NGSS Physical Science Physics Curriculum

NGSS Physical Science Physics Curriculum
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SAVE 45% by purchasing ALL my Physical Science Teaching Materials!

Important Notes
• Labs are currently being added to this bundle. Labs with "active" links are currently included in the bundle.
• Resources are uploaded to this bundle as they are completed. I do not wait to upload new resources.
• The price of this bundle will increase as additional materials are added.
• This product includes FREE downloads of ALL future Physical Science products.
• You can purchase just the Physical Science labs (at the same discount) HERE.
Download the preview for a list of products, topics covered and NGSS alignment.

**Follow me to receive email notifications when new products are added. All additional physical science products I create will be added to this bundle.**

About this Product
This bundle includes physical science teaching materials differentiated for grades 3-5 & 6-8:
• Differentiated Physical Science Course and Unit Planning Guides
• Editable PowerPoint Presentations, Scaffolded Notes and Exams
• Interactive Notebook Lessons (Input Notes, INB Activities, Quizzes & Reflection Exercises)
• Task Cards Tiered to Bloom's Taxonomy
• SNAPs Lab Stations Activities (currently being added)
• Warmups, Homework, Vocabulary Builders & Review Materials (coming 2018)

About the Differentiation
Topics are differentiated for upper elementary and intermediate and advanced students. This bundle is MOST appropriate for middle school grades, but works great for upper elementary and lower high school grades as well. A color-shape code system will help you differentiate these concepts for your students' needs and abilities.

Next Generation Science Standards
This product satisfies Physical Science Next Generation Science Standards for Grades 3-5 and Middle School. The content in these products exceeds NGSS in order to satisfy state standards, to provide background information to NGSS and to enrich or enhance NGSS. Reference files are included with this download to help you correlate activities to NGSS.


The PPs in this bundle are designed to help you deliver, discuss and assess physical science content. There are three teaching tools included with each PowerPoint product in this bundle:
• PowerPoint Presentation (differentiated and editable slides)
• Scaffolded Notes (differentiated, editable and modified/completed notes included)
• Summative Examination (differentiated, editable and answer key included)

The following PowerPoints, Notes & Exams are included in this bundle:
Atoms PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Chemistry PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Energy PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Energy Resources PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Forces and Motion PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Magnets and Electricity PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Matter Properties PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Mixtures and Solutions PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Simple Machines PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Thermal Energy and Heat PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Water Properties PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Waves and Sound PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Light and Optics PowerPoint, Notes & Exam

Note: The PowerPoints are .pptx files. The notes and exams are .docx files. The fonts are safe for use with Microsoft Office PowerPoint and Word and come with most Microsoft Office versions.

My interactive notebook lessons are organized into units. Each unit is composed of interactive notebook chapters. Each chapter includes:
• An overview with photos of the completed INB activity
• One page of input notes (differentiated when necessary)
• At least one INB activity (key included)
• A 4-5 question mini assessment (key included)
• A 2-part reflection exercise (generic & self-assessment reflection prompts included)
• BONUS! Editable copies of all input notes included as separate .docx files for FREE!

This bundle includes the following Interactive Notebook Units:
Atoms INB Unit
Chemistry INB Unit
Forms of Energy INB Unit
Energy Resources INB Unit
Forces and Motion INB Unit
Magnets and Electricity INB Unit
Matter Properties INB Unit
Mixtures and Solutions INB Unit
Simple Machines INB Unit
Thermal Energy and Heat INB Unit
Water Properties INB Unit
Waves (Light, Sound & EM Spectrum) INB Unit

These differentiated and tiered 3-part activities are designed to "warmup" students at the beginning of a lesson. Activities are aligned with the interactive notebook chapters for each respective unit. Full and half page printing options and key included.

The following bell ringers are included in this bundle:
Atoms Bell Ringers
Chemistry Bell Ringers
• Forms of Energy Bell Ringers
• Energy Resources Bell Ringers
• Forces and Motion Bell Ringers
• Magnets and Electricity Bell Ringers
Matter Properties Bell Ringers
• Mixtures and Solutions Bell Ringers
• Simple Machines Bell Ringers
• Thermal Energy and Heat Bell Ringers
• Water Properties Bell Ringers
• Waves (Light, Sound & EM Spectrum) Bell Ringers

Note: Only bell ringers with active links are currently available. Units will be posted during summer and fall 2018.

The task card questions are differentiated (with a color and shape code) and tiered with a "signal strength" code so to probe lower, mid and higher order thinking. Questions are tiered according to the revised Bloom's taxonomy. Answer sheets (differentiated) and key included for each task card set.

The following task card sets are included in this bundle:
Atoms Task Cards (68 Task Cards)
Chemistry: Compounds, Bonding and Reactions Task Cards (84 Task Cards)
Energy Task Cards (40 Task Cards)
Energy Resources Task Cards (26 Task Cards)
Forces and Motion Task Cards (40 Task Cards)
Magnetism and Electricity Task Cards (44 Task Cards)
Matter Properties Task Cards (52 Task Cards)
Mixtures and Solutions Task Cards (42 Task Cards)
Simple Machines Task Cards (36 Task Cards)
Thermal Energy and Heat Task Cards (40 Task Cards)
Water Properties Task Cards (42 Task Cards)
Waves Part 1: Waves and Sound Task Cards (84 Task Cards)
Waves Part 2: Light and Optics Task Cards (64 Task Cards)

SNAPs Lab Stations Activities require students to use science, math, literacy, problem-solving and engineering skills. They combine the three dimensions of science learning - science and engineering practices, disciplinary core ideas and crosscutting concepts - in order to meet the Next Generation Science Standards. The labs also make interdisciplinary connections to STEM, Math CCSS and ELA CCSS to build the appropriate skills.

The following SNAPs labs are included (or will be included) in this bundle:
Atomic Structure Lab Stations Activity (MS-PS1-1)
Atomic Mass, Atomic Number and Isotopes Lab Stations Activity
Ions Lab Stations Activity
Periodic Table Lab Stations Activity
Elements, Compounds and Mixtures Lab Stations Activity
Lewis Dot Diagrams Lab Stations Activity (MS-PS1-1)
Chemical Bonding Lab Stations Activity (MS-PS1-1)
Chemical Reactions Lab Station Activity (MS-PS1-2)
Balancing Chemical Reactions Lab Stations Activity (MS-PS1-5)
Endothermic and Exothermic Reactions Lab Stations Activity (MS-PS1-6)
• Combustion Lab Stations Activity
• Radioactive Decay Lab Stations Activity
• Fission vs. Fusion Lab Stations Activity
• Acids and Bases Lab Stations Activity

Forms of Energy Lab Stations Activity
Energy Transfer Lab Stations Activity (4-PS3-2)
Energy Transformation Lab Stations Activity (4-PS3-4)
Energy, Force and Motion Lab Stations Activity (4-PS3-1)
Kinetic Energy Lab Stations Activity (MS-PS3-1)
Potential Energy Lab Stations Activity (MS-PS3-2)
KE & PE Relationship Lab Stations Activity (MS-PS3-5)
Energy and Collisions Lab Stations Activity (4-PS3-3)

Nonrenewable Energy Lab Stations Activity (4-ESS3-1)
Renewable Energy Lab Stations Activity (4-ESS3-1)

Types of Forces Lab Stations Activity
Friction Lab Stations Activity
Buoyancy Lab Stations Activity
Earth's Gravity Lab Stations Activity (5-PS2-1)
Gravitational Force Relationships Lab Stations Activity (MS-PS2-4)
Balanced & Unbalanced Forces Lab Stations Activity (3-PS2-1)
Net Force & Newton's 2nd Law of Motion Lab Stations Activity (MS-PS2-2)
Patterns of Motion Lab Stations Activity (3-PS2-2)
Velocity & Acceleration Lab Stations Activity
Motion Graphs Lab Stations Activity
Inertia & Newton's 1st Law of Motion Lab Stations Activity
Collisions, Momentum & Newton's 3rd Law of Motion Lab Stations Activity (MS-PS2-1)

Magnetic Force Lab Stations Activity (3-PS2-3, 3-PS2-4)
Magnetic Field Lab Stations Activity (MS-PS2-5)
Electric Force Lab Stations Activity (3-PS2-3)
Electric Field Lab Stations Activity (MS-PS2-5)
Static Electricity & Electric Discharge Lab Stations Activity
Open vs. Closed Circuit Lab Stations Activity
Series vs. Parallel Circuit Lab Stations Activity
Electromagnets & Electric Generators Lab Stations Activity (MS-PS2-3)
Ohm's Law Lab Stations Activity

States of Matter Lab Stations Activity (5-PS1-1)
Phase Change Lab Stations Activity (5-PS1-2)
Physical Properties of Matter Lab (5-PS1-3)
Chemical Properties of Matter Lab Stations Activity
Physical vs. Chemical Change Lab Stations Activity (5-PS1-4)
Conservation of Mass Lab Stations Activity (5-PS1-2)
• Metal vs. Nonmetal Lab Stations Activity

Elements, Compounds and Mixtures Lab Stations Activity
Types of Mixtures Lab Stations Activity (5-PS1-4)
Saturation and Solubility Lab Stations Activity
Concentration Lab Stations Activity
Density Lab Stations Activity
Separating Mixtures Lab Stations Activity

• Work and Power Lab Stations Activity
• Simple Machines Lab Stations Activity
• Compound Machines Lab Stations Activity

Conduction and Conductors Lab Stations Activity (4-PS3-2 & MS-PS3-3)
Convection Currents Lab Stations Activity
Phase Change Lab Stations Activity (5-PS1-2)
Heating Curves Lab Stations Activity (MS-PS1-4)
Temperature Lab Stations Activity (MS-PS3-5)
Thermal Energy Lab Stations Activity (MS-PS3-4)

Physical & Chemical Properties of Water Lab Stations Activity
Special Properties of Water Lab Stations Activity
Hydrophobic vs. Hydrophilic Lab Stations Activity

Wave Properties Lab Stations Activity (4-PS4-1)
Mathematical Models of Waves Lab Stations Activity (MS-PS4-1)
Waves and Energy Lab Stations Activity (MS-PS4-1)
Wave Behavior Lab Stations Activity (MS-PS4-2)
Light vs. Sound Lab Stations Activity
EM Spectrum Lab Stations Activity
Optics Lab Stations Activity (MS-PS4-2)
Generating a Wave Signal Lab Stations Activity (4-PS4-3)
Analog vs. Digital Signals Lab Stations Activity (MS-PS4-3)

Note: This list of labs is subject to change. Labs may be added, combined or separated to improve the quality and effectiveness of lab activities. Labs will be added throughout 2018.


Downloading and Accessing the Files
This product is hosted on a third-party website. Purchasers will receive instructions on how to access and download the files of this product once purchased through TpT.

Important Considerations:
• Download a FREE PowerPoint to learn more about my PP, Notes & Exams
• Download a FREE Interactive Notebook Unit to learn more about my INB products
• Download a FREE Task Card Set to learn more about my task card products
• Download a FREE SNAPs Lab to learn more about my lab station activities

I offer various purchasing options to meet your needs while saving you money. If you are looking to purchase specific types of teaching materials, I offer INB Bundles, PowerPoint Bundles, Lab Bundles and Task Card Bundles separately. You can find my smaller bundles by browsing through my custom categories.
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