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I absolutely LOVE this bundle! The students are engaged with each piece of this product! Easy to print, laminate, and use!

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    BUILD Stations Standards Based Pacing Guide
    Also included in
    1. This resource is a a combination of my BEST selling BUILD Math centers for Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade. It covers a span of 3 grade levels, and you will be able to use it to truly differentiate your math instruction. Inside of this MEGA BUNDLE you will find:Kindergarten BUILD Math cente
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    Kindergarten BUILD math games and math centers for the WHOLE YEAR Bundle

    This growing bundle of math games and math centers for Kindergarten contains a monthly pack of math stations for each month of the school year.

    **YOU WILL L*O*V*E this product because...

    Are you happy with the way you are running your math block? Are you getting all your guided math groups in? Are you targeting every single standard? The math games and math centers in this growing bundle will provide you with EVERYTHING you need to run your math stations. You can have peace of mind that every single standard is targeted, not once, but many times for extended practice.

    **What is in each pack? Each monthly pack contains directions, a rotation chart for the BUILD stations, contracts, and 15 stations PER MONTH!! By the time I am finished with this growing bundle, you will have a total of 135 Math Stations for first grade. BOOM! You and your students will be set for the whole year!

    BUILD is a great rotation system that targets different mathematical dimensions and provides a perfect structure for guided math.

    B: Buddy Games

    U: Using manipulatives

    I: Independent work

    L: Learning about numbers

    D: Doing math

    1. Appletastic Comparisons Task Cards (Comparing length and size) --> K.MD.A.2
    2. The Or-shape Tree Mathtivity --> K.G.A.1
    3. Three Printables --> K.MD.A.1, K.MD.A.2, K.MD.B.3
    4. Number sense sort to 20 (subitizing with dot cards) --> K.CC.B.4
    5. What is a Mathematician booklet. (Easy reader to build conceptual knowledge)--> K.OA.A.1, K.OA.A.2
    6. Longer – Shorter – Same Clip Cards --> K.MD.A.1
    7. Ten Frame Coloring Pages and Mathtivity --> K.CC.5
    8. Three Printables --> K.CC.3, K.MD.A.1
    9. Apple Clip Cards --> K.CC.B.4
    10. Book of Numbers 1 - 5 --> K.C.C.5, K.C.C.1, K.C.C.2, K.C.C.3, K.C.C.4
    11. Apple Orchard Count Up [Number Matching Game] --> K.CC.B.4
    12. Shape Sort -->K.G.3
    13.Three Printables --> K.G.A.1, K.CC.3, K.CC.5
    14. Subitizing clip cards --> K.CC.B.4
    15. Book of numbers 6-10 --> K.C.C.5, K.C.C.1, K.C.C.2, K.C.C.3, K.C.C.4


    1. Trick-or-Treat! Partner game --> K.CC.A.3

    2. Fall Matchups --> K.MD.B.3

    3. Three printables --> K.G.1, K.CC.2, K.CC.A.3

    4. Sweet Numbers --> K.CC.A.3, K.CC.B.5

    5. Number Mats 1-10 --> K.CC.A.3, K.CC.B.5

    6. The Candy Jar Game --> K.CC.4, K.CC.5

    7. Fall Classification --> K.MD.B.3

    8. Three printables that target flat and solid shapes, counting, and matching numbers to a set --> K.G.B.3, K.CC.3, K.CC.5

    9. Scrappy Clip Cards --> K.CC.A.2

    10. Count and draw booklet --> K.CC.A.3, K.CC.B.5

    11. What comes next? [Clip cards to 10] --> K.CC.1, K.CC.2, K.CC.3, K.CC.4, K.CC.5

    12. Shapes in the environment Bingo --> K.G.1, K.G.2, K.G.3

    13. Three printables that target shapes in the environment, number sets to 10, and counting shapes --> K.G.1, K.CC.A.3, K.CC.4, K.G.A.2

    14. Number sort --> K.CC.4, K.CC.5

    15. Fall –Count and Write booklet --> K.CC.A.3, K.CC.B.4c


    1. Pumpkin 10 comparisons [file folder game] --> K.CC.6

    2. Bigger or smaller than a turkey [sort] --> K.MD.2

    3. Three printables --> K.CC.5, K.CC.6

    4. Thanksgiving dinner count the room --> K.CC.1

    5. Thanksgiving math booklet --> K.CC.3, K.CC.4, K.CC.5, K.CC.6

    6. More or less Thanksgiving dinner [file folder game]--> K.CC.6

    7. Counting by tens mathtivity --> K.CC.1

    8. Three printables --> K.CC.2, K.CC.3, K.CC.5

    9. 1-20 Clip Cards --> K.CC.3, K.CC.4

    10. Comparing measurable attributes math booklet --> K.MD.2

    11. Counting turkeys [file folder game] --> K.CC.1, K.CC.2, K.CC.3, K.CC.4, K.CC.5

    12. Comparing height sort --> K.MD.2

    13. Three printables--> K.CC.A.3, K.CC.4, K.CC.6

    14. Fall balance clip cards --> K.CC.6

    15. November–Count and Write booklet --> K.CC.1, K.CC.2, K.CC.A.3, K.CC.4, K.CC.5


    1. Make it Count! [File folder game] --> K.CC.1, K.CC.2, K.CC.4, K.CC.5

    2. Elf Geometry Mathtivity--> K.G.2, K.CC.4, K.CC.5, K.CC.6

    3. Three printables --> K.CC.6, K.G.1, K.MD.2

    4. Comparing sets –Task Cards --> K.CC.3, K.CC.4, K.CC.5, K.CC.6

    5. December Math Booklet [Word Problems] --> K.CC.3 K.CC.4 K.CC.5 K.CC.

    6. Light Up the Menorah! [File Folder]--> K.CC.3 K.CC.4 K.CC.5 K.CC.6

    7. Heavier or lighter than a Christmas tree --> K.MD.2

    8. Three printables --> K.CC.1 K.CC.3 K.CC.4 K.CC.5 K.G.1

    9. 1-20 What is next? Clip Cards --> K.CC.1 K.CC.2 K.CC.3

    10. Holiday count and write math booklet --> K.CC.1 K.CC.2 K.CC.3 K.CC.4

    11. Spin the gifts! [Individual Game] --> K.CC.1

    12. Number sort [11-12-13-14] --> K.CC.1 K.CC.2 K.CC.3

    13. Three printables--> K.CC.1 K.CC.2 K.CC.3 K.CC.4 K.CC.5 K.CC.6

    14. Clothespin Math --> K.CC.1 K.CC.2 K.CC.4 K.CC.5 K.CC.6 K.G.1

    15. Merry Math [Draw and write booklet] --> K.G.1 K.CC.1 K.CC.3 K.CC.4 K.CC.5


    1. Snowmen in Winter [File folder game] [File folder game] --> K.CC.7

    2. Snow pals Measurement--> K.MD.2

    3. Three printables --> K.G.1 K.G.2 K.CC.3 K.CC.4 K.CC.5

    4. Tally Marks to 20 [Clip Cards] --> K.CC.4 K.CC.5

    5. January Math Booklet [Word Problems] --> K.CC.3 K.CC.4 K.CC.5 K.CC.6 K.CC.7

    6. Penguin Pal Names [File Folder]--> K.CC.6 K.CC.7

    7. Snowflake pattern challenge --> K.G.6

    8. Three printables --> K.G.1 K.G.2 K.G.5 K.CC.6 K.CC.7

    9. What Number Comes Before? [to 20] --> K.CC.1 K.CC.2 K.CC.4 K.CC.5

    10. Winter Math Booklet[Geometry] --> K.G.1 K.G.2 K.G.3 K.G.4 K.G.5

    11.The Abominable Number Monster [Partner Game]--> K.CC.7

    12. Winter pattern challenge --> K.G.6

    13. Three printables--> K.G.1 K.G.2 K.CC.5 K.CC.7 K.OA.4

    14. Clothespin Math --> K.CC.2 K.CC.4 K.CC.6 K.CC.7

    15. Frosty Math [Number Sense] --> K.G.1 K.CC.1 K.CC.3 K.CC.4 K.CC.5


    1. Broken Hearts -Making ten [File folder game] --> K.OA.4

    2. Love Donuts Mathtivity [Decomposing Numbers]--> K.OA.A.3

    3. Three printables --> K.OA.2, K.OA.3

    4. Greater or Less [Task Crads] --> K.CC.7

    5. February Math Booklet--> K.OA.3, K.OA.4

    6. Valentines Galore [File Folder]--> K.OA.3

    7. Making 10 sort --> K.OA.4

    8. Three printables --> K.OA.1, K.OA.4

    9. Ten Hearts --> K.OA.4

    10. Lovely Math Booklet --> K.OA.1, K.OA.3, K.OA.4

    11. Three in a row [File Folder Game]--> K.OA.4

    12. Decomposing Numbers Sort --> K.OA.3

    13. Three printables--> K.OA.1, K.CC.6

    14. Sweet Number Bonds --> K.OA.3

    15. Valentine Math Booklet --> K.OA.1, K.OA.3, K.OA.4, K.CC.7


    1. Domino Number Bonds K.OA.A.3
    2. March Pattern Challenge K.G.6
    3. Three printables K.OA.A.1, K.OA.A.4, K.CC.6, K.CC.7
    4. Add and clip K.OA.A.2
    5. Lucky math booklet K.OA.A.3, K.OA.A.1
    6. Lucky Numbers K.OA.A.3
    7. TRUE and FALSE Math sort K.OA.A1
    8. Three printables K.OA.A.1, K.OA.A.4, K.CC.6, K.CC.7
    9. Yes/No Clip cards K.OA.A.2
    10. Rainbow math booklet K.OA.A.3, K.OA.A.1
    11. Lucky Subtraction K.OA.A.5
    12. More and Less than 10 sort K.OA.A.5 K.CC.6 K.CC.7
    13. Three printables K.OA.A.1 K.OA.A.4 K.OA.2
    14. Subtract and clip K.OA.A.2
    15. March math booklet K.OA.A.3 K.OA.A.1 K.OA.A.2


    1. Easter basket math K.NBT.1
    2. Subtraction Sort K.OA.A.1
    3. Three printables K.OA.A.1, K.OA.A.2, K.NBT.1
    4. Peeps Subtraction K.OA.A.2
    5. April math booklet K.OA.A.2, K.OA.A.1
    6. Rainbow Math K.OA.A.1
    7. Spring Pattern Challenge K.G.6
    8. Three printables K.OA.A.1, K.OA.A.2, K.NBT.1
    9. Teen Clip Cards K.NBT.A.1
    10. Spring math booklet K.OA.A.2, K.OA.A.1
    11. Rainy day addition K.OA.A.2, K.OA.A.1
    12. More and Less than 10 sort K.NBT.1 K.OA.A.1 K.OA.A.2 K.CC.7
    13. Three printables K.OA.A.1, K.OA.A.2, K.NBT.1
    14. Bunny Clip cards K.OA.A.2
    15. Bunny math booklet K.OA.A.2, K.OA.A.1, K.NBT.1


    1. Bee Addition to 10 K.OA.A.2
    2. Summer pattern challenge K.G.6
    3. Three printables K.OA.A.4, K.OA.A.2, K.NBT.1
    4. Problems clip cards K.OA.A.5
    5. May math booklet K.OA.A.1, K.OA.A.2, K.NBT.A.1, K.CC.7
    6. Water-TEN-Melon K.OA.A.4
    7. True and false Sort K.NBT.A.1
    8. Three printables K.OA.A.5, K.OA.A.2, K.NBT.1
    9. Subitizing Clip Cards K.OA.A.6
    10. End of the year math booklet K.OA.A.1, K.OA.A.2, K.NBT.A.1, K.CC.7
    11. Ice Cream Facts –Puzzle Game K.OA.A.5
    12. Ice cream mathtivity K.OA.A.2
    13. Three printables K.OA.A., K.OA.A.2, K.NBT.1
    14. Addition and subtraction Clip cards K.OA.A.5
    15. Summer math booklet K.OA.A.2, K.NBT.A.1, K.CC.7

    Being ready with kidnergarten math games and math centers to practice math concepts and skills for the whole year will give you peace of mind and will provide your students with TONS of hand-on fun and learning all in one.

    These are the individual monthly packs:

    BUILD September Kindergarten Math Centers

    BUILD October Kindergarten Math Centers

    •BUILD November Kindergarten Math Centers

    BUILD December Kindergarten Math Centers

    •BUILD January Kindergarten Math Centers

    BUILD February Kindergarten Math Centers

    •BUILD March Kindergarten Math Centers

    •BUILD April Kindergarten Math Centers

    •BUILD May Kindergarten Math Centers


    BUILD Math centers for 1st grade for the whole year

    BUILD math centers for 2nd grade for the whole year

    © 2020, Where the Magic Happens. Kindergarten BUILD Math Stations for the WHOLE YEAR - for single classroom use, please purchase multiple licenses (at a discount price) at check-out for whole-grade or school-wide use.


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    Count to 100 by ones and by tens.
    Count forward beginning from a given number within the known sequence (instead of having to begin at 1).
    Write numbers from 0 to 20. Represent a number of objects with a written numeral 0-20 (with 0 representing a count of no objects).
    Understand the relationship between numbers and quantities; connect counting to cardinality.
    When counting objects, say the number names in the standard order, pairing each object with one and only one number name and each number name with one and only one object.


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