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This is a save money bundle that contains two of my best science resources for the class related to penguins.

you will find:

Product 1: Penguins Easy Readings and Printables / Spinner Wheel Added
This Thematic Unit contains different sets of Printables including easy reading passages with facts about Penguins :

• What are Penguins?

• What do Penguins eat?

• The Penguins Body.

• The Penguin Life Cycle – The stages of a penguin divided into 5 stages with illustrations (egg – hatching – chick – fledgling - adult). There is one sheet for each stage.

• The penguins habitat.


• Penguin life cycle – spinner wheel (2 parts)

• Write a short story related to penguins.

• Penguin life cycle – write the five basic stages according to pictures.

• Flip flap minibook – a chance for the kids to display on their notebooks.

• Explain the Penguin life cycle (1 sheet)

• Complete a chart with facts about Penguins – (are-have-can-other facts).

• Venn diagram – Compare and contrast a penguin with any other type of bird.
Product 2: All about Penguins Thematic Unit for 1st/5th Graders (ELA and Science centers)
This is a thematic unit to work on general knowledge about different types of penguins and penguins in general. The first part of this thematic unit is focused on the introduction of 8 different types of penguins: Adelie, African, Fiordland, Humboldt, Magellanic, Royal, Snares and Yellow- Eyed.

You can use the flashcards and posters at the beginning of this unit. I use the posters and the flashcards to introduce each penguin type and deliver the reading comprehension sheets for the students to read an informative text with the different names of the penguin, its location and general characteristics. You can use one per class. There is also a sheet of paper available for the students to look some key words up taken from the readings and write the correct definitions.

But previously, students can write what they know about penguins and share the information in the class, (there is a sheet for this task called WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT PENGUINS). Then, they collect information about Penguins and bring it to class.(there is a sheet for this task, too called PENGUIN RECORDING FACTS).

Once they collect the information, they should compare the previous knowledge they have a bout penguins and the facts collected. They can work orally and in short groups.
For Penguins facts, I also include 15 PENGUIN FACTS CARDS for them to complete their recompilation of penguin facts. They can share the new information and do the tasks in the sheet called PENGUIN FACTS with different little charts to complete information in a brief way (are-live-have-can-can’t-eat-like-interesting fact).

I have also created a section for the physiology of a penguin. Students have to label the parts of a penguin cutting some strips and paste them in the correct place. For this section, I have also make an emergent reader which students have to read and find at the end the titles of the 8 characteristics about a penguin physiology (flippers – supraorbital gland – body shape – legs and feet – plumage color – posture – bill – plumage structure). They have to read, cut the titles strips and paste hem in the correct paragraphs.

To compare penguins with flight birds, I have made a reading comprehension comparing and contrasting these two. Students read the informative text and complete a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting penguins with flight birds. I have also made a connection to Penguin behavior. Students have to read an informative text and complete a chart that have to be completed giving brief information about: swimming – fasting – tobogganing – porpoising- huddling.

To complete this great unit, I have added a 2 pages glossary as a summary of the most important key words related to Penguin terms.

I hope you like this product because I tried some of these tasks last year and my students enjoyed them a lot.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This bundle contains two products which are published individually at my TPT store!
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Penguin Save Money Bundle - Life Cycle - Penguin Types and
Penguin Save Money Bundle - Life Cycle - Penguin Types and
Penguin Save Money Bundle - Life Cycle - Penguin Types and
Penguin Save Money Bundle - Life Cycle - Penguin Types and