Long Division Worksheets (Division Tutor)

Long Division Worksheets (Division Tutor)
Long Division Worksheets (Division Tutor)
Long Division Worksheets (Division Tutor)
Long Division Worksheets (Division Tutor)
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3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th
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Long Division worksheet - Printable Math Division Tutor Worksheets with mystery word.

Activity Purpose
The purpose of the program is to teach the algorithm of long division in a way that allows the student to think through the process with minimal verbal input from the teacher.

Activity Users
3rd- through 12th grades
The program was developed initially for use as a remedial tool but has proven to be effective for instructing students who are learning to divide for the first time.

Activity Features
Each sheet has six problems.

a) Worksheets can consist of problems that
-all have the same divisor or those with different divisors
-problems having no remainders and those with remainders.

b) Students calculate or choose the correct multiple/product to be used in the quotient and check their multiples/products and quotients against those printed at the top or bottom of the page.

c) Students learn to write factors and multiples in the quotient correctly by matching colors or patterns provided in the problems with those provided in the fields where multiples or products are printed.

d) Lightly shaded arrows prompt students to bring down the next number in the dividend and a box shows were to place that number.

d) If the students calculate the quotients correctly, the mystery word will be revealed after they've placed the letter corresponding to each quotient underneath its given match.

Problem sets range from very simple to those that launch students on the path of dividing without supports.

Series I (Sets A through E) — Divisors from 1 to 9 with no remainders and no regrouping when subtracting

Set F— The introduction of 2-digit divisors, five digit dividends, and remainders

Series II (Set 1)
Students use provided multiplication products in order to demonstrate their understanding of the dividend number to be targeted when beginning to divide and select multiples closest to the targeted number in the dividend.

All multiples given for each problem will be needed to solve the division.

Series II (Set 2)
Students must choose the correct multiples or products from among more multiples than are necessary to solve the problems.

Series III (Set 1)
Students must multiply before dividing.
-First, students multiply to find the products that will be used to
solve the problems then
-use the products correctly in the solution of problems having both
one and two digit divisors.

Frequently Asked Questions
Referring to the introductory sheets: doesn’t it defeat the purpose of calculating the multiplication facts if students learn to write the answers to the facts by simply listing the multiples from the answer strip from the smallest to the largest number?

The purpose of the answer strip is to give students the answers they need. If they learn to simply write the answers using the smallest to largest number from the answer strip, they are still reviewing the multiples for that particular facts list, and practicing to recall them from memory. In addition, students do not have to review a facts chart or compute the facts on a calculator which breaks their concentration and disrupts the memory process.

Once students figure out the first five problems, can’t they simply write in the last answer?

Students will know the answer of the last problem but they must still follow through with the calculation process. Learning the calculation process is the primary purpose of the worksheets; so knowing the quotient of the last problem does not interfere with the practice sequence.
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Long Division Worksheets (Division Tutor)
Long Division Worksheets (Division Tutor)
Long Division Worksheets (Division Tutor)
Long Division Worksheets (Division Tutor)