'MULTIPLICATION GAME' - Top & Tail - Uses the Numbers 0 to 10

'MULTIPLICATION GAME' - Top & Tail - Uses the Numbers 0 to 10
'MULTIPLICATION GAME' - Top & Tail - Uses the Numbers 0 to 10
'MULTIPLICATION GAME' - Top & Tail - Uses the Numbers 0 to 10
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'Multiplication Game' - Top or Tail is a great game for adding a bit of variety to multiplication tables practice. Ideal for Yr 3 through 6. The game also reinforces the concept of odd and even numbers.

What You Need:

2 or 3 players
4 lots of numerals 0 to 10
1 die marked 1 to 6

How to Play:

1. The tallest person is the dealer.
2. Dealer shuffles the cards and shares them evenly between the players.
3. Players shuffle their cards into a personal deck and place them face down on the playing surface.
4. Each player then flips two cards from their deck, multiplies the numbers and says the answer aloud.

NB In the event of a tie, players flip a second pair of cards (on top of the previous cards) and say the product of the new cards' aloud.

5. Dealer then throws the die.

If the number thrown is even (2, 4 or 6) the highest difference keeps the played cards.
If the number thrown is odd (1, 3 or 5) the lowest difference keeps the played cards.

6. When cards are won they are placed in a discard pile next to the player.

7. Play continues in this fashion until each player has no cards left.

8. Players then count the cards they have won and the player with the most cards wins the game.


- Have the students roll the die onto a piece of A4 paper. If the die goes off the paper the throw is disallowed. ß This is a very good tip. Believe me. hehehe

- Felt is even better than paper as a tossing surface as it keeps the noise down J

Before the Game:

- Revise the concept of odd and even number use e.g. street addresses odd numbered houses on one side of the street, even on other etc.
- Do plenty of work to ensure the students understand one to one correspondence.
- Discuss – If ‘Sum is the answer to an addition algorithm’. It is a technical mathematical term. - - So why might the term, ‘Doing your sums’ be an incorrect use of the term?
- Explain the concept of ‘growth’ in math. i.e. You are NOT born with a fixed amount of mathematical ability. You have the ability to learn and grow in math.
- If someone says, ‘I can’t do it’ have the courage to add “Yet”. What does this statement mean? How can you put this saying into practice?
- Encourage thought and discussion around mathematical processes and strategies that will make the game flow.

After the Game:

- What strategies have you developed and practised to make the addition of numbers more efficient?


- Play so the person with the fewest cards at the end of the game is the winner.
- Draw three cards in the flipping phase and create a 2 digit number and a single digit number. Find the sum of these numbers.
- Use two sets of 1 to 10 cards and two sets of 11 to 20 cards.

Just for a Change:

- There are many free portable spinners, die, counters etc available as apps in the Itunes Store and Android Market. Explore these with the students to find a ‘good’ one.

Included in this Download:

1 set of game rules and teaching tips
3 sets of mermaid number cards 0 to 10

NB I've added the mermaid number cards 11 to 20 to this download.
They are not needed in this game but there are plenty of other games you can use them in.


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'MULTIPLICATION GAME' - Top & Tail - Uses the Numbers 0 to 10
'MULTIPLICATION GAME' - Top & Tail - Uses the Numbers 0 to 10
'MULTIPLICATION GAME' - Top & Tail - Uses the Numbers 0 to 10