Little Minds at Work® SOR Vocabulary Pocket Chart Cards WITH REALISTIC PHOTOS

Tara West - Little Minds at Work
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PreK - 2nd, Homeschool
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Tara West - Little Minds at Work
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The Little Minds at Work Vocabulary-Based Pocket Chart Sorting Cards packet offers 2,500+ phonics-based realistic photo pocket chart cards. These cards can be used in multiple settings: whole-group phonics instruction, small-group phonics instruction, independent literacy center, intervention lessons, and/or at-home supplement. Use the cards for instructional purposes, match-up cards, pocket chart “hide” games, memory games, encoding practice drills, decoding practice drills, and more.




  • ABCs (Version 1- capital letter, Version 2- lowercase letter, Version 3 capital and lowercase letter, Version 4- picture only, Version 5- definition)

apple, alligator, ax, astronaut, animal, bag, baby, bear, bug, balloon, cake, cat, carrot, camel, castle, duck, dog, deer, donut, dinosaur, exit, exercise, Ed, edge, echo, fire, fan, fish, feather, feet, goat, game, gate, guitar, gas, hammer, heart, house, horse, hat, igloo, itch, insect, iguana, invitation, juggle, jam, jeep, jaguar, jellyfish, key, kite, king, kangaroo, koalas, lamp, lion, leaf, ladybug, ladder, monkey, mouse, milk, moon, map, nest, net, nail, nose, nurse, octopus, ox, otter, ostrich, office, pig, paint, popcorn, pizza, pumpkin, queen, quilt, question, quarter, quiet, robot, rainbow, ring, rose, rabbit, sun, seal, soup, sandwich, scissors, turtle, tiger, taco, table, turkey, up, under, upset, umbrella, umpire, van, vacuum, volcano,  vest, violin, wagon, wave, water, window, walrus, box, six, mix, fix, wax, yawn, yarn, yogurt, yo-yo, yellow, zebra, zipper, zoo, zero, zig-zag

  • CVC Words (Version 1- picture and word, Version 2- definition, Version 3- picture only)

sat, mat, tap, sap, pat, map, pad, dad, mad, sad, sip, fit, pit, dip, tip, sit, dim, fin, fan, tin, man, pin, nap, tan, pan, pod, nod, mop, top, dot, pot, pop, cot, cop, cod, cap, cat, can, kit, kid, cup, cut, pup, fun, sun, sum, mud, nut, sick, duck, sock, dock, tack, muck, puck, pack, bat, bit, bad, bus, bib, cap, bin, bud, bag, gab, dig, dog, gum, bug, big, pig, den, pet, ten, bed, pen, men, fed, net, hut, hog, hug, ham, hen, hop, hot, hat, rag, rot, rip, rat, rug, rub, ram, run, lip, lid, led, leg, log, lab, lick, lock, wed, wig, win, wag, wet, web, jog, jet, jam, jug, job, jot, yum, yap, yes, yam, wax, fox, six, box, mix, fix, vet, van, quiz, quick, zag, zip

  • DIGRAPHS/DOUBLE ENDINGS/BEGINNING BLENDS (Version 1- picture and word, Version 2- definition, Version 3- picture only)

shed, shin, cash, fish, shot, shop, shut, bash, ship, rash, dish, thud, thin, bath, math, moth, path, thick, lock, duck, pack, neck, sick, rock, sack, tack, chop, chin, chip, chat, check, chick, rich, whiz, whack, whip, wish, wick, well, pill, hill, fill, yell, bell, shell, fell, puff, whiff, tiff, buzz, fizz, fuss, mess, chess, kiss, miss, hiss, blob, cliff, blush, click, clock, flush, floss, flash, glad, glass, slip, plug, plum, sled, block, flat, black, dress, crack, brick, frog, drip, crib, crab, brush, truck, grill, trap, grad, grass, press, trash, grab, drum, crash, drag, drill, trip, snap, snack, sniff, skull, scan, skip, snug, snag, step, stack, stop, swish, swim, spill, spin, twin

  • CVCE WORDS (Version 1- picture and word, Version 2- definition, Version 3- picture only)

tape, rake, cape, gate, cake, game, cave, mane, cane, lake, wave, vase, tame, same, name, gave, tap, can, rack, tack, take, five, bite, hive, vine, pipe, bike, hike, time, hide, nine, dime, line, lime, fire, dive, wipe, kite, kit, like, lick, pine, pin, shine, shin, hose, nose, rose, bone, home, joke, pole, mole, zone, note, cone, lobe, vote, poke, woke, dome, tote, tot, rode, rod, robe, rob, code, cod, cube, dune, tube, cute, tune, fuse, dude, mule fume, mute, June, rule, tub, cub, cut, race, mice, nice, lace, space, price, rice, dice, rage, cage, page, huge, stage, wage, sky, fly, cry, spy, fry, shy, why, dry

  • ENDING BLENDS/R-CONTROL/SILENT SOUNDS (Version 1- picture and word, Version 2- definition, Version 3- picture only)

raft, lift, gulp, told, help, fold, gift, cold, golf, yolk, melt, belt, milk, shelf, quilt, self, sand, lamp, tent, dump, vent, hand, ramp, wind, nest, mask, fist, gasp, vest, desk, cast, whisk, act, wept, swept, next, film, slept, helm, text, call, hall, wall, tall, fall, ball, small, stall, roll, bull, pull, doll, gull, full, scroll, tank, sink, honk, rink, wink, dunk, link, pink, fang, lung, wing, sing, ring, hung, king, rung, harp, star, bark, car, barn, yarn, card, park, fork, horn, cork, cord, storm, torn, thorn, corn, clerk, fern, herd, perm, perch, dirt, skirt, bird, girl, stir, squirt, shirt, whirl, hurl, surf, curl, burn, turn, hurt, curb, slurp, oar, boar, floor, soar, door, four, gourd, store, pour, chore, tore, snore, court, hare, share, chair, bear, pear, fair, square, cheer, ear, deer, gear, hear, fear, peer, knob, knife, knot, knit, knock, gnome, wrist, wrap, wrung, wreck, limp, lamb, comb, phase, phone, graph, alarm, salad, awoke, zebra

  • VOWEL TEAMS/DIPHTHONGS (Version 1- picture and word, Version 2- definition, Version 3- picture only)

day, ray, say, pay, hay, gray, play, tray, rain, sail, chain, mail, laid, grain, train, pain, steak, great, break, sleigh, weigh, eight, paid, pail, tail, rail, clay, heel, sheep, weed, reel, peek, feed, seed, beet, leak, seat, peach, read, bean, bead, meat, leaf, funny, honey, happy, jelly, key, turkey, cherry, city, moat, load, toad, loaf, boat, coat, road, goat, crow, blow, grow, mow, glow, tow, snow, low, toe, doe, hoe, show, row, bow, float, soap, cried, fried, pie, fries, spied, dried, tie, die, right, night, light, tight, sight, tied, fly, sky, bruise, juice, fruit, suit, cruise, glue, blue, clue, fuel, argue, rescue, vault, haul, sauce, pause, caught, taught, taunt launch, saw, paw, lawn, straw, yawn, draw, claw, crawl, point, foil, coin, spoil, boil, oil, soil, void, joy, boy, toy, destroy, annoy, oyster, thought, brought, cough, crown, brow, howl, town, shout, snout, sound, couch, dew, brew, blew, chew, grew, stew, flew, crew, room, noon, moon, boot, zoom, hoop, root, tooth, wood, book, hook, push, cook, foot, hood, look, bought

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