Metric System Conversions: 2 Videos, Game, Worksheets & Activities

Supporting document included
This is an additional download that supports the video.
Learn measurement the musical way through these 2 animated lessons and math music videos that will fundamentally transform the way students will respond to your instruction. Extensive supplementary material with illustrated worksheets, games, songs, anchor charts and more are provided. So... Come on already! Let's Rock Measurement!

Metric System: Animated Video, Activities, Worksheets, Game and More ♫♪
| Differentiated for 2nd Grade - 6th Grade |
♫♪ by NUMBEROCK ♫♪

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Animated Video Comes With Loads of Bonus
Resources in Supporting Document Such As:

2nd Video (and associated resources) is aviailable as a
download located in Supporting Document

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Animated music video [HD Download] *
Our flagship product. Each takes 250+ hours to write & animate.

Lyric sheet for singing along
Your students can sing along as the music video plays.

Fill in the blanks/cloze (lyrics w/ some missing words)
After they watch the video, they master the math vocabulary by filling in the missing words.

Double sided worksheet with word problems
Well thought-out questions and word problems which challenge critical thinking skills.

Extra drills printable
Early Finishers - Not So Fast! Straightforward math problems to move towards mastery.

Printable Game
When activities are complete, check for concept mastery while having a bit of fun.

HW sheet
Video-Aligned homework that maintains the style and format of the animated video. Reinforces understanding of both metric system units and metric system base units

2 Colorful Posters with Metric System Chart
High-Resolution anchor chart can be expanded/printed to any size and maintains clarity.

Short quiz/exit slip to check for understanding
When activity is complete, check for concept mastery with short quiz.

Answer Key
Detailed answer key. Rest-assured, all answers are double and triple-checked for accuracy.

CD Quality Song File
Get the song on a CD file and play the song during break or lunch.

Clear Lesson Plan Sheet Illuminating Classroom Best Practice:
Get my personal recommendations for how to introduce the material and set-up the lesson as I do in class.

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A millimeter you can understand,
Is about as long as a grain of sand.
When you buy food at lunchtime,
It's about the thickness of a dime.
A staple from side to side
Is about a centimeter wide.
A fingernail on a girl or guy
Is about a centimeter high.
10 Millimeters = 1 Centimeter
100 Centimeters = 1 Meter
1000 Meters = 1 Kilometer
And it's the same for grams and liters.
A schoolbus' diameter
Is about 1 meter.
And a meter is about as far,
As the length of a guitar.
10 soccer (football) fields in a row
About a kilometer you'll go.
It's about how far you walk
If you cross 12 city blocks.
Imagine holding a grain of sand
About a Millimeter
Or a marble in your hand
About a Centimeter
A door handle from the floor
About a Meter
A 10-minute walk on the shore
About a Kilometer

Memorizing the metric system prefixes has never been so automatic! That's a guarantee.

Song Covers:
Metric System Weight
Metric System Length

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The NUMBEROCK eBOOK With All Lesson Materials For Our 30 Songs


Equivalent Fractions Concept Bundle

Types of Angles Concept Bundle|

Perimeter and Area Concept Bundle

Ounces, Pounds, Tons Concept Bundle

Inches, Feet, Yards Concept Bundle|

* UK Age Range:
| Year 4 - Year 5 - Year 6 - Year 7 |
KS2 - KS3 Maths

Aligned With:

TEKS Supporting and Readiness Standards
...identify relative sizes of measurement units within the customary and metric systems.
...convert measurements within the same measurement system, customary or metric, from a smaller unit into a larger unit or a larger unit into a smaller unit when given other equivalent measures represented in a table.
5.7A appropriate units, strategies, and tools to solve problems involving measurement. The student is expected to solve problems by calculating conversions within a measurement system, customary
or metric.

Common Core Standard ( CCSS )
Know relative sizes of measurement units within one system of units...
Convert among different-sized standard measurement units within a given measurement system...

*NUMBEROCK videos were recently incorporated into the Singapore Ministry of Education's National Curriculum
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