Paired Passages with Guided Reading Lessons - Grade 4

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Paired Passages with Guided Reading Lessons - Grade 4

Paired Readings: Fiction and Nonfiction with Poems

Introduction and Purpose

This product is intended for use by teachers and students in grade 4. Many states measure achievement in reading by assessing student progress on benchmark objectives identified in their state standards. This book provides teachers with a variety of fiction and nonfiction reading passages paired with poems to help assess student knowledge of reading objectives for students in grade 4.

Instructions for using the selections as guided reading practice are included with each set of passages. They are designed to provide teachers with before, during, and after reading lesson plans to help guide students through the selections.

The poems are paired to fiction and nonfiction passages with similar themes or topics. Fiction passages include narratives and realistic fiction. Nonfiction passages include informational and content area selections. This is a remake of Guided Reading and More - USA - Grades 4 and 5. The passages and questions come from this product.

Multiple choice as well as short and extended answer questions follow each set of paired selections. Each question is designed to assess a specific reading objective.

Each set of passages can also be used as stand-alone assessment pieces without the lesson plans. Students independently read and complete the passage and question items. The teacher can then either score each assessment passage apart from the students and report back to them as to how they performed or the teacher can score the passage in class together with the students allowing for immediate feedback and discussion.

Included in this book is an answer key. The answer key tells the correct multiple choice answers and examples of best-score short and extended response answers.

Also included in this book is a bibliography, a list of grade 4 reading objectives tested, a reading objectives matrix showing which passages assesses which objectives, and a list of higher level vocabulary found in each passage.

This product was previously sold as Guided Reading and More – Grades 4 and 5 – USA. The passages, poems, activities, and graphic organizers are the same but some of the questions have been reworded. Be careful not to duplicate your purchases.

These same passages, poems, activities, graphic organizers and questions also appear in these Grade 4 products: Paired Passages Blasts! #1, #2, #3, #4 – Guided Reading Lessons; Paired Passages Blasts! Fiction #1, 2; Paired Passages Blasts! Nonfiction #1, 2; Paired Passages Super Blasts! Fiction and Paired Passages Super Blasts! Nonfiction. Be careful not to duplicate your purchases.

Table of Contents

Introduction and Purpose

Reading Objectives for Grade 4

4.1 “Oops, I Forgot” / “Gone Fishing” (Fiction / Poem)
4.2 “Relaxing in the Sun” / “River Horse” (Nonfiction / Poem)
4.3 “Tugboat” / “Lazy Cat” (Fiction / Poem)
4.4 “The Sky’s the Limit” / “Up, Up and Away” (Nonfiction / Poem)
4.5 “Are We There Yet? / “Traffic”(Fiction / Poem)
4.6 “An Unseen Power” / “The Breeze”(Nonfiction / Poem)
4.7 “The Job” / “The Stand” (Fiction / Poem)
4.8 “Opposite Ends of the Earth” / “Looking Ahead” (Nonfiction / Poem)
4.9 “An Early Morning Mystery” / “The Alarm Clock” (Fiction / Poem)
4.10 “A Misunderstood Creature of the Sea” / “Down in the Deep” (Nonfiction / Poem)
4.11 “What’s Next? / “Bummer” (Fiction / Poem)
4.12 “Painted Faces” / “The Sights of the Show” (Nonfiction / Poem)
4.13 “Camp” / “Goodbye to Mom, Goodbye to Dad” (Fiction / Poem)
4.14 “Brr, It’s Cold / “On Top of the World” (Nonfiction / Poem)
4.15 “The Clearing” / “A Penny in the Well” (Fiction / Poem)
4.16 “Look What’s On Your Feet!” / “Shoes” (Nonfiction / Poem)
Matrix of Reading Objectives for Grade 4

Paired Passages with Guided Reading Lessons

Reading Objectives – Grade 4

Objective 1: The student shows an understanding of texts.

A. Vocabulary Development in Texts

1. The student uses a variety of strategies to determine meanings of words in context and increase vocabulary for reading, including the use of prefixes, suffixes, root words, multiple meanings, antonyms, synonyms, and word relationships.

B. Comprehension of Texts

1. The student reads and determines the main ideas and identifies supporting details.

2. The student is able to summarize text.

Objective 2: The student uses knowledge of literary elements to understand texts.

A. Characteristics of Texts

1. The student analyzes characters, including their traits, motivations, problems, points of view, similarities and differences, and changes they experience.

2. The student understands story plot, setting, and how problems are solved.

Objective 3: The student uses a host of strategies to analyze texts.

A. Comprehension of Texts

1. The student uses cause and effect or the chronological order of events to recall information.

2. The student finds similarities and differences in organization and presentation across texts.

3. The student uses outlines, timelines, or graphic organizers to
represent text information.

B Characteristics of Texts

1. The student identifies the author’s purpose of text such as to
inform, influence, express, or entertain.

Objective 4: The student applies critical-thinking skills to analyze texts.

A. Comprehension of Texts

1. The student draws inferences and supports them with evidence from the text.

B. Literary Response

1. The student supports responses by referring to the text.

2. The student compares and contrasts topics and ideas across texts.
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Paired Passages with Guided Reading Lessons - Grade 4
Paired Passages with Guided Reading Lessons - Grade 4
Paired Passages with Guided Reading Lessons - Grade 4
Paired Passages with Guided Reading Lessons - Grade 4