November Thanksgiving Kindergarten Math and Literacy NO PREP Common Core Aligned

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This great math and literacy packet has 40 printables just for kindergarten - 20 math and 20 literacy. They can be used in so many ways! It is a Thanksgiving themed packet, so it will be perfect for your November lessons!!

This will be perfect for your math centers, literacy centers, morning work, homework, RTI, or even for enrichment for those early finishers you have!

It is common core aligned and each common core standard is printed right there on the bottom of the page so that you don't have to search for standards.

It is a print and go packet, meaning that you can print and hand out - no prep needed. Every sheet is labeled with an, "I Can" statement so that your students can easily see their learning goals for the day. Answer keys are included for all necessary sections, so you can easily check work or even allow students to evaluate their own work. Thank you so much for checking out this packet and I hope that you will look in my store for other activities and packets!

Clipart is from Creative Clips, Whimsy Clips, Melonheadz, and DJ Inkers (license number 0414198675).

Included in this packet:

I Can Put Numbers in Order - K.CC.A.1 - Students will put given numbers between 1 and 20 in order.

I Can Count Up From a Number - K.CC.A.2 - Students will count up from given numbers and write them in blanks.

I Can Count to Tell How Many - K.CC.B.5 - Students will match a group of items to the number showing how many.

I Can Write Number Words - K.CC.B.5 - Using a word bank, students will count and write the number word.

I Can Count Out and Color - K.CC.B.4 - Students will count out a given number of items and color.

I Can Draw to Add One More - K.CC.B.4c - Students will draw "one more" in groups of items and will use the pictures to add.

I Can Compare Groups - K.CC.C.6 - Students will color groups with more and groups with less.

I Can Compare Numbers - K.CC.C.7 - Students will color to show if a number is bigger than five, equal to five, or less than five.

I Can Make Big Numbers From Tens and Ones - K.NBT.A.1 - Students will circle groups of ten in pictures and will list how many tens, how many ones, and the total number.

I Can Use Drawings to Add - K.OA.A.1 - Students will use drawings to add within ten.

I Can Use Drawings to Subtract - K.OA.A.1 - Students will use drawings to subtract within five.

I Can Solve Word Problems - K.OA.A.2 - Students will color a picture to answer a word problem (addition within ten).

I Can Solve Word Problems - K.OA.A.2 - Students will color to solve a word problem (addition within ten).

I Can Write Equations For Numbers - K.OA.A.3 - Students will write equations to match a given set of pictures.

I Can Create Equations to Make Ten - K.OA.A.4 - Students will use ten frames to color and create addition equations within ten.

I Can Check Your Math - K.OA.A.5 - Students will review Jack the Turkey's math work (addition and subtraction within five) and decide if he did the work correctly - then color by the code.

I Can Make a Good Guess About Weight - K.MD.A.1 - Students will color pictures that they believe are heavy.

I Can Make a Graph - K.MD.B.3 - Students will look at fall pictures and count how many - then create a bar chart.

I Can Compare Size - K.MD.A.2 - Students will color by the code to find small, medium, and large pictures.

I Can Draw Shapes to Make New Pictures - K.G.A.1 - Students will read instructions with an adult to draw shapes to complete a picture.

I Can Answer Questions About a Story - RL.K.3 - Students will listen to a story (which is included in the packet for you to read with them) and will color pictures showing what happened in the story.

I Can Draw Pictures to Answer a Question - W.K.3 - Students will draw pictures to answer two questions.

I Can Find First and Last - RF.K.1a - Students will color by the code to find the first and last in lines of pictures.

I Can Find Words That Rhyme - RF.K.2a - Students will find word pictures that rhyme and color.

I Can Count How Many Syllables - RF.K.2a - Students will color the number showing how many syllables are in picture words.

I Can Find the Last Sound - RF.K.2d - Students will find words with the same last sound as the word "cat."

I Can Draw to Match Letter Sounds - RF.K.3a - Students will draw pictures to show things that start with B, P, S, C, D, and M.

I Can Find Vowels and Consonants - RF.K.3b - Students will color by the code to find vowels and consonants in a fall themed picture.

I Can Find Long and Short Vowel Sounds - RF.K.3b - Students will color by the code to find long and short vowel sound pictures.

I Can Read Number Words - RF.K.3c - Students will read a number word and draw that many items in the box.

I Can Find the Letter That is Different - RF.K.3d - Students will read words from different word families (all CVC word) and decide which letter is different, then draw a line to the picture that matches it.

I Can Write Word Families - RF.K.3d - Students will complete word family houses for op, at, en, in, an, and ip with given beginning letters.

I Can Draw to Match Words - RF.K.4 - Students will read color and CVC words and will draw a picture to show that they understood what they read.

I Can Read Books - RF.K.4 - Students will use this graphic organizer to track how many books they read. They will color one picture for every book they read with the teacher, a friend, a parent, or by themselves.

I Can Choose Prepositions - L.K.1e - Students will read directions with an adult and will color their answer showing that they understand the prepositions under, beside, on, and above.

I Can Read Punctuation Marks - L.K.2 - Students will read segments of the alphabet (something they are probably familiar with at this point in the year) and will show inflection in their voice to represent the way we end a sentence with various punctuation marks.

I Can Spell Words - L.K.2d - Students will draw lines to find the correct spelling of given cvc word pictures.

I Can Match Pictures to Plural Nouns - L.K.4b - Students will look at singular and plural pictures and determine which ones need an "s" on the end.

I Can Group Things Together - L.K.5a - Students will draw a line between items that go together.

I Can Make Connections to Words - L.K.5c - Students will draw pictures of real-life things that they think of when they read short adjective words.

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November Thanksgiving Kindergarten Math and Literacy NO PR
November Thanksgiving Kindergarten Math and Literacy NO PR
November Thanksgiving Kindergarten Math and Literacy NO PR
November Thanksgiving Kindergarten Math and Literacy NO PR