Mega Bundle - Preschool by Narcissa - Pre-K Program - All 26 Units & More {PbN}

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    This unique Bundle is still available but there is also a new growing Series that includes the Preschool by Narcissa Units, Evaluation Kit and File Folder Fun collection with new additions regularly - Grab it now for the best savings - Ultimate Preschool Curriculum Membership Club Here

    There is soooo much included in this Mega Bundle & All in PDF Printer Friendly E-book style! This Collection will provide Room Set up Decor (more than just decorations), Simple File Folder (FF not required) Centers Plus, Student Evaluation Tracking and a Mega Preschool Program that can be incorporated anytime.

    Seriously - This Bundle has over 10,000 pages! You choose what you want to use .... but it is ALL included! You will find an organizer, birthday chart, posters, craftivities, journals, readers ..... ohhhhh.... I could go on but I need to finish marking everything down for you!

    ***You will get the Room Decor Set & it is more than just a few Splashes of Color.

    This set contains over 300 pages in PDF within a zipped folder. It Includes:

    Full Sheet Posters (you could reduce the size by printing multiple pages on one sheet with your printer settings - if you have a smaller space :)

    Alphabet ~ Upper / Lower case; Beginning Sound Picture; ASL letter

    Numbers ~ includes 0 to 20; Word; Ten Frame; Craft Stick Hashes

    Shapes ~ 23 different 2D and 3D Shapes

    Colors ~ 12 Colors including pink, gray and tan

    Days of the Week ~ Yesterday Was, Today is and Tomorrow will be included

    The Season is and The Weather is ... includes pictures for the seasons and 13 weather cards

    Money ~ Coins & Bills ~ Penny; Nickel; Dime; Quarter; Half Dollar; One Dollar; Five Dollars

    Calendar Toppers in two versions ~ With month name only or With name and picture

    Calendar Pieces in 3 coordinating designs ..... for ABC type variations

    Calendar Holiday Pieces including 'Early Release', 'Special Assembly', 'No School'....over 40 cards

    Banner / Pennant Pieces ~ Alphabet, Numbers and a blank are included

    Word Wall Alphabet Labels & Words (and a page of blank cards) ~ Dolch / Sight Words ~ this PDF contains 86 pages

    Incentive Chart ~ two to a page ~ measuring approximately 5" x 6" each

    Desk Plate ~ two to a page ~ Includes area for writing student name; Upper/Lower case alphabet; ASL alphabet; Beginning Sound pictures; Left / Right Hands; Shapes; Colors; Odd / Even Number line 0 to 20

    Back Pack Tag ~ six to a page ~ location for Name; Transportation; Bus Number; Special Notes

    Library Pocket ~ two to a page ~ 3.5" x 4"


    Assorted Blank Labels

    Birthday Chart with Extend-a-Trim ~ the chart can be as large as you need it to be :)

    Behavior Management Chart Set

    Teacher Planner Book ~ too much to list

    ***File Folder Fun Collection - 226 Classroom Support Centers, Games & Activities

    This Collection Contains the following: (850 pages)

    8 - Alphabet Board Games

    26 - Alphabet Shadow Activities

    14 - Alphabet Upper & Lower Case Activities

    7 - Alphabet / Letter Font Sorting

    4 - Ending Sound Challenges

    21 - Beginning Sound Challenges

    5 - Misc. Letter Activities

    19 - Categorizing Activities

    13 - Color Activities

    6 - Days and Months Activities

    4 - Emotions and Faces Activities

    15 - Money Activities

    7 - Basic Addition Challenges

    13 - Counting Challenges

    12 - Misc. Number Activities

    17 - Assorted One to One Matching Mixed Activities

    3 - Onomatopoeia Activities

    13 - Patterning Challenges

    6 - Rhyming Activities

    1 - Time Activity

    12 - Shape Activities

    For a Grand Total of 226 File Folder Fun Challenges

    ***Preschool Evaluation Assessment Kit {PbN} Pre-K - over 200 pages

    - Portfolio Cover Page(s)

    - Assessment / Evaluation Data Collection Sheets

    - Pages for Number - Shapes - Colors - Letter - Sound Identification

    - Rhyming

    - Counting by 1’s - Rote

    - 1 to 1 Correspondence

    - Identify Numerals - through 120

    - Write Numerals

    - Matches Quantity to Numeral

    - Draws to Represent Numbers

    - Subitizing

    - Orders objects by Size

    - Sequencing

    - Sorting

    - Patterning

    - Positional Words & More

    - Identification of 2D & 3D Shapes

    - Scissor Skills

    - Knowledge of Self & Self Identifiers

    - Creativity

    - Book Awareness

    - Social / Emotional

    & More


    An All About Me Evaluation Booklet has been included - choose the pages you need -



    Phone Number




    Birth Date & Age

    Letter Recognition

    Color Recognition

    Shape Recognition

    Number Tracing

    Rote Counting

    Shape Drawing

    Emotional Awareness

    Following Directions

    Object Counting

    Social / Emotional Reactions

    Self Identifiers including all of the 'My Favorites'

    Letter Tracing and Copy


    Block Stacking mats from 2 blocks to 9 blocks

    Emoji Sequencing

    Color Sorting

    & More

    *** And Finally the Entire 26 Units of the Preschool by Narcissa Program

    (Over 9000 pages)

    There is just too much to list connected to this Pre-K program - Please take a look at the Preview. This series includes a bit of everything so your students will have a solid foundation to build a strong educational future upon.


    Looking for a Differentiated Pre-K program?

    Looking for a Printable Preschool Program?

    Looking for Convenience?

    Looking for 'No Prep' - Centers - Reuseable Mats - Interactive Readers - Emergent Reading Skill Development - Basic Letter & Sound Awareness - Concept Development - 2D & 3D Shape Exposure - Innovative Math Resources - Crafty Craftivities - Make & Take Booklets - Numerical Skill development through 100 + - Colors & Shade awareness - Fine Motor Pieces - The list can go on and on .......look no further - You Found It! Preschool by Narcissa is a base curriculum program and includes all of this and more in Easy to Print PDF.

    This is a base program that is easy to create and can be modified to accommodate a differentiated daycare preschool or classroom program. It does not contain any Themes and can be incorporated into a traditional themed program or be a 'stand alone' curriculum.

    The Preschool by Narcissa Pre-K program can be started any time of the year - 'Back to School' time or even in February...... Any time!

    Always begin with Unit 1 - Click Here for Unit 1.

    The ‘base’ program has a foundation of 26 units that incorporate

    Letters / Beginning Sound - Phonics;

    Numbers and all of the concepts that

    encompass learning and using numbers;

    Shapes - 2D and 3D;

    Colors - 12 base colors and their shades;

    And Generalized Concepts

    Please take a look at the preview above or be sure to get the Free Sample of my Work Bundle to see the Focus Aspects of Each Unit.

    At this time Each Unit in the Preschool by Narcissa Base Program contains a minimum of 350 + pages.

    Each Unit has a focus on:

    Color - A dedicated Color or A Review

    Shape - A dedicated Shape - 2D or 3D

    Number(s) - A dedicated Number or Group of Numbers

    Letter - A dedicated Letter

    Example of what can be Included in Each Unit:

    {Unit Letter Daily Suggested Routine}

    Writing Reference Picture Book Creation

    Color & Cut


    Letter Formation Mats

    No Prep Sheets

    Personal Sized Cards

    Picture Dictionary Creation

    Search and Circle Pictures

    Search and Circle Letters

    Segmentation Reading Cards

    'Spot' the Letter

    Tactile Letter creation

    {Unit Number Daily Suggested Routine}

    Color by Number Recognition Sheet with focus on Unit Color

    Numeral Dot It Pages

    Number - Make, Trace & Color Booklet

    Number (Subitizing) Cut and Paste

    Number Glyph Craftivity

    Posters & Flash Cards

    Quantitative Place Value Series - Unique to this Program

    Simple Number Cards

    Tactile Domino Creation

    Ten Frame Plus Coloring sheet

    {Unit Color File}

    Color / Not Sorting Mat

    Book Creation (Focus on Unit Color / Shades) - Color for Classroom Library - B/W for Student Take Home

    Color Mapping

    Blobster Craftivity

    2 Piece Simple Color Puzzles

    Color Booklet

    {Unit Shape File}

    Shape / Not Sorting Mat

    Shape Flap Booklet

    Simple Shape Tracing Page

    Shape Focused Activity Sheet

    Graphing / Coloring Shapes Page

    This is a 'Focus Shape of Unit' Book - Perfect size for little hands with Emergent Reading Support - Great addition to the Classroom Library

    What Shape is It? Adaptive Simple Reader - This is an Interactive Reader - Perfect size for little hands with Emergent Reading Support - Great addition to the Classroom Library

    {Unit Letter - Extras}

    Beginning Sound Coloring Page

    Cover and Count (upper & lower case) - Nickel & Penny Activity

    Letter / Sound Cut & Paste Focus Set of Sheets

    Lacing Cards - Letter / Picture / Word Focus

    One Word Per Page Beginning Reader - Perfect size for little hands with Emergent Reading Support - Great addition to the Classroom Library

    'Use Your Imagination' Letter Pages .... Focus Letter in many different presentations - Use these for coloring, decorating, bulletin boards .... so many possibilities with the PDF e-book

    {Unit Combination Pieces File}

    Writing Paper - This e-book actually contains Practice Writing Sheets - Focus Letter & Number Journal Friendly - Trace and Write Pages, Beginning Sound Picture Marked writing pages, Color & Write Story about Picture Pages and Finish the Story and draw a Picture pages

    Sorting Mat Pieces that coordinate with the Chalk Board Swirl Design Mats found here in the Free Sample of my Work Bundle

    - includes Beginning Sound, Color, Shape and Numeral Recognition / Object to Number / Subitizing

    Craft Stick Puppets - Focus on Shape / Color / Letter / Number

    Similar to the Craft stick Puppets included in the Free Sample of my Work Bundle located Here

    *GeoBoard inspired Mats - The Mats reflect the color of the Unit, Letter (upper , & lower case included), Number and the Shape * included up to the Units with 3D focused shapes. The Units with 3D shapes feature a set of Net Craftivities with the exception of the units featuring the hemisphere and sphere.

    *Play Dough Mats - HWT inspired Letter, Shape and Number Guided Creation Mats; Beginning Sound, Roll It - Say It - Smash It, Letter formation and beginning sound, Color representing tracing mat, Color focused Object Mats, Shape Mats, Ten Frame Mats. Number Mats (object, word, numeric) and Unit Focused Combination Mat

    This is Unit 3 Example of the Play Dough Mats

    *Theme Letter Book - is an Interactive Book that comes in Color and Black-Line. It features all focus aspects of the unit. Each Unit book has a 'special shape' - Example: Unit 1 features 'Open Door' Covers and Shape. Includes Tracing of Letter and Number, Shape / Color page, Shape focused Search and Find, Number / Color Object(s), Ten Frame Counting, Beginning Sound Pictures - Emergent Reader Style and Word Tracing, Pattern Completion - AB, ABB, etc..... Lower Case Beginning Sound 'Letter' Craftivity ( Similar to the Upper Case that is available already in the Store. This is an Example. {The Upper Case Craftivities are not included in the Preschool by Narcissa Base Program} )

    Draw a Picture and Write a story Journal page

    Perfect size for little hands with Emergent Reading Support - Great addition to the Classroom Library and Center Evaluations

    *Interactive Notebook Journal - The Journal Directions / Example has been included in the 'Sample of my Work' Bundle Here

    All Focus Aspects are covered here and more!

    Cover Page includes writing name

    Year - Month - Week - Day

    Weather & Date

    Question of the Day & Graphing

    Build with Shapes Directed Creation

    Directed Drawing Picture

    Number Work - Tracing, Subitizing, Ten Frame

    Shape Glyph Person craftivity

    Cut & Paste Work

    Focus Shape, Number, Letter & Color Support Work Pages

    Sorting for All Focus Aspects

    New words

    {Concept Book File}

    This Section is the only part that is not hyper-focused on the Unit Color / Number / Shape / Letter . Each Unit Features 80 + pages dedicated to practice towards mastery of Concepts.

    An Example of a Concept Book is located Here.

    *Simple Block Building Pattern Mats - Each Unit contains 8 that can coordinate with any type of cubed block. The mats range from 2 block patterns up to 9 block patterns. Only 3 colors have been used in making the patterns.

    *Patterning - 2 styles of patterning mats are included with coordinating pieces.

    *Simple Booklet that either focuses on Opposites or on Positional / Prepositional words

    *Connect the Dot Coloring Sheet

    * 'I Feel ____' drawing - Emotion Recognition Page

    *3 step Sequencing Mat with Reference Strip included - Words used - First Next Last

    *Push Pin Poke Picture Pages - for Fine Motor Support

    *Cutting - includes pages with Color and Cut; Cutting Mazes; Vertical and Diagonal Cutting Pages

    *Circle Number / Letter / Shape Recognition Pages

    *Very Simple Word Problems - Task / Mat / Sorting Program that has been specifically designed for the Preschool by Narcissa Base Program - This is Unique.

    Includes Addition & Subtraction Mats with Task Cards and Counters.

    This should build a solid foundation for success in the upper grade levels when working with

    reading based equations.

    *Rhyming - Each Concept Unit section focuses on one uniqe set of 'rhyming' words. There is a Rhyming based booklet - Make and Take Style. There is a Sorting mat for Pictures that Rhyme / Do Not Rhyme - Bonus Word cards to create additional activities and centers.

    There are Rhyming Riddle Puzzles - 2 per unit. There are 'What does not belong?' Rhyming cards - 2 per unit.

    *Crafty Sorting Bag - Easy craft that covers a variety of areas depending on the unit.

    *Basic Patterning Blocks - These are simple mats that only use 2 and 3 pieces. These are an excellent introduction for the Preschool / Pre-K / Special Education Student.

    *Object Counting Mat Puzzle

    *Same / Different Cards

    *More / Less Cards

    *Which does not belong? Cards

    *Word / Picture Strip Puzzles - with varying degrees of difficulty based on your differentiating needs

    *Simple 2 Piece Overlay Style Puzzles (3 per unit)

    *Greater Than - Less Tan - Same Early Exposure Mat and cards - includes symbol recognition, order, number line and more - Unique to the Preschool by Narcissa Program

    *Color Me Quarter Page Concept Book - This booklet covers size, shape, quantity, position

    and so much more!

    *Measurement - Unique 2 Level Measuring Cards - Unique to only Preschool by Narcissa

    **** This is not a 'Growing Bundle Unit' but I will disclose that I am not finished with the development of the Preschool by Narcissa Base Program. By Purchasing each Individual Unit now - you are entitled to all future updates that I add to each purchased Individual unit file for Free! ****

    Visit the Growing Preschool by Narcissa Program HERE - Includes the Base Unit Program, The Evaluation Assessment Packet / Kit and More

    ***I want to Thank You for stopping by and to request that if you are pleased with the product ~ please give a good review ~ if not pleased, before giving a review - please contact me so I can work with you and improve the product. I guarantee all of my products. Please rate products if you are 100% satisfied.



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    Perfect for Preschool, Daycare, Pre-K, Special Education and Early Kindergarten leveled students


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    10,000 + Printer Friendly Pages
    Answer Key
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    1 Year
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