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This resource contains one or more resources that are compatible with Easel by TpT, a suite of digital tools you can use to make any lesson interactive and device-ready. Customize these activities and assign them to students, all from Easel. Easel is free to use! Learn more.

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    Sub Plan Extra Goodies


    NO PREP Kindergarten Substitute Lesson Plans! OR easily create fun THEMED distance learning packs too! Then, when your are back in the classroom you'll have sub plans for next school year as well! This is a bundle of 22 Kindergarten NO PREP sub plans. These kindergarten substitute plans are also perfect for an emergency sub day or just a day lesson plan FREE for you!

    You can just email them to a colleague to print. Totally STRESS-FREE sub plans!

    Also included: EDITABLE Substitute Information Binder and Task Card Games for when you have time to plan AHEAD for a substitute!

    Purchased separately, these sub plans would be over $75! SAVE $$ by buying this BUNDLE!

    *March Baby Animals now includes an EDITABLE DISTANCE LEARNING PACK!


    -Holidays Around the World! See detailed description below.

    -Arctic Animals! See detailed description below.

    NEW ADDITION just added to the BUNDLE! A Powerpoint file containing ALL substitute directions from each pack that are COMPLETELY EDITABLE! If you have time to plan for your sub, you can now tweak them however you like!

    →Check out the PREVIEW to get an idea of how each sub plan works OR get a CLOSER look at what you get in this bundle by checking out each individual listing's preview.

    Check out my other SUB BUNDLES here:

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    Third Grade Sub Plans for the Entire Year BUNDLE + Editable Sub Info

    •This file includes 2 sub plans for each month of the school year September-June!! These plans are loosely tied to the month, but will be referenced by a month so that you are aware of the skill level needed. For example, sub plans in "September" will include easier skills than sub plans from "December".

    ☆This print and go pack is Common Core Aligned. Don't use Common Core? These plans will still work for you! There is one or more activities for each subject! Each pack includes L.A./Reading, Math, Writing, Social Studies, and Science activities. Each activity page lists the Common Core Standard it addresses in the corner.

    September "All about Apples" asks students to:

    -identify letters

    -identify numbers

    -counting objects

    -putting numbers in order from 1-10

    -writing about the beginning of the school year (mini-word bank included)

    -responding to a reading by identifying their favorite part of a book

    -rules and procedures (Social Studies)

    -the five senses (Science)

    BONUS: My Fabulous Family Tree

    -Task Card Game: Apples- Red, Green, or Yellow

    September "All About My Family" asks students to:

    -all about my family's likes and dislikes (circle time activity)

    -read, write, and paste sight words in order

    -matching letters

    -write about their family using a word bank

    -identify 2D shapes

    -independent book review

    -talking about different jobs and responsibilities (Social Studies)

    -make observations by sorting and identifying objects by properties (Science)

    -Task Card Game: Beginning Sounds

    October "All About Bats" asks students to:

    -read and identify sight words

    -identify the beginning sounds of words

    -count objects

    -fill in ten-frames to match a number

    -fill in the missing numbers in a number chart from 1-20 (Cut & Paste)

    -talking about safety rules when walking in the dark (Social Studies)

    -identifying and labeling parts of a bat (Science)

    -Task Card Game: Bats: Letter Match and Letter Write

    October "All About Spiders" asks students to:

    -count the syllables in words

    -read and identify sight words

    -identify the beginning, middle, and end of a story

    -collect data, graph it, and draw conclusions

    -identify and sort 3D shapes

    -label a Black Widow's body parts (Science)

    -identify the important roles of community helpers (Social Studies)

    -write about a spider prompt using a mini word bank

    -identify how a spider uses a web to catch it's prey

    -Task Card Game: Spiders- Counting

    November "All About Pumpkins" asks students to:

    -identify ending sounds

    -read color words

    -count and write numbers to 25

    -identify numbers on a dice

    -draw 2D shapes and other figures with detail

    -identify the beginning, middle, and end of the story

    -use adjectives in their writing

    -illustrate steps in a process (social studies/science)

    -identify and label the life cycle of a pumpkin (science)

    Task Card Game: Pumpkins Number Line

    November "All About Fall" asks students to:

    -identify short vowel sounds (2 different versions to choose from!)

    *or NEW LANGUAGE ARTS OPTION for students not ready for short vowels yet:

    -identify beginning and ending sounds

    -fill in number lines to 20 (2 different versions to choose from!)

    -identify characters in a story

    -write about fall

    -discuss and illustrate activities included in all 4 seasons (Science)

    -comparing and contrasting holidays and traditions *2 different versions to choose from! One version for a class where students do NOT celebrate Thanksgiving. (Social Studies)

    -Task Card Game: CVC Words

    BONUS: Holidays Around the World asks students to:

    -identify letters in Christmas words in a word search (Christmas in U.S.A.)

    -identify punctuation, vowels, capital letters, etc. in a dreidel poem (Hanukkah)

    -count and graph items (Las Posadas Mexico)

    -fill in missing numbers in a number line to 20 (St. Lucia's Day Sweden)

    -write and draw about a dragon (Chinese New Year)

    -draw the sequence in a story

    -sort pictures describing Christmas in Australia (summer) versus the U.S.A. (winter)

    -comprehend the activities of Diwali by sorting pictures to match a verbal/written sentence (Diwali India)

    BONUS PAGE: Create a Holiday Banner

    -Task Card Game: Graphing Task Card Game

    December "All About Giving" asks students to:

    -identify short vowel sounds

    -read cvc words

    -write cvc words

    -build cvc words

    -compare numbers to 20

    -identify the problem and solution in a story

    -create/write a list of positive character traits

    -discuss the meanings behind giving different colored flowers as a gift

    -identify animals and their place on an animal food chain (Science)

    TASK CARD GAME: Comparing Numbers

    December "All About Hibernation" asks students to:

    -identify short vowel sounds

    -read cvc words

    -read color words

    -write cvc words

    -build cvc words

    -identify short vowels

    -count a group of items, write the number, and identify one more/one less

    -solve addition and subtraction story problems using a picture and equation

    -illustrate and label three new facts they learned

    -identify and fill-in facts about a nonfiction text about an animal that hibernates

    -contrast how humans versus hibernating animals prepare for winter

    -identify animals that migrate and animals that hibernate- cut & paste (Science)

    -Task Card Game: CVC word & Rhyming

    January "All About Winter" asks students to:

    -identify long vowel sounds

    -read words with silent "e"

    -write words with silent "e"

    -illustrate new vocabulary

    -understand, illustrate, and identify equations for subtraction stories

    -make predictions while reading

    -brainstorm and write goals for the "new year"

    -discuss and identify activities and important facts associated with New Years Eve and Chinese New Year (Social Studies)

    -Life Cycle of a Snowflake

    -identify and generate examples of the different states of matter- solid, liquid, and gas (Science)

    TASK CARD GAME: Bossy E Words (3 Recording Sheet Options)

    January "All About Martin Luther King Jr" asks students to:

    -identify between words with long vowel sounds and short vowel sounds

    -solve addition story problems

    -identify and write equations to match addition story problems

    -fluently add numbers within 5

    -choose and write about their favorite character in a read aloud

    -write about a "hero" in their life

    -color a letter code picture of MLK Jr.

    -draw a picture showing "I have a Dream" Comprehension

    -create a poster All About Martin Luther King (Social Studies)

    -design a Kindness Robot (Science)

    TASK CARDS: Addition to 5 Facts

    BONUS: All About Arctic Animals asks students to:

    -unscramble and write Arctic animal words using a word bank

    -decode CVC words and color the matching picture

    -counting from 1-50

    -add single digits to the sum of 5

    -write/draw about three things they learned

    -write/draw about life as an Arctic animal

    -sort animals based on habitat (Arctic versus desert)

    -show comprehension about Polar Bears

    TASK CARD GAME: Missing Letters- CVC Words

    February "All About Love" asks students to:


    -identify and read ending sounds (l,d,t,n) OR

    -identify and read words containing vowel pair sounds (ea,ai,oa,ue)

    -solve addition and subtraction story problems fluently

    -match addition and subtraction equations with a story problem

    -read 3 books and identify their favorite

    -identify and write the title of a book

    -write a letter listing 3 things they like about a classmate

    -find words in a word search using a list of animals that mate for life (Science)

    -identify and sort ways they can show love to the earth and to family and friends (Social Studies)

    TASK CARDS: Vowel Pairs- EA and UE

    February "All About Presidents" asks students to:


    •identify and read vowel pairs (oe and ee)

    •identify, read, and graph words with vowel pairs


    •identify short vowel sounds

    •identify, read, and graph CVC words

    •identify coins (heads and tails): Since identifying coins isn't a C.C. standard for Kindergarten I have it listed under the common core for categorizing things in groups.

    •identify coin worth and president on each coin

    •identify the main character and supporting characters

    •brainstorm and write about what they would do if they were president

    •"What does the president do?" True or False Fact Sort (Social Studies)

    •Thomas Jefferson: President and Scientist- story and fill-in the blank (Science)

    TASK CARD GAME: Identifying Coins (3 recording sheet options)

    ✩March "All About Baby Animals" asks students to:

    •read sight words with fluency

    •identify true and false statements

    •decode words using the digraph /ch/

    •count and graph a number of items

    •add one to a number

    •composing and solving addition problems

    •read time to the hour (EXTRA MATH PAGE)

    •identify the characters in a book and pick one they would like to be

    •write about how they would treat and take care of a baby animal

    •caring for a baby animal (Social Studies)

    •match pictures to the correct terms of a chicken's life cycle (Science)

    TASK CARD GAME: Addition or Subtraction (3 recording sheets)

    ☘March "All About Luck" asks students to:

    -decode words with the digraph /wh/

    -read color words

    -identify and write numbers to 100

    -identify numbers to 100 to "crack" a mystery code

    -identify and list nouns from a text

    -write a story using 3 steps (transition words first, then, and finally)

    -answer comprehension questions about St. Patrick's Day (Social Studies)

    -sort facts about rainbows: true or false (Science)

    TASK CARD GAME: Lucky Digraphs

    April "All About Earth" asks students to:

    -read words with inflected endings

    -sort words by their pronunciation of the inflected ending -ed

    -read sight words with fluency

    -answer comprehension questions about a text

    -identify symbol to make addition or subtraction equations true

    -identify make 10 pairs

    -identify and list 3 facts from a nonfiction text

    -brainstorm and write 3 things they can do to help Earth

    -identify and label the layers of the Earth (Science)

    -read, identify, and sort ways we help and hurt planet Earth (Social Studies)

    TASK CARD GAME: Singular or Plural Nouns

    ✿April "All About Plants" asks students to:

    -contrast and read cvc words and silent "e" words

    -Identifying the beginning, middle, and end of a story

    -reading words with silent "e" with fluency

    -counting and graphing a group of items

    -adding numbers to 10

    -identify and match place value (tens and ones) with pictures and numbers

    -"How to Grow a Garden" writing template

    -Plant Life Cycle (Science)

    -Where in the world do these plants grow? Continent Interactive Map (Social Studies)

    TASK CARD GAME: Place Value (4 recording sheet options)

    ✩May "All About the Military" (Celebrating Memorial Day) asks students to:

    -read sight words

    -identify and read words with /sh/

    -fill in the blank comprehension questions

    -identify, add, and rewrite sentences (adding punctuation and capitalization)

    -add numbers to 8 fluently

    -identify the characteristics of 2D and 3D shapes

    -write a letter to a soldier

    -identify 3 facts from a nonfiction book

    -sort characteristics of the Army vs the Navy (Social Studies)

    -illustrate their comprehension of a read aloud passage about scientists in the military (Science)

    -BONUS PAGE: What is Memorial Day?

    TASK CARD GAME: Digraphs PH & TH (3 recording sheets)

    ✩May "All About Insects" asks students to:

    -read sight words with fluency and comprehension

    -identify, color code, and tally question words

    -recognize true and false addition equations to 10

    -identify, manipulate, and count 2-D shapes

    -"If I were an Insect..." writing activity

    -identify and sort insects versus non-insects (Science)

    -demonstrate comprehension from a non-fiction story

    -identify and illustrate the main ideas from several non-fiction paragraphs (Social Studies- cultures and food)

    TASK CARD GAME: 2D Shapes (3 recording sheets for differentiation)

    ✩June "All About Sea Animals" asks students to:

    -read sight words with fluency and comprehension

    -identify and decode words with /ph/ (great introduction to this digraph)

    -compare numbers from 1-10 in numeral form

    -identify number pairs that make 10

    -"The Diary of a Scuba Diver" writing template

    -What was the author's purpose? (reading response)

    -The Life Cycle of a Turtle (Science)

    -How to Humans Affect Sea Life? prediction and comprehension page (Social Studies)

    TASK CARD GAME: Make Ten Partners (3 recording sheets)

    June "All About Camping" asks students to:

    -read with fluency and demonstrate comprehension

    -use decoding skills and strategies to identify vocabulary words

    -identify "make 10" partners

    -decompose teen numbers into tens and ones

    -identify and write the sequence from a read aloud

    -write a "how-to" about roasting marshmallows

    -read a map and follow directions (Social Studies)

    -sort true and false statements about campfire safety (Science)

    TASK CARD GAME: Compound Words (5 different recording sheets)

    The editable sub plan folder is a PowerPoint file (So that you can edit in the text boxes!). Make sure you have downloaded a current version of PowerPoint.


    Kindergarten Monthly Task Card Games Math and Reading BUNDLE

    Reading Comprehension and Response Activities Pre-K to 2nd Grade

    Martin Luther King Jr. Black History Month 12 African American Hero Posters

    Please ask all and any questions for purchasing.

    Thank you, and enjoy!

    ©Copyright 2010. National Governors Association Center for Best Practices and Council of Chief State School Officers. All rights reserved.

    Copyright© 2014 The Kinder Life

    All rights reserved by author.

    Permission to copy for single classroom use only.

    Electronic distribution limited to single classroom use only. Not for public display.

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    Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English capitalization, punctuation, and spelling when writing.
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