Language Therapy Cards {BUNDLE PACK}

Language Therapy Cards {BUNDLE PACK}
Language Therapy Cards {BUNDLE PACK}
Language Therapy Cards {BUNDLE PACK}
Language Therapy Cards {BUNDLE PACK}
Language Therapy Cards {BUNDLE PACK}
Language Therapy Cards {BUNDLE PACK}
Language Therapy Cards {BUNDLE PACK}
Language Therapy Cards {BUNDLE PACK}
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This HUGE bundle pack contains 180+ cards to target a variety of language skills. It was created for use in a speech therapy setting. All picture cards are included in color and black/white. Each set is also available separately but a discount is applied by purchasing the bundle. I have included the individual prices below, save $4.00 by bundling! Here's what's included, be sure to check out the preview!

object function cards: ladder, hammer, fork, purse, scissors, pencil, glue, cup, soap, gloves, mirror, clock, paper towels, tape, bike, blender, broom, chair

Category cards:
vehicles: car, truck, boat
clothes: shirt, hat, pants
furniture: table, bed, couch
pets: dog, cat, fish
fruit: apples, grapes, oranges
vegetables: peas, carrots, corn
tools: hammer, wrench, drill
drinks: soda, milk, water
weather: rain, snow, sleet
shapes: circle, square, triangle
jewelry: ring, necklace, bracelet
body parts: eyes, ears, mouth
colors: blue, yellow, red
toys: ball, doll, blocks
feelings: angry, excited, bored
desserts: cookies, cake, pie
days of the week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
farm animals: cow, pig, horse
zoo animals: zebra, giraffe, elephant
ocean animals: whale, dolphin, shark
numbers: 20, 12, 2
seasons: fall, winter, spring
months: May, June, July
sports: baseball, soccer, tennis

compare/contrast cards: dog/cat, car/truck, stool/chair, flower/tree, moon/sun, plane/boat, cow/pig, paint/crayon, apple/grape, shark/fish, broom/mop, tape/glue, skateboard/bike, clock/alarm clock, cake/donut, shirt/skirt, mug/cup, pencil/pen

emotion cards: angry, anxious, bored/tired, confident, confused, disappointed, frightened, guilty/embarrassed, happy, hurt, interested, jealous, sad, satisfied, surprised, thoughtful

pronoun cards:
They are buying.
They are playing.
They are a team.
They are hugging.
They are kids.
She is reading.
He is sleeping.
She is praying.
He is tying a tie.
He is a spy.
They are fighting.
He is hitting.
He is falling.
She is a clown.
It is a mug.
It is a rug.
It is a pin.
It is a can.

antonym cards: above, below, front, back, big, small, clean, dirty, open, closed, day, night, empty, full, in, out, sad, happy

synonym cards (1 picture for each pair): kid/child, thought/know, jump/leap, fall/drop, happy/joyful, big/huge, kind/nice, gift/present, noisy/loud, pretty/beautiful, push/shove, quiet/silent, sad/unhappy, sniff/smell, stinky/smelly, trash/garbage, thin/skinny, small/tiny

homonym cards (2 pictures for each word): band, bar, bark, bat, chest, date, leaves, saw, scales

homophone cards: ate, eight, ball, bawl, blew, blue, flour, flower, hair, hare, knight, night, knows, nose, mail, male, one, won, pear, pair, sale, sail, sea, see

spatial concept cards: above, after, against, among, around, before, behind, below, beside, between, in, in front, inside, off, out, on, over, through, under, with

1. blowing a bubble
2. bird’s nest
3. butterfly life cycle
4. peeling a banana
5. eating an apple
6. blowing bubbles
7. melting ice
8. making an ice cream sundae
9. building blocks
10. making a gift
11. growing a plant
12. making a PB&J sandwich
13. setting up a fishbowl
14. building a snowman
15. using a pencil
16. making a s’more
17. building a sandcastle
18. making lemonade
19. a chick hatching
20. building a spider web

What do we need when it rains?
What do we need to make a sandwich?
What do birds build?
What does a green light mean?
What do we put in the car to make it go?
What do bees make?
What do caterpillars become?
What is your favorite animal?
What do you wear on your feet?
What do you wear when you go swimming?
What color is the grass?
What do you eat for breakfast?
What do you use to write?
What do cows make?
What do chickens hatch out of?
What do we use to cut paper?
What can you see in the sky?
What do you use to eat soup?

Where do you sleep?
Where does a bird lay eggs?
Where do you go swimming?
Where do you sleep when you go camping?
Where do cows, pigs and chickens live?
Where do sharks live?
Where do bears live?
Where do you go to learn?
Where do you put toothpaste?
Where do you sit?
Where do you take a bath?
Where do bats live?
Where do you keep milk and butter?
Where does a king and queen live?
Where do fish live?
Where does milk come from?
Where do you plant seeds?
Where can you see the stars?

WHO: Who delivers mail?
Who teaches us to read and write?
Who puts out fires?
Who do you see when you’re sick?
Who bakes cakes and cookies?
Who protects our country?
Who helps us when we’re lost?
Who grows fruits and vegetables?
Who takes care of you?
Who takes care of animals?
Who writes stories for books?
Who delivers presents?
Who leads the line?
Who is in charge of the school?
Who drinks out of a bottle?
Who flies an airplane?
Who drives a car?
Who takes care of animals at the zoo?

When do you go swimming?
When do you make a snowman?
When do you rake leaves?
When do you plant flowers?
When do you go to bed?
When do you wake up?
When do you need an umbrella?
When do you wear a seatbelt?
When do you need a Band-Aid?
When do you wear sunglasses?
When do you wear pajamas?
When do you say I’m sorry?
When do you say please?
When do you wear gloves?
When do you need a flashlight?
When is your birthday?
When do you turn the light off?
When do you go to the doctor?

Why do you wear shoes?
Why do you brush your hair?
Why do you eat?
Why do you have teeth?
Why do can’t you eat candy all the time?
Why do you go to school?
Why does a giraffe have a long neck?
Why do you use an umbrella?
Why do you wear a coat?
Why do you wear a seat belt?
Why do you brush your teeth?
Why do you write with a pencil?
Why do you put ice cream in the freezer?
Why do you water plants?
Why does a polar bear have fur?
Why do you wear gloves?
Why do you put water in the freezer?
Why do you take a bath?

VERBS: $3.00
regular verbs- peel, listen, open, brush, hug, pour, wash, paint, whisper, spill, wave, wrap, mail, water, zip, fish, laugh, wipe

irregular verbs- write, drink, eat, give, blow, sleep, burn, feed, cut, sing, choose, read, grow, draw, know, lay, bend, tear

regular plurals- ships, logs, cakes, hats, pigs, shells, mugs, pens, cars, phones, wheels, locks, dolls, planes, slides, snakes, trees, spiders

irregular plurals- feet, sheep, mice, dice, fish, geese, men, deer, children, leaves, teeth, loaves, knives, octopi, fungi, shelves, thieves, scarves

*If you have any questions please ask BEFORE purchasing, thanks!*
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