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NO PREP Writing Crafts BUNDLE

NO PREP Writing Crafts BUNDLE
NO PREP Writing Crafts BUNDLE
NO PREP Writing Crafts BUNDLE
NO PREP Writing Crafts BUNDLE
NO PREP Writing Crafts BUNDLE
NO PREP Writing Crafts BUNDLE
NO PREP Writing Crafts BUNDLE
NO PREP Writing Crafts BUNDLE
Product Description
Do you want to do fun crafts to accompany your students' writing but just don't have the time to prep all the materials OR the time in the day for students to actually do it? Here is your answer!! Easy crafts for every piece of writing you do for the whole year!

NO PREP Writing Crafts! Kids just write, color, cut, glue - that's it!
They're so simple for students to make and they make adorable bulletin boards. But best of all? All you have to do is click print!

As I add more crafts, the price will rise so the earlier you get it, the more you save! This is a GREAT deal!

There are currently 63 (now over 220!) writing prompts included in this bundle (listed below) and, if I make more, I will add them to this bundle up to the file size limit. If you look in the file details above, you can see its current size and that there is still a lot of room to grow! :) You can see some examples of some of the crafts by clicking the green PREVIEW button.

Every writing prompt comes in 3 levels: 4 lines, 5 lines, and 6 lines - each extra line makes the writing area bigger and the picture smaller. All of the examples you see in the pictures (except for "If I Met an Alien") are the 4 line pages. There are also "extra" pages you can easily print out to extend the writing so you really just pick how big you want the picture to be!

All types of writing are included (how to, opinion, mystery, narrative, etc.) and for a lot of different topics!

I have a big list of ideas to make more for the different holidays and themes throughout the year but would also love your input of what you need! If there is a topic or prompt you'd like to see included that is not, email me at missgiraffetpt@gmail.com and I'll see if I can make/add it for you!

You can also just give these as fun writing pages that students write/color without having them cut out and glue on construction paper. Either way, they're loads of fun and help even your most reluctant writers get engaged!

If you're like me and wonder how in the world the other teachers you follow on social media have time to do all those cute crafts to go along with their writing.. this is for you!! Now you can do them all the time because these are so easy. Also - no more scrambling when you want to change a bulletin board!

These are so no prep that they are great for a sub, Fun Friday, or to put in a "I'm Done" center for students to do as they please!

A few of the pictures have smaller details around the edges that might be hard for some students to cut out - I recommend either teaching them to cut around it or drawing a line to show them where to cut before you copy it. Most are easy to cut though!

Crafts Currently Included:

*How to Writing*
How to Blow a Bubble (girl)
How to Blow a Bubble (boy)
How to Ride a Bike (girl)
How to Ride a Bike (boy)
How to Make Cookies (girl 1)
How to Make Cookies (girl 2)
How to Make Cookies (boy)
How to Be a Kindergartener / 1st Grader / 2nd Grader / 3rd Grader (boy & girl versions of each included)
How to Be a Friend
How to Build a Sandcastle
How to Make Popcorn (girl)
How to Make Popcorn (boy)
How to Make a PB&J (girl)
How to Make a PB&J (boy)

*Fun Stuff*
If I Were a Pirate (boy/pencil sword)
If I Were a Pirate (girl/parrot)
If I Were a Pirate (boy 2/parrot)
A Day at the Circus
The Zoo
If a Dragon Came to School
My Pet Dinosaur
If I Were a Superhero
My Day as a Cowboy
My Day as a Cowgirl
Diving for Treasure (girl)
Diving for Treasure (boy)
If I Had an Island
If I Ruled the World
If I Had Eight Arms

My Summer Vacation (girl 1)
My Summer Vacation (girl 2)
My Summer Vacation (boy 1)
My Summer Vacation (boy 2)
The Fourth of July (girl)
The Fourth of July (boy)
The Lemonade Stand
Memorial Day (girl)
Memorial Day (boy)

The Earth
Recycling (carrying bin)
Recycling (bin only)
A Picnic in the Park
How to Fly a Kite (kids)
How to Fly a Kite (girl)
The Rainy Day
My Garden
How Plants Grow (girl)
How Plants Grow (boy)

The Magic Egg
If I Were the Easter Bunny
Easter (bunny with basket)
Easter (bunny, chick, eggs)
How to Juggle
My Egg
How to Hunt for Eggs

*Anzac Day*
Anzac Day (boy with flag)
Anzac Day (girl with flag)
Anzac Day (soldier)

*End of the Year*
What I Learned This Year
The Best Part of School

Baseball (girl)
Baseball (boy)
Basketball (girl)
Basketball (boy)

*Opinion Writing*
My Favorite Book
My Favorite T.V. Show
The Best Lunch
The Best Field Trip
My Favorite Color (girl)
My Favorite Color (crayon box)

*Mystery Writing*
The Big Mystery (girl/cat)
The Big Mystery (boy)

*All About Animals*
All About Sharks
All About Pigs

If I Met an Alien
If I Went to the Moon
My Pet Alien
The Moon
The Sun
My Trip to Space

*American Holidays*
Constitution Day (girl)
Constitution Day (boy)
The Constitution
The Constitution (scroll)
We The People (scroll)
George Washington

*Australian Holidays*
Queen's Birthday

Fall (girl)
Fall (boy)

*Community Helpers*
Police Officers
My Teacher
A Trip to the Dentist
At the Vet
On the Farm (farmer/tractor)
On the Farm (farmer/horse)

*Back to School*
The First Day of School (kids walking with backpack)
The First Day of School (kids on a bus)
All About Me (boy)
All About Me (girl)
My Backpack
Classroom Rules
My First Day (Raccoon)

Having a Cold

*Columbus Day*
Christopher Columbus
Columbus Day (with picture of Columbus)
Columbus Day (with picture of Santa Maria)
The Nina
The Pinta
The Santa Maria
If I Discovered Land

*Fire Safety*
Fire Safety (dalmation wearing fire hat and hose)
Firefighters (boy)
Firefighters (girl)
Stop Drop and Roll
If I Were a Firefighter
Fire Safety (girl firefighter with hose)
Fire Safety (boy firefighter with hose)
At the Firehouse
How to do a Fire Drill

If I Were a Witch
The Spooky House
Bats (3 varieties to choose from)
How to Brew a Potion
Frogs are Better (frog with witch hat on for opinion writing where students either pic the frog or the witch and state their opinion as to which makes a better pet for a witch)
Cats are Better
Halloween (cute Halloween themed owl)
Trick or Treat

Thanksgiving (turkey)
Thanksgiving (owls)
The Mayflower
My Favorite Pie
If I Were a Pilgrim (boy)
If I Were a Pilgrim (girl)
I Am Thankful (Thanksgiving owl)
How to Make Apple Pie

*Election Day*
My Vote
Election Day (ballot box)
Election Day (girl)
Election Day (boy)

*Veterans Day*
Veterans Day (boy with U.S. flag)
Veterans Day (girl with U.S. flag)
Veterans Day (male soldier)
Veterans Day (female solder)

*Remembrance Day*
Remembrance Day (boy with Canadian flag)
Remembrance Day (girl with Canadian flag)
Remembrance Day (boy with Australian flag)
Remembrance Day (girl with Australian flag)
Remembrance Day (male soldier)
Remembrance Day (female soldier)

If Santa Got Stuck
The Best Present
If Santa Rode the Bus
If I Were an Elf (boy)
If I Were an Elf (girl)
Our Class Elf
How to Wrap a Present
How to Decorate the Tree
The Gingerbread Man
How to be on the Nice List
Dear Santa
I Snuck into the North Pole
Santa’s Vacation
My Pet Reindeer

*Christmas Around the World*
Hanukkah (menorah)
Hanukkah (menorah, girl with gift, boy with dreidel)
How to Play Dreidel
Kwanzaa (kinara)
Kwanzaa (kinara and kids)
Las Posadas (Mary and Joseph)
Las Posadas (Mary, Joseph, and mule)
How to Play Hit the Pinata
St. Lucia's Day (kids)
St. Lucia's Day (girl)

How to Build a Snowman
The Magic Mittens
My Pet Polar Bear (girl & polar bear)
My Pet Polar Bear (bundled up polar bear)
How to Make Hot Cocoa (polkadot mug)
How to Make Hot Cocoa (plain mug)
My Pet Penguin
If it Snowed Ice Cream
Oliver's Snow Day
How to Ski (girl)
How to Ski (boy)
If I Lived in an Igloo
How to Ice Skate
The Snow Day
A Snowman Came to School

*Jan./Feb. Holidays*
My Resolution (boy)
My Resolution (girl)
Presidents' Day
George Washington
Abraham Lincoln
If I Lived in the White House
Groundhog Day
Chinese New Year

*St. Patrick's Day*
If A Leprechaun Came to School
If I Were a Leprechaun
St. Patrick’s Day
How to Catch a Leprechaun
My 3 Wishes
If I Had a Pot of Gold
If a Leprechaun Rode the Bus

This bundle is also included in the
which is an absolutely giant bundle of my giant bundles :)

Once you buy this bundle, you can simply re-download it from this page to get the new crafts I add!

If you take a picture of these hanging in your classroom or hallway display, I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE if you sent me a picture!
I love seeing them on display! missgiraffetpt@gmail.com

Note - The clip art by Whimsy Clips in this product is used in accordance with a special licensing agreement. I've gained special permission to use the clip art in this way.
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