Martin Luther King Jr. Evaluation Book Report Worksheet Plus Video

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This "Evaluation" worksheet and video guides students through writing their own Book Report. This worksheet is ONE of FIVE potential activities that can be completed after watching the FREE video of "A Picture Book of Martin Luther King, Jr."

What’s Unique about this Product?

Far more than worksheets; this learning activity incorporates interactive media technology! It is ONE of FIVE learning activities that can be purchased separately or as a kit.

Here’s How:

• At each stage of learning there is an engaging video paired with the worksheet
• The professional videos are colorful with tasteful and related sound and visual
effects. Students will love the white board animation elements.
• The videos are hosted by a charming girl who carefully narrates and walks
learners through each learning phase.
• Each video (aside from the engagement video) is paired with a critical thinking
worksheet the students complete during or after the video presentation.
• Each worksheet specifically spells out what Common Core strands it is aligned
• Click HERE to watch the first of the five videos for FREE!

What’s Included in this Set?

• Lesson Plan with Specific Common Core strand key

• Video 1 “A Picture Book of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.” by David A. Adler read
aloud. Perfect for engaging learners. (THIS VIDEO IS FREE)
• Time Line Worksheet keyed to video 1

• Video 2: “Exploration” video that challenges learners to ask and answer questions
that enhance their comprehension of the story of Dr. Martin Luther King.
• Exploration Worksheet keyed to video 2

• Video 3: “Explanation” video guides students through the explanation phase where
they are introduced to formal terms, definitions, and concepts related to the Civil
Rights Movement.
• Explanation Worksheet keyed to video 3

• Video 4: “Extend” video guides students through making connections between the
text and world around them. In the extend phase students are asked to
contemplate a law/rule they’d like to see changed.
• Extend Worksheet keyed to video 4.

• Video 5: This video guides students through writing a book report. Writing the book
report serves to evaluate the students on their understanding of the text and it’s key
• Evaluation Worksheet keyed to video 5.

What Common Core Standards are Satisfied?

Reading Literature, Reading Information, Writing, Speaking and Listening

RI 2.3, RI 2.6; , RI 2.8 RI 3.2.; RI 3.1., RI 3.3, RI 4.1 RI 4.2; RI 4.3, RI 4.5, W 2.1 ,W 3.1.b, W 3.1.c, W 4.1.b, W 4.1.c RI 2.1, RI 2.6, RI2.8; RI3.1; RI 3.2; RI 3.4; R.I 3.6; RI 3.7; RI 3.8; RI 4.1; RI 4.3; RI 4.5; RI 4.7RI 2.1, RI 2.6, RI2.8; RI3.1; RI 3.2; RI 3.4; R.I 3.6; RI 3.7; RI 3.8; RI 4.1; RI 4.3; RI 4.5; RI 4.7 SL 2.5; SL 3.1.d.; SL 3.5; SL 4.1.d; SL 4.5
RL 2.3; RL 2.5; RL 2.7; RL 3.1-3; RL 4.1 - 3

What are the student benefits?

Instead of merely learning basic facts about Dr. Martin Luther King this lesson plan does more. The combined videos and worksheets allow learners to understand Dr. Kings legacy of peaceful protest by (1) analyzing the world around them (2) creating their own solutions and (3) supporting their organized thoughts and conclusions.
Here’s how:

• The video facilitator asks open ended questions
• The video leaves time for learners to think, analyze, and write responses on their
video keyed worksheets
• The video facilitator encourages learners to use their own experiences in
• The video and keyed worksheets help students to justify and support their ides
with details.

What Learning Theory is this Set based?

This lesson plan uses the Constructivism 5 E model; (1) engage, (2) explore, (3) explain, (4) extend and (5) evaluate. Because this learning theory allows students to share their own unique experience, it perfectly compliments Dr. King’s legacy of unifying people from diverse backgrounds.

We think it’s a great way for students to make meaningful connections between their personal lives and the enduring legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King’s life such as peace, appreciation for diversity and national unity.

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