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How are magnets like magic?
Magnetism is a force that can push or pull things. It’s invisible, so you can’t see it, which may make you think it’s magic.
Magnets attract objects made of iron or metal, such as nails and paper clips. A wooden spoon, a straw, or a crayon would not attract a magnet, because they are made of non-metal materials.
Every magnet has two poles: a north pole and a south pole. If two north poles are placed together, they will repel or push away from each other. Two south poles will do the same. However, if a north and south pole are placed together, the two poles will attract or pull together. Magnets are strongest at their poles and weakest in the middle.
The magnetic force is exerted through a magnetic field. Magnetic fields surround all magnets. Where the magnetic lines are close together, the field is the strongest. Magnetic field lines begin at a magnet’s north pole and end at its south pole.
Magnets can come in different shapes. A horseshoe, a bar, and a disc are examples of the various shapes.
Earth has a magnetic field similar to the field of a bar magnet: they both have a north pole and a south pole. If you dangle a magnet by a string, one pole will point north and the other pole will point south.
Did you know you can make a magnet? You can start with something that is already a strong magnet, like a screwdriver. Next, take a pin or a needle and rub the screwdriver over the pin or needle several times and then it becomes a magnet.
Magnets have many modern uses. One debit card can have millions of magnets. The strip on the back of a credit card is magnetic. The tiny bar magnets in the strip can be magnetized in either a north or south pole direction. Information is stored in the magnetic strip and can be read by different types of machines.

Magnets help make and use electricity. Almost all of the electricity you use comes from machines called generators. Generators make electricity by spinning magnets around coils of wire.
Doctors use a powerful magnet to look inside a person’s body. This helps doctors see illnesses within a body without operating on the person. This procedure is called an MRI which stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. An MRI machine uses a magnetic field and radio waves to create detailed images of the body.

Every time we watch television, use a cell phone, or use a computer, we are using magnets. Magnets are at work all around us!

Magnets are made of iron and steel. Magnets will attract unlike poles. Poles that are alike will repel. There are many uses for magnets. Debit cards, televisions, and cell phones all have magnets in them. Where else can you locate the magic of magnets?
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