March St. Patrick's Day Second Grade Math and Literacy NO PREP Common Core

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This great math and literacy packet has 40 printables just for second grade - 20 math and 20 literacy. They can be used in so many ways! It is a St. Patrick's Day and spring themed packet, so it will be perfect for your March lessons!!

This will be perfect for your math centers, literacy centers, morning work, homework, RTI, or even for enrichment for those early finishers you have!

It is common core aligned and each common core standard is printed right there on the bottom of the page so that you don't have to search for standards.

It is a print and go packet, meaning that you can print and hand out - no prep needed. Every sheet is labeled with an, "I Can" statement so that your students can easily see their learning goals for the day. Answer keys are included for all necessary sections, so you can easily check work or even allow students to evaluate their own work. Thank you so much for checking out this packet and I hope that you will look in my store for other activities and packets!

Clipart is from Creative Clips, Pink Cat Studio, Whimsy Clips, Melonheadz, and DJ Inkers (license number 0414198675).

Included in this packet:

I Can Read and Follow Clues - RL.2.1 - Students will read a short passage and determine what kind of animal it describes.

I Can Find Short and Long Vowel Sounds - RF.2.3a - Students will read clues to determine what the riddle describes, then color to show if it is a long or short vowel sound.

I Can Create Character Voices - RF.2.4b - Students will spin for a silly voice and read passages using that voice.

I Can Write "How-To" Directions - W.2.2 - Students will write and illustrate how to instructions on how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

I Can Write "How-To" Directions - W.2.2 - Students will write and illustrate how to instructions on how to find a leprechaun (using their imaginations of course!).

I Can Write About My Life - W.2.8 - Students will write to answer questions about things that have happened in their lives.

I Can Write With Collective Nouns - L.2.1a, L.2.1f - Students will write and illustrate sentences using given collective nouns.

I Can Make Plural Nouns - L.2.1b - Students will read singular nouns and write the irregular plural forms.

I Can Change Verb Tense - L.2.1d, L.2.1f - Students will read the present tense of irregular verbs and write the past tense, then write a sentence using the past tense.

I Can Choose Between Adverbs and Adjectives - L.2.1e - Students will color the puzzle piece with the word that correctly completes each sentence (choosing between adverbs and adjectives.

I Can Find Adjectives in Sentences - L.2.1e - Students will color to show the adjectives in each sentence.

I Can Capitalize Names Correctly - L.2.2a - Students will capitalize names correctly to create party invitations.

I Can Create Contractions - L.2.2c - Students will cut and paste to show the correct contraction for each set of words.

I Can Find the Correct Homophone - L.2.4 - Students will read descriptions and color to show if the correct homophone was used.

I Can Change the Prefix to Make New Words - L.2.4b - Students will use prefixes "un" and "dis" to create new words and illustrate.

I Can Create Compound Words - L.2.4d - Students will use pictures to create new compound words.

I Can Create Similes - L.2.5 - Students will create similes and illustrate.

I Can Find Antonyms - L.2.5 - Students will create antonyms, then sort adjectives and verbs within the sets of antonyms.

I Can Make Real-Life Connections to Words - L.2.5a - Students will draw pictures to match short passages, showing that they can make real-life connections to the underlined words.

I Can Write With Fancy Words - L.2.5b - Students will change the underlined simple word into a fancier version (showing that they understand shades of meaning).

I Can Skip Count - 2.NBT.A.2 - Students will skip count by five, ten, and one-hundred starting from various numbers.

I Can Compare Two Three-Digit Numbers - 2.NBT.A.4 - Students will compare two three-digit numbers using symbols.

I Can Solve Fact Families - 2.NBT.B.5 - Students will solve equations within fact families, then color to show even and odd answers.

I Can Subtract By Regrouping and Check My Work - 2.NBT.B.5 - Students will solve two-digit subtraction equations with regrouping and then add to check their work.

I Can Add Big Numbers By Regrouping - 2.NBT.B.5 - Students will use visual organizers to carry the one and regroup while adding.

I Can Add Three Two-Digit Numbers - 2.NBT.B.6 - Students will solve equations by adding sets of three two-digit numbers (adding for a total within three-hundred).

I Can Add and Subtract 10 and 100 - 2.NBT.B.8 - Students will use sum boxes to show that they can quickly add and subtract ten and one-hundred.

I Can Solve Addition Word Problems - 2.OA.A.1 - Students will solve addition word problems and show their work (five problems) within 100.

I Can Solve Subtraction Word Problems - 2.OA.A.1 - Students will solve subtraction word problems and show their work (five problems) within 100.

I Can Add and Subtract Within Twenty - 2.OA.B.2 - Students will color by the code to solve addition and subtraction equations within twenty.

I Can Find Odd and Even Groups - 2.OA.C.3 - Students will count to see how many in an array and determine if the number is odd or even.

I Can Measure in Inches and Centimeters - 2.MD.A.2 - Students will measure and write to show how many inches AND how many centimeters tall each picture is.

I Can Estimate Measurement in Feet - 2.MD.A.3 - Students will use a given standard of measurement and will use it to estimate how tall everything else in the picture is.

I Can Tell Time - 2.MD.C.7 - Students will read the clock hands and find the time to the nearest five minutes, then write a.m. or p.m. based on logic and whether the window shows the sun or stars.

I Can Count Money - 2.MD.C.8 - Students will count how much money they have and determine if they can afford an item, then how much change/extra money they have.

I Can Find Lines of Symmetry - 2.MD.C.8 - Students will divide pictures into two parts by finding their lines of symmetry.

I Can Create a Chart - 2.MD.D.10 - Students will count how many coins are in the piggy bank, tally them up, graph them, then answer questions about them.

I Can Create a Chart - 2.MD.D.10 - Students will color to show odd and even numbered boxes, then tally them, answer questions about them, then graph.

I Can Find the Shape That Doesn't Belong - 2.G.A.1 - Students will find the shape that does not belong, then explain why it is different.

I Can Make Fractions With Shapes - 2.G.A.3 - Students will draw to cut shapes into pieces, then shade according to the directions.
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March St. Patrick's Day Second Grade Math and Literacy NO
March St. Patrick's Day Second Grade Math and Literacy NO
March St. Patrick's Day Second Grade Math and Literacy NO
March St. Patrick's Day Second Grade Math and Literacy NO