Middle School Health Lessons: NEWLY ENHANCED! 212 Lessons for 6th-9th Grade


Health Lessons - ★This is TPT's #1 best-selling 6-9th Health program! I combined almost all of the lessons from my #1 Best-Selling High School Health curriculum, then added tons of fun, interactive, introductory lessons, and formatted them all into a bank of 212 lessons that have the flexibility to meet almost any teaching line a 6th to 9th teacher might have!


★Here is how this unique program works:

→1) You design your own program choosing from the “bank” of 212 lessons.


→2) You simply follow one of the 9 programs I’ve designed for specific teaching lines.

Each program below contains READY-TO-GO full step-by-step teacher directions, and an editable PowerPoint that walks you through the lesson for each of these teaching lines:

➢ Teach Health for 1 grade for 6 weeks
➢ Teach Health for 1 grade for 9 weeks
➢ Teach Health for 1 grade for 18 weeks
➢ Teach Health for 1 grade for 36 weeks

➢ Teach Health for 2 grades for 6 weeks each
➢ Teach Health for 2 grades for 9 weeks each
➢ Teach Health for 2 grades for 18 weeks each

➢ Teach Health for 3 grades for 6 weeks each
➢ Teach Health for 3 grades for 9 weeks each

(Lesson Extensions provided to extend to 18 weeks if you have a full semester class)

→3) This program makes it so easy if your teaching line changes!


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★F-L-E-X-I-B-I-L-I-T-Y!!! This program is set up to meet all the individual teaching needs of middle/junior high school teachers:

→Use the full step-by step teacher directions to print and teach a full unit

→Or, print from the “Lessons Separate” and teach only the few lessons from a unit that YOU want to teach!!

→Or, use my READY-TO-GO programs that fit your teaching line-all 9 programs include full step-by-step PDF teacher directions and a PowerPoint to walk you through your lessons!




→LOW PREP!! Step-by step lessons that follow PowerPoint slides walk you through each lesson!


This product is a license for one teacher's use only, and should not be shared with others. It is perfect for the teacher who sees students from 6th to 9th grade. Additional licenses for your colleagues can be purchased at a 30% discount - just contact me in the "Question" forum from my TPT Store.


Do you want your students to be more engaged, be empowered to make healthy choices, and also love your Health class? Read on…

What sets this curriculum apart from others is:

• It's not a canned curriculum - this was NOT designed by a company of people who've never taught in a classroom; rather, it was designed by me, a teacher with a National Board Certification in Health and 19 years experience teaching 9th grade Health!

• It's been "teacher and kid tested." I've taught most of these lessons, revised them, taught them again, perfected them, and improved them.

• It’s not just a unit outline. Over 1200 pages of highly organized, step-by-step teacher directions follow over 2000 daily PowerPoints and directions tell you exactly to say!!

• No textbook is required! Everything you need to teach in this curriculum is included except classroom supplies and the optional videos.

Due to copyright violations, videos are not included in this purchase, but the curriculum includes over 100 FREE suggested titles and links. (Teens love visual learning.)

• It's designed to help you meet your state standards without being boring!

• Need to change a lesson? No problem! Documents and PowerPoints are editable and docs are included in both Word and PDF formats.

• Best of all, students love this program, (read the reviews below) and students who like what they’re learning are more likely to choose to actually use what they learned outside the classroom.


Here's what buyers have to say about my "Middle School Health Lessons: NEWLY ENHANCED! 212 Lessons for 6th-9th Grade":


"I absolutely LOVE this health curriculum! With very little resources at my school, I can use everything in this curriculum without worrying."

"Well worth the price." "This is saving my life!"

"Absolutely amazing! My students are loving it!.”

"Mrs. S's Health Curriculum is EXACTLY what I needed to jump start my career. No need to recreate the wheel. Mrs. S provides you everything you need to teach from day 1.”


Teach High School Health? Click here: Full Semester Health Curriculum (#1 Selling Health Curriculum on the Whole TPT Website!)


Here are the 17 units included: (Again, most of these lessons are taken from my #1 best-selling high school program, but they are included here in this resource in the flexible "bank of lessons format")

������������������� Beginning a School Year-Set Up: Organizing, Learning Targets and Purpose Posters, Class Syllabus, Room Rules, File Folders, Discipline, Parent Communication and more...

★Beginning a Term-First Week of Class

★Stress, Depression, and Suicide


★Sex Ed.




★Conflict Resolution


★Mental Health and Wellness

★Decision-Making/Refusal Skills


★Stop Bullying: Self-Estemm, Empathy and Violence

★Dangerous Decisions

★First Aid/CPR

★QR Code Body Systems Fun!

★Ending A School Year


Here are SOME of the Presentations and Lesson Features:

-First Aid
-Personal Hygiene
-Learning Target Posters
-Synthetic Drugs Guessing Game and Activity
-"How Pot Hurt Me" Card Game
-Positive Thinking
-Career Survey
-Labels, Stereotypes, Bullying and Prejudisms
-Being Assertive
-Risk Factors for Drug Addiction
-Interventions for Drug and Alcohol Use
-Life Story Posters
-Sugar and Crisco Nutrition Lab
-Overcoming Hardships
-Narcotics dangers
-Energy Drinks Activity
-Eating Disorders
-Values Lesson
-Healthy Versus Unhealthy Relationships
-How to Ace Your Teacher Evaluation!
-"Eat This or That" Activity
-"Communicable Diseases Go Fish" - game is included!
-Caveman Bulletin Board
-MyPlate Activities
-"Finding Your Health" Nutrition Survey and Lesson
-Updated Statistics
-Tons of student examples!
-Divided by unit for easy reference and organization!
-Table of Contents is linked to each lesson for easy navigation
-State, National, and Common Core Standards met in each lesson now part of "Table of Contents" for easy reference!
-Communicable Diseases 52-Card Deck and 5 Card Games
-Video links (Over 100 links to FREE videos) all set in one spreadsheet and with suggested lesson days

-and so much more!...


Click on "Preview" above to see more!


→Besides the teacher directions, there are 23 surveys; over 400 worksheets, tests, and handouts; 29 homework assignments; 5 "Parent-teen Communicators" and more.

→The "Table of Contents" lists standards met for specific lessons to make it easy to show standard alignment

→There are over 2000 total PowerPoint slides! Here are just a few of the PowerPoint Presentations included:

-Learning Styles, Famous Failures, All About Me Introduction
-Stress, Depression and Suicide Unit
-Stop Bullying-Empathy Violence Unit
-Personality Surveys
-Tobacco Unit
-Guess the Ad Appeals
-The Brain and Habits
-Alcohol Unit
-Drug Unit
-Drugs Are Bad
-Meth Labs
-Risk Factors Quiz
-Nutrition Unit
-Guess the Product Media Literacy Quiz
-Portion Sizes
-Is This Diet Healthy?
-Models Without Their Make Up
-Love What's Good
-Sex Ed. Unit
-S.T.I. Slideshow
-Men and Women are Different
-Ending a School Year
-Year in Review
-Dangerous Decisions Activity
-Conflict Resolution
-Self Esteem Unit


Does Getting Evaluated Make you Nervous?

Using my own curriculum for my 9th grade Health classes enabled me to get a perfect 32 out of 32 (Distinguished!) on my "5 Dimensions of Learning" teacher evaluation.

The lessons almost teach themselves!!

I was also given a 96% "A" grade average on an anonymous survey from my 150 students at the end of last school year!!

This program makes it happen!


Other Things to Know:

•Click on the green “Preview" button above to see more!!

•Purchase Orders are accepted!

•Ask your school district to purchase this curriculum for you!


•Copyright © Health Education Today, Inc. 2016. All rights reserved by author.

•Each purchase is intended for single use only. Purchases are non-transferable, and should not be shared with others. Additional licenses for your colleagues can be purchased at a 30% discount from my TPT store here: Mrs. S.'s Store

The purchaser is granted permission to make duplicates for classroom use only. Redistributing, editing, selling, or posting this item (or any part thereof) on the Internet are all strictly prohibited unless it is a password-protected student website. Violations are subject to penalties of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

•Replacement of the originally purchased curriculum for any reason is free for the first 6 months after purchase; otherwise the cost will be 50% of the current price.


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1 to 4-Week Units:

3-Week Nutrition Unit (My #1 Selling Unit!)
3-Week Drug Unit
2-Week Alcohol Unit
1-Week Tobacco Unit
3-Week Sex Ed. Unit (Makes this topic easy to teach!)
4-Week Empathy/Violence Unit
2.5-Week Stress Unit
1-Week Body Systems Unit
1-Week Self-Esteem Unit
1-Week Dangerous Decisions Unit
1-Week Conflict Resolution Unit
1-Week Best Beginning of a School Year Ever Unit
1-Week Ending a School Year Unit

3 to 4-Week Basketball Unit
3 to 4-Week Flag Football Unit
3 to 4-Week Volleyball Unit
Cardio Workouts and Weight Room Unit
50 Low Organized Games Inside the Gym Unit
1 to 2-Week Badminton Unit-FREE!

Independent Study Sex Ed. Unit
Independent Study Nutrition Unit
3-Week Sex Ed. Unit for Special Needs Students

Best Sellers and Favorite Lessons:

In my 19 years of teaching Health and P.E. and designing hundreds of lessons, these are my all-time favorite lessons:

1. Food Label Scavenger Hunt (This lesson is my #1 selling lesson!)
2. Life Stories Project
3. Alcohol Refusal Skills (Very powerful!)
4. Fat and Sugar Nutrition Lab (Turn your classroom into a science lab)
5. How Alcohol Affects the Body
6. “Intervention” Addiction Lesson
7. Marijuana Card Game: How Pot Hurt Me
8. Narcotics Dangers “Pharm Parties“ Lesson
9. Fast Food Lesson
10. Sexual Pressures Flip Charts
11. Stop Bullying: Making Your Voice Count
12. My Favorite VIDEOS: Over 100 Links to FREE Teen Videos and Presentations
13. b.f.f. (Be Fit Forever) - My 45 Best Health & Fitness Activities for Grades 4-12
14. Nutrition Facts Card Game! This 52-Card Deck Makes Learning Fun!
15. Interactive Health Activity: Flip-Open Food Labels
16. Alcohol Refusal Role-Plays
17. Fun Personality Surveys

Sub Plans:

Motivating Articles Sub Plans (This is my #1 Selling Sub Plan!)
Energy Drinks Sub Plans
Being Above Peer Pressures Sub Plans
Communication Skills Sub Plans
Decision-Making Skills Sub Plans
Self-Esteem Screensaver Sub Plans
Set of 6 Sub Plans-BEST VALUE!!

Elementary Curriculum:

5th Grade Full-Year Health Curriculum
4th Grade Full-Year Health Curriculum
Arts & Crafts Task Cards=*F*U*N*!: Projects for Classroom, Homeschool, + Parents
How to Improve Self-Esteem and Stop Bullying: 10 Lessons Grades 4-8
4 Super Fun P.E. Games

***It’s fun to keep up on anything -*N*-*E*-*W*- that I post, so follow me by clicking the green star by my picture!

Middle School Health Lessons: NEWLY ENHANCED! 212 Lessons for 6th-9th Grade

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Middle School Health Lessons: NEWLY ENHANCED!  212 Lessons
Middle School Health Lessons: NEWLY ENHANCED!  212 Lessons
Middle School Health Lessons: NEWLY ENHANCED!  212 Lessons
Middle School Health Lessons: NEWLY ENHANCED!  212 Lessons