shape Building Check Off Sheet (K.G.5)
    *Shape Picture Cut Outs (K.G.5)
    *Building Shapes (K.G.6)
    *My Shape Book (K.G.2, K.G.5)

    Each worksheet contains the Common Core Standard it addresses clearly printed at the top of the page. I have found this incredibly useful in helping parents to understand the concepts being taught. (Several worksheets address more than one standard, but only the one targeted standard is identified.) Clear directions are printed at the bottom of each page.

    Please message me if you have any questions. Enjoy!!

    Kendra's Kindergarten

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    Kindergarten Counting and Cardinality Common Core Packet
    Kindergarten Measurement and Data Common Core Packet
    Kindergarten Number and Operations in Base Ten Common Core Packet
    Kindergarten Geometry Common Core Packet
    Kindergarten Operations and Algebraic Thinking Common Core Packet

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    to see state-specific standards (only available in the US).
    Use words and phrases acquired through conversations, reading and being read to, and responding to texts.
    With guidance and support from adults, explore word relationships and nuances in word meanings.
    Determine or clarify the meaning of unknown and multiple-meaning words and phrases based on kindergarten reading and content.
    Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English capitalization, punctuation, and spelling when writing.
    Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking.


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