NO PREP Biology Interactive Notebooks and Warm Ups Cell Structure Unit

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Cells, Cell Structure and Function, Cell Organelles: Biology or Life Science Warm-Ups, Bell-Ringers, Exit Slips or interactive notebook pages.

Absolutely NO PREP required.

59 student pages of biology / life science warm ups or bell ringers for your unit on Cells: Cell Structure and Function, Photosynthesis, Cellular Respiration, Mitosis and Meiosis.

How can these be used?
• Warm Ups or Bell Ringers
• Exit Slips
• Additions to Interactive Notebooks
• Homework Assignments
• Tutoring and Review
• Completed notebook is perfect for semester exam review.

***** Click here to download a free sample of my warm ups, bell ringers, and interactive notebook pages. The sampler includes pages from all of my warm up units.

***** Please note that this product is also sold in a bundle of interactive notebook pages and warm ups. You can view the bundle by clicking here: Interactive Notebook Pages, Warm-Ups and Bell Ringers for Biology BIG BUNDLE Part 1

Classroom management is a very large part of what we do every day as science teachers, and the first few minutes of a class period can be somewhat chaotic. You can turn this chaotic time at the beginning of your class into an organized time of meaningful learning.

****Included in this product:
• 59 warm-up or bell-ringer activities (59 pages)
• Complete answer keys (59 Teacher Answer Pages)
• 6-page Teacher Guide
• Editable Template for creating your own warm-ups.

A typical biology or life science textbook is usually divided into ten units of study. This product is a set of activities that are used with a unit on Cell Structure and Physiology.

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The pages are printed landscape style. The pages look best if printed in color, but also look great if printed in black/white. Each activity is one-half page in size. Two identical warm-ups are printed per page in order to conserve paper. These half-page activities can be collected and quickly graded, or you might want to have your students keep a daily warm-up notebook. These warm-ups will make excellent additions to your interactive notebooks.

Unit 2: Cell Structure and Physiology includes bell ringers for cell structure and function, photosynthesis, cellular respiration, and cell division (mitosis and meiosis). There are 59 total student pages.

Cell Structure and Physiology Titles (16 pages):

• The History of Cell Studies
• Cell Structure 101
• The Animal Cell
• The Plant Cell
• The Size of Cells
• Surface Area to Volume Ratio in Cells
• Internal Organization of the Cell
• The Cell Membrane
• Ribosomes and the Endoplasmic Reticulum
• Mitochondria and Chloroplasts
• The “Other” Organelles
• Plant versus Animal
• Cellular Organization
• Transport Across the Membrane 1
• Transport Across the Membrane 2
• Thinking Critically About Cells

Photosynthesis Titles (11 pages):
• Energy Flow
• Chemical Energy and ATP
• Introduction to Photosynthesis
• Light! Pigments! Action!
• The Chloroplast
• Electron Carriers
• Overview to the Stages of Photosynthesis
• Light Dependent Reaction
• The Calvin Cycle
• Alternatives to the 3-Carbon Pathway
• Thinking Critically About Photosynthesis

Cellular Respiration Titles (14 pages):
• Chemical Energy and ATP
• The Relationship Between Photosynthesis and Respiration
• Overview of Respiration
• Glycolysis
• The Fate of Pyruvic Acid
• The Mitochondria
• Overview of Aerobic Respiration
• Krebs Cycle
• Electron Transport Chain
• ATP Accounting
• Respiration Recap and Review
• Fermentation
• Comparison of Photosynthesis and Respiration
• Thinking Critically About Cellular Respiration

Cell Division (Mitosis and Meiosis) Titles (18 pages):
• Introduction to Cell Division
• Chromosomes
• The Cell Cycle
• Let’s Draw the Stages
• Name That Stage!
• Interphase
• Prophase
• Metaphase
• Anaphase
• Telophase / Cytokinesis
• The Mitotic Spindle
• Differences in Animal and Plant Cell Mitosis
• Results / Importance of Mitosis
• Asexual versus Sexual Reproduction
• Cell Division and Chromosome Number
• Meiosis
• Comparing Mitosis to Meiosis
• Thinking Critically About Cell Division

In this time saving classroom management strategy, all you have to do is print the pages, cut them in half and put your students to work.

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NO PREP Biology Interactive Notebooks and  Warm Ups  Cell
NO PREP Biology Interactive Notebooks and  Warm Ups  Cell
NO PREP Biology Interactive Notebooks and  Warm Ups  Cell
NO PREP Biology Interactive Notebooks and  Warm Ups  Cell