Mathematics - Real Numbers for Beginners - Compiled/Bundled session Algebra


A real number is a number that can be shown on a number line (Real line). It includes both rational numbers and irrational numbers. It is denoted with the symbol “R”.

Natural numbers are commonly referred as counting variables and start from 1.
Ex: 1,2,3,4,5,6…………..

Whole numbers are commonly referred as positive integer and start from 0.
Ex: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6…………

Integers are combination of negative number and positive number. It is not a fractional number.

Rational numbers can be written in fractional form or in the decimal form.
Ex: -3.5, 7, 0, 1/3

Irrational numbers cannot be written in the fractional form.
Ex.: √2, √3

The above video is a complete session covering all the important topics of Real Numbers.

This session gives a detailed explanation on the following topics:-
1-Real Numbers- Introduction 00:00
2-HCF & Euclid's Division Lemma 05:00
3-Decimal Form of Rational Numbers 14:55
4-How To Find The Least Comon Multiple (lcm) 23:15
5-Irrational Numbers And Prrof of Root 2 Is Irrational 33:03
6-Finding Rational Numbers 46:00
7-Some Stupid Math Mistakes #1 56:20
8-Some Stupid Math Mistakes #2 1:01:56

All the individual videos can be seen here,

Mathematics | Real Numbers for Beginners

Mathematics Finding HCF using Euclid's Division Lemma in real numbers

Mathematics Decimal form of rational numbers - Real Numbers

Mathematics Find LCM Using Prime Factorization Method

Mathematics Irrational numbers and Proof that Root 2 is irrational

Mathematics - Real Number - Finding Rational Numbers (Number system)

Math - Common math mistakes #1

Mathematics | Common math mistakes #2

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