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Math Word Wall Grades 3, 4 & 5 (554 words + Financial Lit) Growing Set

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3rd - 5th, Homeschool
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Are you searching for a set of math vocabulary words that contains ALL words you need for grades 3-5 including financial literacy words? This set has got you covered! If the word isn't there, I'll add it!

Words were researched and fit the Common Core BUT the posters are NOT tagged for Common Core so teachers in states not using Common Core can use this set.

Each poster includes the word in bold, easy to read font, the definition in student friendly language, and a visual example. Posters are arranged alphabetically in the set. This bundled set saves you lots of money and helps students learn the vocabulary of math.

The set also includes 82 financial literacy vocabulary terms. Some posters are differentiated to be more appropriate for the different grade levels (place value, for example). A table of contents lists all posters included. Binder covers and spines are also included so you can store your printed posters for easy use.

This set is in PDF format and posters print full-page size for great visibility from the word wall. There are 544 posters and 564 pages in all this mega set and priced WAY less than purchasing individual grade level sets! With this set, you've got it all!

>>> 544 Math Posters Included:<<<

accuracy, acute angle, acute triangle, add/addition, addend, Addition Property of Equality, Additive Identity Property of Zero, adjacent, algebraic expression, algorithm, allowance, A.M., angle, arc, area, area model, array, ascending, Associative Property of Addition, Associative Property of Multiplication, ATM surcharge, Automated Teller Machine (ATM), attribute, average, axis/axes, balance, balance budget, bank, bank account, bank note, bankrupt, bankruptcy, bar graph, base, base of polygon, base 10 numeral, base of exponent, benchmark fraction, bisect, borrower, braces, brackets, breaking apart, budget, capacity, cash, categorical data, Celsius, center, centi-, centimeter, central angle, certificate of deposit, check (a solution), check (bank check), check register, chord, circle, circle graph, circumference, classify, clockwise, collection agency, column, common denominator, common factor, common multiple, Commutative Property of Addition, Commutative Property of Multiplication, compare, compass, compatible numbers, compensation (in computation), compensation (for a loss), compose, composite figures, composite number, computation, compute, concave, cone, congruent, congruent figures, consecutive, convert, convex, coordinate, coordinate grid, coordinate plane, coordinate system, corresponding terms, counterclockwise, credit, credit card, credit inquiry, credit report, credit union, cube, cubed number, cubic unit, cup, customary system, cylinder, data, debit, debit card, debt, dec-/deci-, decagon, decimal, decimal fraction, decimal point, decompose (2 posters), decrease, deduct, defend, degree, denominator, deposit, descending, diagonal, diameter, difference, digit, dimension, discrete paired data, Distributive Property, divide/division, dividend, divisible, Division Property of Equality, divisor, dot plot, double bar graph, edge, efficiency, eighth, elapsed time, electronic payment, employee, employer, end point, equally likely, equal ratios, equation, equilateral triangle, equivalent/equivalence, equivalent decimals, equivalent fractions, estimate/estimation, evaluate, expanded form, expanded form with exponents, expanded notation, expense, explain, exponent, expression, exterior, face, fact family, factor, factor pairs, factor tree, Fahrenheit, feet/foot, Fibonacci Sequence, fifth, financial aid, financial institution, financial record, finite, first quadrant, fixed expense, fluency, fluid ounce, formula, fourth, fraction, fraction model, Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), frequency, frequency table, front end estimation (2 posters), function table, gallon, gap, generalization, Googol, gram, grant, graph, greater than, greater than or equal to, greatest common factor, grid, gross income, gross pay, half/halves, height, height of a polygon, hemisphere, heptagon, hexagon, histogram, horizontal, hour, hundredth, hypotenuse, Identity Property of Addition, Identity Property of Multiplication, improper fraction, inch, inch-foot-yard, income, income tax, increase, inequality, infinity, input, input/output table, insufficient funds, integer, interest, interest rate, interior, interior angle, intersect/intersection, intersecting lines, interval, interval on a graph, inverse operations, investment, irregular polygon, is not equal to, isosceles triangle, job, justify, kilo-, kilogram, kilometer, landlord, landmark, layer, leaf/leaves, least common denominator, least common multiple, lender, length, less than, less than or equal to, like denominator, line, line graph, line of symmetry, line plot, line segment, line symmetric figures, line symmetry, linear equation, linear measurement, liquid volume, liter, loan, long division, lowest terms, mass, maximum, mean, measure, median, mental math, meter, meter stick, metric system, midpoint, mile, milli-, milligram, milliliter, millimeter, minimum, minuend, minute, mixed number, mode, model, money, money market account, mortgage, MPG (miles per gallon), MPH (miles per hour), multiple, multiple of 10, multiplicand, multiplication/multiply, Multiplication Property of Equality, multiplicative comparison, Multiplicative Identify Property, multiply, negative, net, net income, nonagon, non-sufficient funds, nth term, number line, number pattern, number sense, numeral, numerator, numerical data, numerical expression, obtuse angle, obtuse triangle, occupation, octagon, odd number, operation, opposite, order, order of operations, ordered pair, origin, ounce, ounce (fluid ounce), outlier, output, overdraft, overdraft fee, overdraft protection, overestimate, overlap, palindrome, parallel lines, parallelograms, parentheses, partial product (2 posters), partial quotient, partition (2 posters), pattern, payment, payroll tax, pentagon, pentomino, percent, perimeter, period, perpendicular, perpendicular lines, pi, personal identification number (PIN), pictograph, picture graph (2 posters), pictorial model, pint, place value, plane, plane figure, P.M., point, polygon, positive rational number, post secondary education, pound, power of10, prediction, prime factorization, prime number, prism, probability, product (2 posters), proficient, profit (2 posters), proper fraction, property, property tax, protractor, pyramid, quadrangle, quadrant, quadrilateral, quantity, quart, quarter, quarter hour, quotient, radius/radii, range, rate, ratio, ray, reasonable /reasonableness, reciprocal, rectangle, rectangular, rectangular prism, rectangular pyramid, rectilinear figures, reduce (make smaller), reduce (fraction), reflect/reflection, regroup, regular polygon, related facts, remainder, repeating decimal, represent, revenue, rhombus (2 posters), right angle, right rectangular prism, right trapezoid, right triangle, Roman Numerals, rotate/rotation, round/rounding, row, rule, ruler, salary, sales tax, sample, sample space, save, savings, savings account, scale (3 posters), scaled graph, scalene triangle, scatter plot, scholarship, scientific notation, sequence, set, shares, side (of a shape), side (an angle), simple budget, simplest form, simplify, sixth, skip count, slide, solid figure, solution (2 posters), spend, sphere, square (2 posters), squared, square number, square pyramid, square root, square unit, standard algorithm, standard form, standard measurement, stem, stem and leaf plot, straight angle, stock, stock market, strategy, strip diagram, subtract/subtraction, Subtraction Property of Equality, subtrahend, sum, surface areas, survey, symbols (2 posters), symmetry, table of x- and y- values, tally, tenth (decimal), tenth (fraction), term, tessellation, third, thousandths, three-dimensional figure (3-D), tiling, time interval, ton, total, transaction, transformation, translation, trapezoid, tree diagram, trend, triangle (2 posters), triangular prism, triangular pyramid, turn, twelfths, two-dimensional figure (2-D), underestimate, unit, unit cube, unit form (2 posters), unit fraction, unit square (2 posters), unknown, unlike denominators value, variable, vary, variable expense, Venn diagram, vertex/vertices, vertical, volume (solid and liquid), weight, whole number, width, withdrawal, word form, work study program, x-axis, x-coordinate, y-axis, y-coordinate, yardstick, and Zero Property.

To use these posters in student interactive math notebooks, just print in reduced size!

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