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Match The Trash: CVC Word Family Activities

Match The Trash:   CVC Word Family Activities
Match The Trash:   CVC Word Family Activities
Match The Trash:   CVC Word Family Activities
Match The Trash:   CVC Word Family Activities
Match The Trash:   CVC Word Family Activities
Match The Trash:   CVC Word Family Activities
Match The Trash:   CVC Word Family Activities
Match The Trash:   CVC Word Family Activities
Product Description
Match the Trash CVC Word Family Activity is designed for students to practice their reading skills in a variety of formats. It uses the theme of filling the trash cans on the individual sorting mats.

Students can:
♦ Work in a small group with the teacher
♦ Use the sorting mats in centers
♦ Sort the word cards onto the mats for each word family
♦ Read the words to a partner
♦ Put the words in alphabetical order
♦ Identify the short vowel sounds in the words
♦ Decode the words in each word family
♦ Practice their rhyming skills
♦ Practice writing silly sentences with the word family words

Included in this activity:
→ Word families for all of the vowels: A,E,I,O,U
→ 39 different word families
→ 39 sorting mats
→ Nine words per sorting mat
→ Word lists of the words included
→ Blank sorting mats and cards for additional use with other CVC word patterns
→ Blackline assessment pages
→ Answer keys
→ Sample page of one of the word sorts

Easy clean-up and storage:
♥ Laminate the cards and mats
♥ One option is to put the mats in plastic sleeves
♥ Sets can be stored in a binder
♥ Cards can be stored in pockets or plastic bags.
♥ Each vowel set is color coded on the trash bin on the mat and on the words.
♥ Besides each trash bin is a different flower. This flower is located in the corner of that word family’s cards. This is an easy check to see if the cards are placed on the correct sorting mat. Plus by using the flowers, the cards can be easily sorted for frequent use.

Words Included in Match the Trash CVC Word Family Activity

Short A Words
• ab: cab, crab, dab, fab, jab, lab, nab, stab, tab
• ad: bad, dad, fad, glad, had, lad, mad, pad, sad
• ag: bag, drag, flag, gag, lag, nag, rag, tag, wag
• am: bam, cam, ham, jam, Pam, ram, Sam, slam, yam
• an: ban, can, Dan, fan, man, pan, ran, tan, van
• ap: cap, flap, gap, lap, map, nap, rap, slap, tap
• at: bat, chat, fat, hat, mat, rat, sat, that, vat
• ack: back, black, Jack, lack, pack, quack, rack, sack, stack
• ank: bank, blank, drank, Frank, rank, sank, stank, tank, yank
• ash: bash, cash, clash, flash, hash, lash, mash, rash, trash

Short E Words
• ed: bed, fled, fed, Fred, led, red, sled, Ted, wed
• en: Ben, den, hen, Ken, men, pen, ten, then, when
• et: bet, jet, let, met, net, pet, set, vet, wet
• ell: bell, fell, Nell, sell, shell, smell, tell, well, yell
• est: best, chest, nest, pest, rest, test, vest, west, zest

Short I Words
• id: bid, did, hid, kid, lid, rid, Sid, slid, vid
• ig: big, dig, fig, jig, pig, rig, twig, wig, zig
• im: dim, him, Jim, Kim, Mim, rim, slim, Tim, whim
• in: chin, fin, grin, kin, pin, shin, thin, tin, win
• ip: clip, dip, flip, hip, lip, rip, ship, slip, tip
• it: bit, fit, flit, hit, lit, pit, quit, sit, slit
• ick: brick, chick, click, lick, pick, quick, sick, stick, thick
&bull: ill: bill, chill, drill, fill, hill, mill, pill, still, will
&bull: ink: blink, clink, drink, link, mink, pink, rink, stink, wink

Short O Words
• ob: Bob, cob, job, knob, lob, mob, rob, slob, sob
• od: clod, cod, mod, nod, pod, rod, shod, sod, Tod
• og: blog, bog, cog, dog, fog, hog, jog, log, slog
• op: bop, cop, drop, flop, hop, mop, pop, stop, top
• ot: cot, dot, got, hot, lot, not, pot, tot, trot
• ock: block, clock, dock, flock, knock, lock, rock, shock, sock

Short U Words
• ub: club, cub, flub, grub, hub, rub, sub, stub, tub
• ud: bud, crud, cud, dud, Jud, mud, stud, suds, thud
• ug: bug, drug, dug, hug, lug, rug, shrug, slug, tug
• um: bum, chum, drum, gum, hum, mum, slum, sum, yum
• un: bun, fun, hun, nun, pun, run, shun, stun, sun
• ut: but, cut, gut, hut, nut, rut, shut, strut, Tut
• uck: buck, cluck, duck, luck, muck, puck, stuck, truck tuck
• uff: bluff, buff, cuff, fluff, gruff, huff, muff, puff, stuff
• unk: bunk, chunk, clunk, drunk, dunk, hunk, stunk, sunk, trunk

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Total Pages
100 pages
Answer Key
Teaching Duration
1 Semester
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