Measurement & Graphs ★ 3.7A 3.7B 3.7C 3.7D 3.7E 3.8A 3.8B ★ TEKS 3rd Grade Math

Measurement & Graphs ★ 3.7A 3.7B 3.7C 3.7D 3.7E 3.8A 3.8B ★ TEKS 3rd Grade Math
Measurement & Graphs ★ 3.7A 3.7B 3.7C 3.7D 3.7E 3.8A 3.8B ★ TEKS 3rd Grade Math
Measurement & Graphs ★ 3.7A 3.7B 3.7C 3.7D 3.7E 3.8A 3.8B ★ TEKS 3rd Grade Math
Measurement & Graphs ★ 3.7A 3.7B 3.7C 3.7D 3.7E 3.8A 3.8B ★ TEKS 3rd Grade Math
Measurement & Graphs ★ 3.7A 3.7B 3.7C 3.7D 3.7E 3.8A 3.8B ★ TEKS 3rd Grade Math
Measurement & Graphs ★ 3.7A 3.7B 3.7C 3.7D 3.7E 3.8A 3.8B ★ TEKS 3rd Grade Math
Measurement & Graphs ★ 3.7A 3.7B 3.7C 3.7D 3.7E 3.8A 3.8B ★ TEKS 3rd Grade Math
Measurement & Graphs ★ 3.7A 3.7B 3.7C 3.7D 3.7E 3.8A 3.8B ★ TEKS 3rd Grade Math
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    Do you need the perfect activity for your fractions & decimals math centers this year? We’ve got just the fit! Our professionally edited questions allow you to confidently prepare your students for TEKS standards 3.7A - 3.8B (7 SETS) with 210 task cards that are attractively-designed, standard-focused, and thoughtfully differentiated.

    As a bonus, each set includes full page digital images of each illustrated task card which can be used to upload onto platforms you may be using already - like Google Classroom, Nearpod, or some other learning management system you prefer.

    We cordially invite you to take a look at the PREVIEW above by clicking on the green button above this description.



    210 uniquely illustrated task cards with additional sets that have colorful border options.

    210 full page images that can be printed out, used in whole-group instruction over a smartboard, or uploaded to google drive where you can share them digitally with your students.

    7 printable labels with "I Can Statements".

    Creatively designed answer keys which match recording sheets for easy grading.

    A click and learn FAQ document which provides helpful answers to questions you might have about your set.


    The Differentiation Advantage

    This set of task cards has been organized in a way that allows for seamless differentiation. Cards #1-10 are the least difficult in each set and can be given to any students who might be struggling to gain confidence. Cards #11-20 are just slightly more challenging, while the last 10 questions require a bit more critical thinking being primarily long-form word problems.

    Methodology - How We Designed the Problems

    Each question is aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) state standards, and are specifically designed to meet documented student expectations for that standard. The questions are patterned on previously released State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) Math Tests. The questions can be used for guided practice and independent practice.

    *Careful attention has been put into each question so they won't be so challenging as to discourage your students, while still being rigorous enough to prepare your students for testing and assessment.

    The Engagement Advantage

    Most of the illustrations on our task cards come directly from our musical math animations that can be seen on YouTube or, alternatively, completely ad-free on our website,

    We highly recommend supplementing these task cards with our math videos. Doing so will provide an unprecedented level of engagement as your students remember the music, which stimulates their memory, and then see the characters they have been watching on their printables and activities. We’ve also added a smattering of (wholesome) humor into the wording of the questions. All that being said, I’m highly confident that the engagement levels in your classroom are going to surpass even your highest expectations.

    The Price Advantage

    Other 3rd Grade TEKS task card sets of comparable quality are selling for $5.00 and up. With this set, you don't have to choose between quality and price. These sets were priced keeping your budget firmly in mind.



    CLICK HERE to explore our 3rd Grade Task Card Library….

    ...or follow the green links below if you already know what you need.

    3rd Grade Task Card Bundle (Covers All 3rd Grade Math Standards)

    Other Units in 3rd Grade:

    STAAR Place Value Unit 3.2A-3.2D (4 Sets)

    STAAR Fractions Unit 3.3A-3.3H (8 Sets)

    STAAR Basic Operations Unit 3.4A-3.4K (11 Sets)

    STAAR Algebraic Reasoning Unit 3.5A-3.5E (5 Sets)

    STAAR Geometry Unit 3.6A-3.6E (5 Sets)



    If you only need resources for specific standards within the unit, you may follow the links below:

    Fractions on a Number Line
    TEK 3.7A Task Cards (Illustrated)

    Perimeter of Polygons
    TEK 3.7B Task Cards (Illustrated)

    Elapsed Time
    TEK 3.7C Task Cards (Illustrated)

    Capacity and Mass (Using Measuring Devices)
    TEK 3.7D Task Cards (Illustrated)

    Capacity and Mass (Situational Awareness)
    TEK 3.7E Task Cards (Illustrated)

    Dot Plots, Bar Graphs, and Pictographs
    TEK 3.8A Task Cards (Illustrated)

    Interpreting Data from Graphs and Charts
    TEK 3.8B Task Cards (Illustrated)



    ✔ Stations for Your Math Centers
    ✔ Differentiation (Questions 1-10, 11-20, and 21-30 are uniquely grouped by difficulty)
    ✔ Independent practice
    ✔ Skills Practice
    ✔ Assessments
    ✔ Review / Intervention
    ✔ SBAC and PARCC Test Prep
    ✔ Fast Finishers / Enrichment
    ✔ Scaffolding Students Up To Rest of Class
    ✔ Scavenger Hunts / Scoot
    ✔ Adding Select Card Images (JPG Images) to Assign in Google Classroom
    ✔ Enhancing your Nearpod Lesson
    ✔ Adding Images to Your Boom Cards Activities and Adding Interactive Features
    ✔ Flipped Classrooms


    Included in this task card set are the following TEKS Standards:

    TEKS Standard 3.7A: The student is expected to represent fractions of halves, fourths, and eighths as distances from zero on a number line.
    Learning Goal:
    I can map fractions like one-half and one-quarter on a number line, which gives me a great way to see what a fraction really is - a part of a whole."

    TEKS Standard 3.7B: The student is expected to determine the perimeter of a polygon or a missing length when given perimeter and remaining side lengths in problems.
    Learning Goal:
    I can measure a polygon's perimeter by adding up the lengths of that shape's sides.

    TEKS Standard 3.7C: The student is expected to determine the solutions to problems involving addition and subtraction of time intervals in minutes using pictorial models or tools such as a 15‐minute event plus a 30‐minute event equals 45 minutes.
    Learning Goal:
    I can combine my understanding of telling time with addition and subtraction to help plan out my day and understand how others manage their time.

    TEKS Standard 3.7D:The student is expected to determine when it is appropriate to use measurements of liquid volume (capacity) or weight.
    Learning Goal:
    I can understand when I need to measure something in units of liquid volume vs. measuring something in units of weight.

    TEKS Standard 3.7E: The student is expected to determine liquid volume (capacity) or weight using appropriate units and tools.
    Learning Goal:
    I can measure the amount of liquid in a cup or container using the appropriate units and tools necessary according to the situation.

    TEKS Standard 3.8A:The student is expected to summarize a data set with multiple categories using a frequency table, dot plot, pictograph, or bar graph with scaled intervals.
    Learning Goal:
    I can represent data in all sorts of neat, clearn and easy to understand graphs and tables.

    TEKS Standard 3.8B: The student is expected to solve one-and two-step problems using categorical data represented with a frequency table, dot plot, pictograph, or bar graph with scaled intervals
    Learning Goal:
    I can organize and summarize data in graphs and tables, then use the organized data to create equations which help me to understand the data and make use of it in real world situations.

    Total Pages
    210 Illustrated Task Cards
    Answer Key
    Teaching Duration
    1 Week
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