Multiple Choice Testing Suite for Windows PC

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Multiple Choice Testing Suite for Windows PC

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Multiple Choice Testing Suite for Windows PC
(Computer Testing On-Screen Program)


Multiple Choice Testing Suite is a set of two Windows PC programs designed to help the busy teacher create multiple choice tests and administer those tests either on individual PC's or on a network.

The Usual Scenario

Teacher wants to give a final exam made up entirely of multiple choice questions to test the knowledge of his students in a specific academic area. First the questions and answers have to be developed so that they not only test the knowledge of the students but also causes them to do some thinking. Decisions will have to be made by the students, and they must succeed or fail, based on these decisions and the amount of knowledge they have acquired.

The test then has to be typed and printed on some kind of copying device. The exam is then collated and stapled, if needed. A class period is then used to administer the test. Students must have pencils or pens, of course.

After the test has been collected the teacher must then sit down and correct all of the answers. If there are a lot of questions and answers this can be very time consuming and a tremendous strain on the eyes - not to mention the mind. It's funny how the general public seems to take for granted that this is an activity that should be done after school hours on the teacher's free time.

The teacher must then score each test by adding up incorrect answers and calculating grades. The calculator has been a boon in the past years, but some people still do this by "hand." Again the wily public is under the impression that this should help fill any non school time the teacher might have.

Teachers then hand the tests back to the students, usually preceding a review of what the answers should have been.

This process, more or less, has been used in public and private education for a long time. At Baggetta_Ware, as teachers, we see some problems with this scenario. There is a tremendous waste of time and resources, including teacher private time. More importantly, students don't "learn" while taking the test because they are only interested in hitting the correct answer. While they are taking the test, students are frantically jumping from question to question and back again, hoping to accurately identify the true answer, unless they have done some careful prep. After the test has been reviewed, most exams are put away (or thrown away) and never looked at again.

We Have a Better Way

The Multiple Choice Testing Suite of programs offers a better way of giving multiple choice tests. First of all, there is no significant waste of resources. Relatively speaking, only a few sheets of paper are used as part of the program output. No pen or pencil is required and, most significantly, no erasers are needed.

Multiple Choice Editor is used to create the test(s) you need, and all of the test data is saved to disk for simple modification in the future (should the teacher need to touch up the work) and for easy administration.

Multiple Choice is used to administer the test. Students read the questions and choices on screen and use the computer mouse to click on their selection. They do not have to wait to find out if their answer is correct. They are told immediately. This makes an immediate impression on the students and actually acts as a teaching device, as well.

Multiple Choice keeps and shows a running score for each part of the test as the students perform. When the test has been completed the students can read their final scores on screen and a report card can be printed (for the teachers and the students), as a file and as a hard copy. This is the only paper generated by the test and is an optional item.

Interesting Facts
If a teacher has 25 students in his class and gives a 5 page multiple choice test, that is 125 sheets of paper. If he has 5 classes that's 625 sheets of paper (over one ream of paper). 10 teachers (a very conservative figure) would use 6,250 sheets of paper. That's over 10 reams of paper for a single test. This does not even take into consideration the other supplies and time needed, for a single exam. The Multiple Choice suite of programs changes all this.

There are definite advantages to this system. In addition to saving teacher and student resources, teachers save a lot of time that would be wasted administering and grading tests. The entire aura of taking a test changes with this program because computer programs stimulate the reasoning faculties of the mind, by making use of the very interactive qualities of sound and sight. Adventure games and puzzles draw upon this feature. That is why so many of these games are popular with young adults.

Multiple Choice tests are not games, but they have the illusion of being so and therefore become very appealing to students who would ordinarily shy away from a testing dilemma. Also, because the students are not able to jump from question to question without answering, they are forced to stop and think about their answers more carefully. Once they make a decision with this program, it is a final decision, and they soon learn this important lesson. At first students who are not trained to hand this kind of demand, react negatively. After they have had a few tests in this manner, however, they begin to adjust their thinking for the better.

Come packaged on CD ready for installation on your Windows PC. Instructions included.
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