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Literacy and Math Bundle

Literacy and Math Bundle
Literacy and Math Bundle
Literacy and Math Bundle
Literacy and Math Bundle
Literacy and Math Bundle
Literacy and Math Bundle
Literacy and Math Bundle
Literacy and Math Bundle
Product Description
Literacy and Math Bundle
Literacy and Math Bundle Pack has 500 plus pages and 20 engaging and fun products combined into one HUGE bundle. This package provides you with a lifelong tool for setting up your centers. These activities are ideal for literacy centers, math centers . There are a variety of writing, spelling, task cards, reading comprehension, vocabulary, character trait activities, number & pattern activities and independent contract work included in this pack. Your students will love undertaking these literacy & math center activities! Check out the links below:

Literacy Choice Boards
Sight Word Sorting
Roll a Story - Aussie Theme
Create a Cupcake - Expanding Noun Groups
Poetic Features - Task Cards
Roll a Die - Spelling Games
Character Trait Activities
I Have Who Has Games - Sight Words
All About Me - Dice Games
Reading Comprehension - Dice Games
Higher Order Thinking Skills - Task Cards
Similes - Printables
Connect 4 - Math Games to 100
Fun Fact Family Activities
Booklets – Word Problems
Booklet – Morning Work
Summer Themed Task Cards – Numbers and Patterns
Differentiated Math Games
Create a Cupcake - Addition facts
Fun with SMARTIES - Task Cards

Literacy Choice Boards
Included in this pack is 2 sets of 10 weekly literacy choice boards in color and black and white. There is one for each week of the term. The literacy choice boards are designed to use 4 days a week from Monday-Thursday.

Students select 2 boxes to work on a day during your literacy block. The duration of each activity is 20 minutes. Once they have completed a box they color their box in with a colored pencil. They work independently on each task while the teacher pulls out groups for guided reading/writing.

It is very user-friendly for students to use and understand as it is has visual clues for most boxes. Each week there are 4 activities that are the same: journal writing, read with a buddy, silent reading and read to self. Read to self is where they select a book from their book box (books catered for their ability level) and complete the activity. Other activities included in this literacy contract: are a variety of written and spelling activities and it also incorporates some activities with Mathematics and Science.

Roll a Die - Spelling
These vibrantly colorful spelling dice games are a great activity for literacy centers.The games are targeted towards lower primary.

There are 4 different Roll a Die spelling games to choose from. I have also included a duplicate copy of two of the games with spelling changes to cater for Australian students (colour).

On each game it includes a variety of activities catering for various learning styles.

Roll a Story - Aussie Theme
Your students will love playing: 'Roll a Story.' It is based on Australian animals, landmarks and people. It is perfect for literacy centers, independent writing, modeled writing and guided writing sessions. Students roll a die 3 times.

1. Roll die - select character from table that matches die
2. Roll die select setting from the table that matches die
3. Roll a die - select problem from the table that matches die

Students then create a story with their character, setting and problem.

This pack includes:
* 2 roll a story games
* 2 black and white writing papers with cute clip art
* 2 writing papers with color clip art

Expanding Noun Groups- Create a Cupcake
Expanding Noun Groups (Create a cupcake) is a fun and engaging way for students to learn about expanding noun groups.

This pack includes ready to go printables that assists students to grasp the concepts of nouns and noun groups.

The pack consists of:

* Teacher instructions - how to complete the activities and ideas for differentiation.
* 16 (8 color, 8 black and white) cut and paste printable worksheets - students cut the top of the cupcakes and glue it to the matching base to create noun groups.For example - The yellow sun. These worksheets are for students who require extra support in literacy and it also helps develop their fine motor skills.
* 16 (8 color, 8 black and white) cut, write and paste worksheets. Students are to write an article and an adjective on the top of each cupcake. Then they cut and paste each one to the matching base. These worksheets are for students who require further extension.
* 1 answer sheet - answers to cut and paste worksheets. Answers will vary when students create their own noun groups.

Sight Word Sorting
his pack is a fun way for students to practice their sight words in class! This product includes 84 of the Dolch Pre-Primer and Primer Sight Words and is designed to get students to actively explore their words. There are a variety of sorts you can use in class, which are great to differentiate according to student's ability levels. The sorts include sorting words into:
- 2 letters and 3 letters
- 3 letters and 4 letters
- 4 letters and 5 letters
- short vowels and long vowels
- 1 syllable and 2 syllables

This sight word packet can be incorporated into the following: Literacy Centers, word work activities, choice boards, morning work, homework and whole class activities. This packet includes 2 sets of 10 sorts, colored and black and white versions. The colored version is great to use when modelling the sorts to the class and it can then be displayed on the bulletin board.

Task Cards - Poetic Features
These task cards (Poetic Features) are great to use when teaching poetry and vocabulary in your class. The task cards comprise of multiple choice questions and open ended responses for students who require extension. There are 4 sets of 24 task cards in this pack:

Set 1 - 24 task cards (ocean theme) - colored light chevron background - series of multiple choice questions

Set 2 - 24 task cards (ocean theme) - white background and colored clip art- same cards as above (good to print when trying to save on ink)

Set 3 - 24 task cards (ocean theme)- colored bold chevron background - extension cards

Set 4 - 24 task cards (ocean theme) - white background and colored clip art - extension cards -same as above.

These poetic feature task cards are designed for years 1-3. Students select a task card and answer the questions in their writing books or whiteboards.

The task cards are color coded:

*Blue cards - alliteration
*Green cards - similes
*Orange cards - similes and metaphors

The task cards also come with teacher instructions and an answer key for the multiple choice task cards.

Reading Comprehension - Dice Games
This packet contains 8 vibrantly colored reading comprehension, dice games that can be used with any book. The games are suitable for any primary grade level and can be used with a variety of stories and text types. The games will actively engage students and enhance their comprehension skills. This pack can be incorporated into your daily literacy centers, small group or independent work.

The Roll a Die activities include activities for before, during and after reading. Students will roll a die and complete the matching activity for the number. Students will:
* Make connections, visualize, make inferences, make predictions, form questions and summarize.
* Design new covers for their book
* Describe the settings, character qualities and appearances
* Higher Order Thinking skills (based on Debono's 6 thinking hats) - write about what they like, dislike, describe how characters felt and how they felt whilst reading the story.
* Word skills - hunt for rhyming words, endings, starting sounds and blends.
* Hunt and tally various punctuation marks - exclamation marks, full stops, question marks, capital letters and speech marks.

Roll a Die - All About Me
These engaging and fun dice games are a great activity for literacy centers.

There are 3 different Roll a Die games to choose from. I have also included a duplicate copy of two of the games with spelling changes to cater for Australian students (favourite, colour).

On each game it includes the following topics:
* List your favorite book
*Write about your favorite movie
*Who is your favorite superhero?
*Write about your most memorable moment at school.
* List your pets
* I am special because........
* List your favorite colors
* Draw and label your favorite sport
* Draw your family
* Write about your favorite subject.
* Create a collage of your favorite foods.
* Who is your best friend? What qualities do you like about him/her?
*When I grow up I want to be a........
*Create a list of things you like to do.
*Goals you hope to achieve
* My birthday is ..............
* Draw and label your home
*Describe your appearance

Character Trait Activities
Chracter Traits - This pack has everything you need when undertaking a unit on character traits. There are a variety of great activities for students to consolidate their understanding of character traits. These activities would be great to use in: Reading and Writing Activities, Literacy Centers or Morning Work.

The pack entails the following:

* 2 pages - Teacher instructions

*92 vibrantly coloured word wall cards - character traits

* 5 cloze activities and answer sheets of characters from the stories Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs and Halloween characters.

*7 Concept Maps - students write descriptive words about the appearance and qualities of characters.

* Graphic organizers - 1 A-Z list of character traits, 4 Wanted Posters (magician, wolf, grandma and Little Red Riding Hood).

* Color in the character traits of the monster

Task Cards - Higher Order Thinking Skills
This pack includes 2 sets of 25 engaging task cards which promote students higher order thinking skills. It includes a zip folder which contains:
• 25 colored task cards
• 25 black & white task cards

The cards are based on Bloom's Taxonomy and Edward Debono's 6 thinking hats. Included are superhero cliparts to capture student's attention and to get them thinking about characters.

Simply print and laminate to use for a variety of activities in class. It caters for all grades in Primary. The black and white set is great to reproduce to save on ink and can therefore produce multiple copies for your literacy centers.

Similes - Printables
This ocean theme, similes pack is sure to engage your students and provide them with a fun way of learning their similes and enhancing their vocabulary skills and descriptive writing.

This pack includes:
- anchor chart - what is a simile
- 10 black and white worksheets - complete the simile
- 10 colored worksheets - complete the simile
- 10 ocean themed writing paper for students to write descriptions

Sight Words - I Have Who Has Games
I Have, Who Has Game Card Bundle pack (superhero theme) is designed for students to practice their sight words. This bundle pack includes 3 popular 'I Have, Who Has?' games. This bundle pack allows you to differentiate according to the students ability levels in your class. In total, there are 93 sight words included:

*Game 1 - Pre-Primer - 31 selected words: a, and, away, big, blue, can, come, down, find, for, funny, go, help, here, I, in, is, it, jump, little, look, make, me, my, not, one, play, red and run.

* Game 2 - Primer - 31 selected words: all, am, are, at, ate, be, black, brown, but, came, did, do, eat, four, get, good, have, he, into, like, must, new, no, now, on, out, out, please, pretty, ran and ride.

* Game 3 - 1st Grade: after, again, an, any, ask, as, by, could, every, fly, from, give, going, had, has, her, him, his, her, how, just, know, let, live, may, of, old, once, open, over, put and round.

These games are very engaging and a heap of fun for the whole class to play. Perfect for daily revision for students to practice their sight words. Also great for transitions during subjects or before lunch and home time. Hope your students enjoy these brightly colored and fun games!

Connect 4 Games
These games consists of a variety of game boards (color and black and white). In this pack it includes: MAB blocks, word form, expanded form of numbers and place value. Students will be actively engaged playing these games whilst developing their skills in numbers to 100.
The packet includes:
* Teacher’s guide on how to play and preparation
* Variations to the game
* Sample—of what a winning game looks like
* 1 set—20 selected numbers up to 100
* 2 Connect 4 game boards—expanding numbers (color & black & white)
* 2 Connect 4 game boards—MAB’s (color & black & white)
* 2 Connect 4 game boards—Word Form (color or black and white)
* 2 Connect 4 game boards —mixed representations of number (color or black and white)
* 1 checklist to monitor student’s recognition of numbers up to

Fact Families
This products includes 21 cut and paste worksheets plus two 12 page mini booklets (color and black and white) for students to practice their fact families!

Students simply cut and paste the missing number in each box. These worksheets are great for Math centers, morning work, independent work, small group work, assessment or homework.

The mini booklet includes 12 pages with a title page, example and 10 daily activities for students to complete each day to develop their understanding of fact families. In each activity students complete the tens frame, partitioning frame and write the facts below for the fact families. Simply print each page and staple together to make a booklet.

Booklets - Addition and Subtraction
There are 2 booklets available for students to work on their problem solving skills in addition and subtraction. Each booklet contains 6 word problems for students to solve and an example page.

Morning Work - Numbers up to 100
Each Number pack includes: graphic organisers, place value, partitioning, expanded form and fact families.

This number pack includes a selection of numbers up to 100. It is designed for students in Year one to two depending on their ability level. The worksheets are great for morning work, maths centers, homework or independent work.

By undertaking these number activities daily for a month, students are consolidating their number skills. Each activity focuses on: writing numbers in word form, expanding numbers into tens and ones, partitioning numbers and writing fact families.
There is an answer sheet on page 2. If you would like to create your own numbers for students to work on, there is a blank template.

Task Cards (Summer Theme) Numbers & Patterns
Math Task Cards: Number and Pattern Task Cards - Summer Theme -Grade 1
Here are 52 vibrant and engaging printable Math task cards with a summer theme. Simply print and laminate - students can complete the math task cards in their math books or use whiteboard markers to record their answers on the task cards.

These math task cards can be incorporated into your: Math Centers, group work or independent work.

Task cards(Summer Theme) include the following:
* 4 task cards - complete the picture pattern.
* 4 task cards - number sentences
* 4 task cards - draw picture to match number sentences
* 8 task cards - find the missing number
* 4 task cards - circle half - fractions
* 4 task cards - draw a line through shapes to show half - fractions
* 4 task cards - complete number patterns
* 8 task cards - Word problems - addition and subtraction
* 10 task cards - write the numeral and the word
* 2 task cards - draw a picture to represent number
* Answer sheets - for all 52 task cards

Fun with SMARTIES - Task Cards
This math task card pack was designed to capture student's attention and provide them with a fun activity to consolidate their skills in number, patterns, fractions and chance & data!!

There are 32 vibrantly colored task cards (plus black and white) that are sure to actively engage your students! The math task cards includes: number patterns, 1 more, 1 less, 10 more, tallying, chance, sorting into colors, number concepts, creating addition sums and fractions (halves and quarters). I have included duplicate copies of some task cards with the change of spelling of the word: color. Also included in this pack is teacher instructions with some pictures to show examples of the activities.

Create a Cupcake - Addition Facts
Addition Facts (Create a cupcake) is a fun and engaging way for students to recall and revise their addition facts.

In each activity students cut and paste the top of the cupcakes to match the sums. The worksheets consists of:

* zero facts
* count on 1 facts
* count on 2 facts
* count on 3 facts
* double facts
* near double facts
* rainbow facts
* Add 9 facts
* Add 10 facts
* Example sheet

Differentiated Math Games - Ocean Theme

Math Games - This Ocean Themed Math Games. This packet is a fun way for students to revise and consolidate their math mental skills in addition and multiplication. The games are differentiated to suit the needs of your students. It suits all primary grade levels as all classes have students at different ability levels in Math.

The packet includes:
• Teacher’s guide on how to play and preparation
• Variations to the game
• Color and b/w versions of each game board
• 3 level games for each ocean theme - dolphin, cave, shark

Details of game:
These ocean themed games can be played with 2-6 players. Print and laminate duplicate copies of each game boards (2-6) on hard card stock paper. To play these games you will need 6 sided dice and 12 sided dice depending on the level game you select (see below). Each player selects a game card. Roll a die to see which player goes first. The player with the highest roll goes first. Next roll a die. Write the number in a star. Take turns until all the stars have a number. Add all the numbers. The player with the highest score wins.

• Level 1 – No star top corner - For students who have difficulty mentally calculating numbers provide them with unifex cubes or counters to assist them with adding their total scores.

• Level 2 – 1 star- To extend students (Game boards with a star top right hand corner): use 12 sided dice. Students roll 2 dice add the total then write the number inside the star. The player with the highest score at the end wins.

• Level 3 – 2 stars – Extension – (Game board with 2 stars top right hand corner). Use 12 sided dice. Students roll 2 dice and multiply them. Then add the total and write inside the star. The player with the highest score at the end wins.

To buy these products individually it would cost you $58.75. Buy this bundle pack and you save over 30%, saving $18.75!!. Check out the preview now to see a sample of the products listed above.

Please click on the links above to preview the products before purchasing the bundle to ensure you are satisfied with the product. Some products in this Mega Bundle are also included in other bundle packages in my store. So if purchasing other bundles in my store, check the product description to ensure you don't double up.

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