Math Interactive Notebook 7th Grade ALL YEAR FOLDABLE BUNDLE + Vocab!

Math Interactive Notebook 7th Grade ALL YEAR FOLDABLE BUND
Math Interactive Notebook 7th Grade ALL YEAR FOLDABLE BUND
Math Interactive Notebook 7th Grade ALL YEAR FOLDABLE BUND
Math Interactive Notebook 7th Grade ALL YEAR FOLDABLE BUND
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This bundle includes 50 stick-n-solve foldables and over 60 vocab diagrams for seventh grade common core math! Purchasing them in this bundle you get 25% off the individual prices!

My Entire 7th Grade Math Curriculum includes these activities and every other resource I have created for seventh grade math!

I started using Stick-n-Solve Foldables and Vocab Diagrams in my Math Interactive Notebooks last year and it worked great!

There are a few things about these Stick-n-Solves that I really have enjoyed. First, my students no longer spend time copying down problems when we take notes. I always thought this was a waste of time. Now, the problems are on the foldable ready to be solved. The students like to cut and fold and glue while working in their notebooks. It gives them something tactile to do during class. Finally, the foldables are a built in review tool for your students. At the end of a unit, they can go back through their notebooks and solve all the problems on the Stick-n-Solves. Since the work is on the inside, they just open them up to check their answers. Each foldable in this set has two per page. My students are set up in partners, so I give one sheet to each partner pair to cut in half. Each stick-n-solve foldable is accompanied by a picture of my ineractive notebook page from last year as well as a picture of the inside of the foldable.

The Vocabulary Diagrams have been a great addition to our interactive notebooks, as well. It is one more interaction with essential terminology that really makes them think. Each diagram has students write a definition, examples, non-examples, and the unique aspect of my diagrams in the last section: create a problem. Here, students must come up with their own problem scenario and solve it. Each page of diagrams includes four terms. Some units have four total and others eight. This works out well because students fold them in half lengthwise to glue into their notebook, and four fit perfectly on one page.

For almost every topic that we cover, I’ve made a foldable. I have created 50 Stick-n-Solve Foldables for 7th grade common core math, as well as over 60 vocab diagrams. I’ve organized them into the following bundles:

Proportional Reasoning
1. Unit Rates Review - CCSS.7.RP.A.1
2. Complex Fractions - CCSS.7.RP.A.1
3. Complex Rates - CCSS.7.RP.A.1
4. Proportionality Constants - CCSS.7.RP.A.2, 2.B, 2.C
5. Proportional Relationships in Tables - CCSS.7.RP.A.2, 2.A, 2.B
6. Proportional Relationships in Graphs - CCSS.7.RP.A.2, 2.A, 2.B, 2.D
7. Percents and Proportions - CCSS.7.RP.A.3
8. Real-World Percents - CCSS.7.RP.A.3
9. Equations with Percents - CCSS.7.RP.A.3

Rational Numbers
1. Rational Numbers – CCSS.7.NS.A.1
2. Adding Rational Numbers – CCSS.7.NS.A.1, 1.B
3. Adding Rationals on a Number Line – CCSS.7.NS.A.1, 1.B
4. Subtracting Rational Numbers – CCSS.7.NS.A.1. 1.C
5. Subtracting Rationals on a Number Line – CCSS.7.NS.A.1, 1.C
6. Multiplying Rationals – CCSS.7.NS.A.2, 2.A
7. Dividing Rationals – CCSS.7.NS.A.2, 2.B
8. Properties with Rational Numbers – CCSS.7.NS.A.1.D, 2.C

1. Commutatuive and Associative - CCSS.7.EE.A, A.1
2. Distributive Property - CCSS.7.EE.A, A.1
3. Solving Equations - CCSS.7.EE.B, B.4, B.4.A
4. Writing Equations - CCSS.7.EE.B, B.4, B.4.A
5. Expressions with Percents - CCSS.7.EE.A, A.2, B, B.4, B.4.A
6. Inequalities - CCSS.7.EE.B, B.4, B.4.B
7. Solving Inequalities - CCSS.7.EE.B, B.4, B.4.B
8. Writing Inequalities - CCSS.7.EE.B, B.4, B.4.B

Probability & Statistics
1. Probability – 7.SP.C.5
2. Simple Events – 7.SP.C.5, C.6
3. Probability Models – 7.SP.C.7, C.7.a, C.7.b
4. Compound Events – 7.SP.C.8, C.8.a, C.8.b
5. Tree Diagrams – 7.SP.C.8, C.8.a, C.8.b
6. Simulation – 7.SP.C.8, C.8.a, C.8.c
7. Statistics – 7.SP.A.1, A.2
8. Comparing Measures of Center – 7.SP.B, B.3, B.4
9. Comparing Measures of Variability – 7.SP.B, B.3, B.4

1. Circumference of Circles - CCSS.7.G.B, B.4
2. Area of Circles - CCSS.7.G.B, B.4
3. Area of Polygons - CCSS.7.G.B, B.5
4. Complex Areas - CCSS.7.G.B, B.4
5. 3-D Figures - CCSS.7.G.A
6. Slicing Figures - CCSS.7.G.A, A.3
7. Suface Area - CCSS.7.G.B, B.6
8. Volume - CCSS.7.G.B, B.6
9. Complex 3-D Figures - CCSS.7.G.B, B.6

Scale & Construction
1. Finding Scale – CCSS.7.G.A.1
2. Finding Actual Lengths – CCSS.7.G.A.1
3. Reproducung New Scales – CCSS.7.G.A.1
4. Constructing Triangles from Angles – CCSS.7.G.A.2
5. Constructing Triangles from Sides – CCSS.7.G.A.2
6. Angles – CCSS.7.G.B.5
7. Equations with Angles – CCSS.7.G.B.5

Vocabulary Diagrams

These Vocab Diagrams cover all 14 units in seventh grade math:

1. Complex Rates
2. Proportional Reasoning
3. Proportions & Persents
4. Adding & Subtracting Rationals
5. Multiplying & Dividing Rationals
6. Expressions
7. Equations & Inequalities
8. Simple Events
9. Compound Events
10. Statistics
11. 2-D Geometry
12. 3-D Geometry
13. Scale Drawings
14. Geometric Constructions

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Math Interactive Notebook 7th Grade FOLDABLE BUNDLE Stick-n-Solve/Vocab Diagrams by Kimberly Wasylyk is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
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Math Interactive Notebook 7th Grade ALL YEAR FOLDABLE BUND
Math Interactive Notebook 7th Grade ALL YEAR FOLDABLE BUND
Math Interactive Notebook 7th Grade ALL YEAR FOLDABLE BUND
Math Interactive Notebook 7th Grade ALL YEAR FOLDABLE BUND
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