March (Saint Patrick's Day) PRINT and GO Packet [2nd Grade]

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This Print and Go Packet for March or Saint Patrick's Day has many activities and printables that follow Common Core Standards and lasts the entire month. The sheets are a great addition to any curriculum for centers, morning work, or students who get done early.

The packet is designed for 2nd grade but can also be used for high level 1st graders or struggling 3rd graders.

There is no preparation, lamination or special printing necessary for any of these sheets. Just print them out and use them for anything you need in your classroom. Students will love the fun clip art and activities this packet has to offer!
Kindergarten Version
1st Grade Version
3rd Grade Version

This Saint Patrick's Day (March) Packet includes:

* Finding Grammar- look at the words in the picture and write them in the colum based on their part of speech (x2)
* Fix the Sentences- write wach sentence using correct capitalization and punctuation
* Compare & Contrast- read the story and fill out the Venn diagram to compare the two characters
* Making Inferences- read each sentence, look at the picture and write an inference you can make
* Categorize Adjectives- cut and glue the adjectives into the correct category
* Identifying Nouns- read the words in the box and write them under the correct category of person, place or thing
* Saint Patrick's ABC Order- cut and glue the words in ABC order
* Finding Abbreviations- write the abbreviation for each word
* Silent Letters- read the word and write the silent letter(s) in the pot of gold
* Creating Similes- use the pictures as clues to complete each simile
* writing Compound Words- read each word and add them together to write the compound words (x2)
* Finding the Main Idea- read the story and answer the questions about the main idea (x2)
* Using Pronouns- look at the nouns in the pot of gold and cut and paste a pronoun that can replace the noun
* Cause & Effect- read each sentence and write the cause and effect
* Context Clues- read each sentence and circle the word that is the same as the underlined word.
* Story Sequence- number the sentences below to put them in order and form a story
* Adding Suffixes- read each of the sentences below. Choose the right suffix to complete each word to make the sentence make sense
* Using a Dictionary- read the words in the hats, cut and aste the word that goes between them in the dictionary
* Using Quotations- read each sentence and write quotation marks to show when people are talking
* Subject and Predicate- read each sentence, circle the subject and underline the predicate
* What is the Author's Purpose- read each book title and decide what the author's purpose is, then color using the code
* Synonym Sentences- using the word box, write the synonym for the underlined word in the sentences
* Writing Antonyms- using the word box, write the antonym for the underlined word in the sentences
* Using Possessive Nouns- choose the correct word that fits the sentence
* 2nd Grade Sight Words- using the word box, write the sight word to complete each sentence
* Read, Cut, Glue- read the sentence and paste the picture to match it
* Using Place Value- count the total in each box then write how many coins there are
* Adding 2 Digit Numbers
* Adding 2 Digit Numbers with Regrouping- add the two digit numbers and use the pot of gold to help you regroup
* Dart Multiplication- multiply the inner numbers together to get the outer numbers (x2)
* Adding to 1,000- color the clovers that equal 1,000 green and color the others yellow
* Using a Bar Graph- use the graph to answer the questions
* Using a Pictograph- look at the graph to answer the questions, use multiplication to help you solve (x2)
* Saint Patrick's Day Shopping- look at the pictures and prices in the picture then answer the questions
* Making Change- cut and glue the coins so the total on the end is correct
* Rounding to the nearest 10- round the numbers to the nearest 100 and glue the answers in the box (x2)
* Measuring Stacks- write about how many inches long each stack is
* Measuring in Grams- look at the scales and write how many grams each set of blocks weighs
* Place Value with Base 10 Blocks
* Telling Time to the Minute- write the correct time under each clock
* Draw the Change- draw the amount of coins needed to buy each object
* Counting Change- count the change in each box and write the amount in the price tag
* What's the Area- look at the lengths and count the boxes to write the area of different rectangles
* Skip Counting by 5's- fill in the clovers when you count by 5
* Skip Counting by 10's- fill in the clovers when you count by 10
* Subtracting 2 Digit Numbers- subtract each problem and color the coin with the answer
* Using a Ruler- look at the line above each ruler and write how long the line is in milimeters
* Adding Numbers to make 50- fill in the missing numbers to make 50
* Making 100 by Adding- circle the pairs of numbers that equal 100 and then write the number sentence
* Multiplying with Pictures- circle the objects in the picture to show the multiplication problem
* Color the Shape- color the shapes based on the color bank
* Identifying 3D shapes- write the name of the 3D shape in the box
* Multiplication Coloring- color the picture based on the product of multiplication problems
* Number Order- write the numbers in the boex in order from least to greatest or greatest to least (x2)

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Notes and Terms of Use:
*The frames and graphics on these templates are flattened as background elements and are not moveable.
*This packet is for the sole use of the purchaser.
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If you have any questions about this packet before you download, please feel free to contact me, thanks! :)

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March (Saint Patrick's Day) PRINT and GO Packet [2nd Grade]
March (Saint Patrick's Day) PRINT and GO Packet [2nd Grade]
March (Saint Patrick's Day) PRINT and GO Packet [2nd Grade]